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Soap Actors Real Names

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A lot of actors,past and present haven't used their real names for a variety of reasons.

Maybe it was too 'ethnic' sounding or hard to pronounce or not glam enough.

Sometimes they have to choose a new name because another actor has the same name.

Or in the case of females,they use a married name that may or may not be current.

Let's investigate.

To start off...

Eric Braeden originally used his real name Hans Gudegast but felt it typecasted him to German roles (as a villian) He chose Braeden from a village where he grew up/.

Hunter Tylo was originally Deborah Morehart,which I assume was her real name.She took Tylo from her marriage to Michael Tylo .

Any others?

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Ric Hearst - I don't think that's his first name, and he changed his last name from Herbst because he was told that you can't make it in the business with that name. He said that when his grandmother first saw that there was a Becky Herbst on GH, she kept needling him.

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Hunter Tylo was born Deborah Jo Hunter. She took her surname as her first name because people called her that. She married a man named Morehart, and then married Michael Tylo and became Hunter Tylo.

Scott Clifton is actually Scott Snyder. Clifton was his middle name.

Don Diamont was born Donald Feinberg.

Katherine Kelly Lang was born Katherine Kelly Wegeman.

Ronn Moss was born Ronald Montague Moss.

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