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Y&R December spoilers

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From Soaps She Knows and Soapdom:

  • Diane's murder mystery heats up as Nikki is the prime suspect while Victor sacrifices himself to take the fall.
  • Patty's reign of terror results in tragedy by the end of the year.
  • Dr. Emily Peterson returns to Genoa City as Tucker's new therapist.
  • Tucker finds himself entangled between Ashley, Harmony, and Genevieve.
  • Chelsea's arrival in Genoa City impacts Billy and Victoria in a huge way.
  • The Baldwin/Fisher clan struggle to fend off the looming danger of Angelo.
  • Nick and Phyllis end things for good when Phyllis makes a grave error of judgment.
  • Devon decides to take his relations with Tucker and Katherine to the next level.
  • The return of a rejuvenated Sharon shakes up Genoa City especially for one resident in particular.

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Ugh - there is NOTHING at all interesting.

Soon there will be ten woman pining for Tucker to make this character work!?

Yet again Emily/Patty Jane!?

Dickolas and Syphillis yet AGAIN at crossroads? Betting a few bucks that this pairing from hell will soon be together again - like in 5 seconds post New Year's Eve.

MAB trying to redeem Victor before writing the next idiotic garbage for the pompous old man.

Victoria & Billy are the new Cane&Lily. An awful apiring no one cares a rat's ass about constantly pimped.

It's all just BAD. Sigh!

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Seriously. It's like MAB was freeform-writing anything that came to her head on the back of a cocktail napkin at, like, a Herman Cain fundraiser.

I don't know how MAB managed to destroy all the charisma and mojo out of Stephen Nichols, but somehow she has. In fact, Tucker and Genevieve have managed to wipe out any memory I had of these two actors in better days -- it is only as I was typing this that I realized that SN and GF once played a swoony Stefan and Laura on GH.

I like Stacy Haiduk, I wouldn't mind a rehabilitated Patty in GC. But this Beekeeper hiding behind bushes? And Dr. Pee? Ugh. This character is done. Take your cat and piss off back to Mexico, and Emily can hightail it back to wherever and continue giving terrible psychiatric advice.

Yeah, don't worry, Christmas Eve will see some For Old Time's Sake Phick Sex, NYE will see some Drunk Phick Sex, MLK day will see some Angry Phick Sex, Valentines Day (shudder) will see some Shower Phick Sex, Mother's Day will see some Sex on the Desk Phick Sex, a fight with Avery will see some I Want to Get Back at Avery Phick Sex, Phyllis and Nick's STD tests both coming back negative will prompt some Yay! Let's Do It Barebacked Phick Sex... I don't know how much longer Y&R can keep telling us how Hot and Steamy and Adult Phick are. Until cancellation probably.

If there is one thing that unites soaps on the road to cancellation, it is the overbearing insistance on a pairing that nobody likes -- usually at the expense of a pairing that people actually enjoyed. Rylee on AMC comes to mind. Cruz & Kelly on Santa Barbara, breaking up Jake & Paulina for Jake & NotVicky on AW...

Redeems him... then he cooks up another horrendous Patty Jane/lets keep Billy away from his leukemia-ridden daughter scheme that ends up with somebody dying or on the brink of death. What next? Nikki being served a dead rat as a "nod to history"?

Bacteria, I don't mind so much, I actually think Lame are a LOT worse. But god, i would do anything to have Gina Tognoni play Victoria (I sort of want Heather Tom to stay on B&B as Katie, is that wrong?).

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    • ATL This season is rough and production knows it. When we see them doing editing tricks to give Kenya demon eyes, and editing the footage of the women packing up their bags and getting Uber Eats like it’s a late 90s R&B video you know they’re in big trouble. Kenya’s non storyline with that halftime show was such a flop. I’d have respect for her if she powered through and did it, but no she went off and got a chest X Ray that showed she’s fine. At least when Vicki Gunvalson melodramatically goes to the ER it has comedic value.  Speaking of tired storyline, Kandi should be careful because I cannot imagine anyone gives a f*ck about Mama Joyce continuing to hate Todd for the last decade, plus. Time to get cameras on Wigs & Cigs and Nene to try and save this franchise.  
    • Oh that liberal media. Amazing how many people are lining up to do anything for such a repulsive and deeply uncharismatic man.
    • I agree. And as I said above, most of the interim stuff worked. Especially the Ryan saga with Felicia and Mac.
    • Didn't he also have a terrible relationship with Potter? Really terrible? I know Potter was long gone by then but it probably wasn't a happy memory for him.
    • I think Riche sets a tone almost immediately for the type of show she wanted "General Hospital" to be. Even if the stories weren't always the strongest, the stories were rooted in human emotion. No matter who was writing in those early years, the characters seem to connected and invested in the world around them. There are stakes. I think even in some of the weaker stories, there is something to find of value. Actions had impact and often ripples across the canvas. Romance was also back. Characters relationships were central to the drama. There is a feeling of community in Port Charles. All of this was in place by the time that Labine and team arrive and run with it.   Part of me thinks that it was for the best that Robert and Anna left when they did. It forced Riche to shift the show away from the action and adventure stories that had been the show's staple and required the humanity to be returned. Bringing the hospital back to the forefront was very smart. Characters who were ignored were given material of substance. I do think Riche leaned into her TV movie background and, at times, the stories may not have seemed like soap opera stories. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.  Personally, any episode from 1992-1993 is stronger than the material I've seen in 1990-1991.  @DeliaIrisFan I looked at the summaries again. Bill inherited land from Fred Eckert which he used to get into business with Harlan Barrett. My apologies. 
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