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Longest Running Consecutive Cast Members

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I was conversing with a friend about Alison Sweeney's upcoming 20th anniversary with the show and how she is the current longest running cast member on the show without leaving and returning and got to thinking about what the longest consecutive runs are.

At Days, aside from Sweeney there is obviously Frances Reid (40+ years) and John Clarke (just under 40 years). Dee Hall, Suzanne Rogers, kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell all joined before her but left at one point or another (tho both of Suzannes were very short).

Who at what shows has the longest consecutive run? Susan Lucci and Erika Slezak of course.

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Mary Stuart and Larry Haines were on SFT for 35 years

AW Victoria Wyndham 27 years, Constance Ford 26 years,Linda Dano 17 years

ATWT Don Hastings 51 years,Kathryn Hays 38 years,Colleen Zenk 32 years

LOL Audrey Peters,Ron Tomme 20 years

Y&R Jeanne Cooper 39 years,Eric Braeden 31 years,Melody Thomas Scott 33 years

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---> Do you count breaks where they re-cast the role with another actor while the original actor is off on maternity leave or shooting a movie etc?

Cause on B&B, the only TWO people who has been there since the start without leaving or having another actor take over for a while is Susan Flannery and John McCook.

--->Ronn Moss took a leave of absence in 1992 and Lane Davies stepped in to play Ridge for a few months.

--->Katherine Kelly Lang took a break in 1987 and again in 1997 where Catherine Hickland and Sandra Ferguson stepped in as Brooke for a couple of months.


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