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GH: Jackie Zeman Interview

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Love my girl!

Jackie Zeman: The "General Hospital" Beauty on Life, Dating, and Intimacy

Her life has been a bit of a soap opera.

Jackie Zeman, beloved for playing Bobbie Spencer on "General Hospital" is doing her own version of the midlifer mambo.

"I'm an empty nester who is over 50 and dating again!" she adds with a laugh at the irony of it all. "I've moved to a new house. I've got to figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of my life."

Jackie, 58, is best known for playing former hooker turned nurse Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer on "General Hospital." She originated the role in 1977.

Four years ago, her life took an unexpected turn when she got divorced.

"The last few years have been crazy and challenging," she says. "My life has really changed."

"I was married for 19 years and all of a sudden we got divorced and the following year, my daughter Cassidy went to college. She's 21. Last year, my daughter Lacy went to college.

"After having this life I loved for so many years, it's a brand new life," she says.


The Englewood, New Jersey native is striking back with a vengeance. She has a new web series and also is the new spokesperson for Zestra, an over the counter sexual enhancement product for women.

"Every woman deserves love and great sex," she says. "It's empowering and we need to nurture ourselves in this area at every age."

"I can't wait to have frank discussions with women about sexuality. I know women feel like they can tell me anything because I've been in their homes for years as Bobbie."

"I think love and intimacy are important priorities. When life good in these areas we're happy," she says.


Jackie says it's not always easy to "get back out there."

She has a few beauty secrets for midlifers who find themselves dating again.

"You gotta have the hair blown out. Wear heels and not flats. Get the manicure," she says. "It gives you confidence, plus men want to see that you've made an effort.

"Put makeup on – even if you've been in a long relationship and stopped wearing it," she says. "Go out there and buy that nice outfit.

"Get your girly girl thing going again," she says. "It's very attractive and urges that attraction and spark. Men and women dating again want to feel that the other person made an effort. It's a sign that you are there for your partner. It's part of the whole love-attraction."

But don't fret about weight. "I've found when it comes to weight, men don't really have an issue with it. Some men like curvy women. And if he's attracted to you, he will like you no matter what you weigh."


"I still have the big, long hair," Jackie says. "I love it. For me, long hair is much easier. You can pull it back. Or I'll throw in a little Frizz Ease or Moroccan oil."

"When it comes to shampoos, I don't have a lot of loyalty. For years, I'd get all these expensive salon shampoos. Now, I just look for something that doesn't strip out the color and I'll use a leave in conditioner," she says.

She keeps other beauty routines simple.

"I will put olive oil on my face after a shower," she says. "I also do at-home facials. I'll steam a pot of water and put the towel over my head. I do this once or twice a week. It opens my pores."

"And I've never gone to bed with makeup on. My motto is to keep it clean and keep those pores open," she says. "That's why I never need to use much foundation. I'll just throw on a tinted moisturizer and some eye-cream."


Jackie likes to multi-task. "I've spent most of my life as a runner. Now, I either walk or run for a good 45 minutes to an hour a day. I use that time to take my phone calls or return them," she says. "I'll call my mother or sister."

She won't allow life to intrude on her fitness routine.

"It's my time and I'm entitled to take that time," she says. "Even when I did GH every day, I'd run around the parking lot at the studio and read my script at the same time."


Jackie stars as Sophia Madison on a new series called "The Bay." She's off contract with "GH," but still a recurring character.

"I hope they always leave the door open," she says. "They changed head writers a few weeks ago. I'd be happy to come back."

She does keep in touch with her TV brother Luke Spencer a.k.a. actor Anthony Geary. "Tony is as much a brother to me as if he were my blood brother," she muses. "I've known him for over 30 years and spent more time with him than my real life brother."

"I was with Tony for 12 years," she says. "I love how he has managed to sustain in this business. When he's not working, he lives in Amsterdam and has a great life."

Jackie is working hard on her own great life.

"Life brings all sorts of unexpected challenges and transitions. Change isn't always welcome, but it is an opportunity to grow," she says. "You have to ask yourself: Where do I go from here

"You have to constantly rewrite the story," she says.


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I'm really surprised Garin hasn't bothered to bring her or Audrey (is Rachel Ames still able to work?) back at all. I really thought he would after realizing how much Monica was needed and wasted over the last few years. Audrey has Liz, who is always knee-deep in some drama and Garin LOVES Carly.

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that was still 2 years ago. She may not want to work a job again. At that age, Id hope Id be lucky enough to just relax and enjoy life. I think soemtimes we as soap fans forget that and expect our favorites to work until death. Some choose to do that and some unfortunately dont or cant

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That's true, Cheap. I just think it's a case of she was willing to do appearances but they weren't willing to have. I wish we could get an interview with her to find out if that's the case or if she's just done. I don't blame her. Let her enjoy her life.

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