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Longest Running Consecutive Cast Members

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Melody was technically off-contract last year. And it wasn't the first time, was it?

But...I do believe these little lapses should be overlooked.

Ellen Demming last appeared on GL as Meta in 1974 but I'm pretty sure Meta and Bruce left Springfield for NYC in 1971. Ellen made visits afterwards.

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Y&R Actors whose runs are over 15 years


Jeanne Cooper (December 1973)

Doug Davidson (May 1978)

Melody Thomas Scott (March 1979)

Eric Braeden (February 1980)

Kate Linder (1982)

Jess Walton (September 1987)

Peter Bergman (November 1989)

Kristoff St. John (February 1991)

Joshua Morrow (April 1994)

Sharon Case (September 1994)


Tracey Bregman (spring 1983-September 1995, May 2000-now)

Eileen Davidson (September 1982-September 1988, March 1999-November 2006, November 2008-2012)

Christian Leblanc (November 1991-March 1993, March 1997-now)

Michelle Stafford (September 1994-February 1997, July 2000-now)

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