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OLTL: Weekly Promo 1-02-12

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Margaret isnt in there

Who is on the operating table, Todd? I dont care if he dies after the stuff he's done. This stuff definetly looks good though

The person on operating table is Cole. The call times had him in scenes with EMT I think Hannah will shoot him aiming for Starr.

LOL, okay I knew I wasn't tripping, who the hell is that, Hannah?


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Hannah was a Stacy knockoff in many, many ways with the writing and acting. I don't know if it's Cole or Todd that she shoots. When Starr says "What if he dies?", it gave me the impression that only one of them was shot. I'd say Cole, but Blair at the end had me thinking that it could be Todd. I'd just be shocked if Hannah doesn't accidentally kill herself. She's stupid, even though RC wants people to think of her as some mastermind.

Troy's hot. I'm excited for the Nora/Troy stuff. He's one of my favorite OLTL villians.

I hope Alison's back to tell Viki and Clint the truth. I'm so done with Jess, but I still really want her to be re-Buked for a number of reasons. One of them being that I'm still trying to block out what Mitch did to her.

I actually like John now. I hope he saves Natalie! Mitch's return would be worth it if it's Ford that he shoots/kills, but I don't see that happening.

Why can't SCHUYLER come back instead of Hannah or Mitch? I'm so glad Rex and Gigi are gone, but I still wish Schuyler would escape and go after them so he can kill Rex at least. And I just want to see him again, especially with the pointless upcoming returns we're getting for the last 2 weeks.

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