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The Many Hairstyles of.....

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I'm back with another one and from now on all future updates will be put in this one thread. Im working on the next one and it should be up soon. Here's the links to previous entries.

1. Dixie Martin (Cady McClain, AMC)

2. Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva & Mia Korf, OLTL)

3. Angie Hubbard (Debbi Morgan, AMC)

4. Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst, GH)

5. Todd Manning (Roger Howarth, OLTL) Trevor St. John, OLTL)

6. Steffy Forrester [Jacqueline Macinness Wood, B&B]

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Next up is Angie Baxter Harrison Foster Hubbard! Bear with me bc I havent been watching her entire history so I know I may have gotten some stuff wrong and it may not all be in chronlogical order. I did the best I could though.

P.S. Girl has had WAY too many hairstyles. This felt like it took an entertnity and its not even complete.


1. Silky Perm

Angie wore a silky perm in her early days and her hair was long and straight


2. The Chun-Li

Angie decided to put her hair in two side buns to give off this distinguished look


3. The Braids

Angie traded in her straight hair for some braids


4. Short Curls

One of what would become many haircuts. This is Angie's hair around the time Frankie was born.


5. Mini-fro

Angie chopped off most of her hair and went around with a mini afro


6. Jheri Curls

You can tell its the 80s by this short jheri curl hairdo.


7. Long and wavy

Her hair's long ago! Guess she wasnt feeling the jheri curls....neither was I


8. Big Hair

Whoa Angie. Thats some big hair you got there


9. Short Curls

When Angie dated Cliff, she had her hair like this. This was how she looked as she made her first exit from the show soon after.


10. Back in Braids

Angie returned a few years later, but not on AMC, but rather the defunct soap, Loving. She sported one of her earlier looks with a twist.


11. Micro-braids

She eventually went for a shorter set of braids


12. The City hair

Is it just the lighting, or doesnt it look like she's blonde here?


13. Homecoming Hair Up

After nearly 20 years since moving from PV, Angie finally comes home, complete with a brand new hairdo!


14. Homecoming Hair Back

Same as before but this time she wore it back. It got a bit darker later on


15. Homecoming Hair Out

Again like before, but this time completely out, almost like a lion's mane


16. Stylish Curls

Angie wore her hair less natural and went for some stylish curls instead


17. Unbe-weave-able

Angie started ditched the natural hair altogether and started using weaves. Oh and the many things she could do with it!


18. Layered weave

She could wear long and layered down like this...


19. Super curly

Or have it long and curly...


20. Curled weave

Or go for some softer curls....


21. Behind the ear weave

Or even have it parted behind her ear.


22. Mid-length weave

She ventually stopped wearing her hair so long and adopted a slightly shorter look for a time...


23. Shoulder-length weave

Until she cut it even more


24. Hairstyle #24

Not exactly sure where this goes but its cute and I liked it.


25. Back to Short Curls

Angie went back to her shorter curls in the latter half of 2010


26. I Can't See My Hair

Angie can't what her hair looks like anymore, so why bother even putting weaves in her head and doing much with it

Whoooo! That took alot out of me. Stay tuned bc next up is Elizabeth Webber (GH)!

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Thanks for this wonderful trip down memory lane. I have a certain fondness for her Loving look - I thought she looked especially gorgeous on that show when she had the braids. She also had another hairstyle on Loving, shorter and poofier - I have a photo somewhere.

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Damn, Cheap! Go on! I'm loving these and thank you for putting them together.

Angie's big hair looks like a screencap from The Cosby Show.

Did Debbie guest on that? LOL...I thought those doors looked like the Cosby Show

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