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OLTL Tribute Thread


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I don't believe for a second any reboot or revival is in the works. They're just gladhanding fans of these shows.


As for Chris McKenna he was lovely, but I understood why they recast because he looked very young. I remember them chemistry testing him with Reiko Aylesworth's Rebecca not long before he got let go and it looked like she was Mary Kay LeTourneau. Nathan became a star years later and has always been a wonderful and gracious ambassador for OLTL, but the story with Dorian was his only good story. I would've just brought McKenna back before the end though, because he and Nathan Fillion were very similar in look and temperament, though McKenna was and is not enough of a traditional soap hunk for ABC - they absolutely would have cut him for someone 'hotter' no matter what eventually. Anyway, he is absolutely my favorite.

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AFFAIRS OF DR. GENTRY         Trudy Welton




MODERN ROMANCES         Unknown Role   "It's an Ill Wind" week of 8/19/1957

                                                Unknown Role    week of 7/28/1958

TRUE STORY       Unknown Role  "Say a Few Words"   11/8/1958

ONE LIFE TO LIVE               Renee Divine Buchanan      1987-89



 DIAGNOSIS UNKNOWN      Doris Hudson        1960

COMING OF AGE                  Ginny Hale          1988-89

100 CENTRE STREET      Sarah Rifkind       2001-02

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