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AMC - Tuesday 11/9/10

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Bow Chicka Wow Wow.

JR to Colby: "You take care of my man!"

Jasher :wub:

lol. ^_^ I think that JR does seem to genuinely like Casher, he even told Annie that he liked him yesterday.

I like the interactions between JR/Asher and also Asher/Colby.

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There is no doubt that JR likes that kid. I think he sees himself when he looks at that kid. So much hate.

Kendall stop being a dumbass!

I loved how Annie just walked out of there, she was more worried about JR to give flying sh!ts about why Ryan couldn't stay and what it had to do w/ GreenMe, Kendall learn from this woman!! SOMETHING!

I loved how JR turned the tables on Caleb

And about time that Colby was conflicted! That kiss w/ Asher was hawt, I for the first time in some time RRWD a Colby scene w/ a guy! Get this triangle started ! :lol:

Jackson still La Kane's carpet. :lol:

P.S. I swear someone has to make a sig w/ Erica Kane standing on a carpet w/ Jackson's face. Just for my entertainment. And what reporter passes up a big story like that!? what an idiot, you could go primetime w/ that scoop.

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She needs to be fired bc the world knew that years ago.

I think we can add Greenlee to the list of idiots. Really? She knows Liza is onto her and suspects she's leaving town, so what does she do? Proceed to leave town anyway. Kendall's plan may be dumb but Greenlee is even dumber for going along with it, knowing what she has to lose. Why does she need to go anyway? Why cant Ryan handle it himself?

On a related note, Im SOOO glad they didnt drag Annie into their BS. I got scared there for a moment when she got summoned to the penthouse and I thought she'd join in their caper to help Ryan with his scheme. Good thing she's too smart for that

I still hate Colby but Asher makes her slightly more tolerable. Only slightly

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