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GH: November Discussion Thread

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This month on General Hospital!

General Hospital EXPLODES!

Everything changes FOREVER!

Some random dayplayer DIES!

Carly STOMPS and NEIGHS and GALLOPS and BULLIES yet another female character!

Your hero Sonny yet again GETS AWAY with murder!

Brenda BWAHAHAHA! laughs at RANDOM and INAPPROPRIATE moments!

Everybody runs around whispering about THE BALKAN! THE BALKAN! THE BALKAN!

Spinelli is yet again given extreme CLOSE-UPS and ridiculous DIALOGUE referencing StoneCold, MrCorinthosSir, his NonWife, the BlondeOne and the Valkyrie!

The ratings will continue to COLLAPSE!

It's a Sweeps Month not to be MISSED!

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+1...but let's face it...when you see Carly strutting around the MetroCourt, you know Laura Wright is(as R was so wonderful to state)channeling her wannabe Morgan Fairchild. But she doesn't have the presence or even the charisma to pull it off. She's always been hellbent on playing something other than the vanilla heroine/woman in peril type. But she's such a fail at it.

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It's interesting that there were rumors for months that Michael was going to have a romance with Maya's invisible sister, but now his relationship is with a quasi-prostitute. I wonder if this was just suddenly decided because they thought the actors worked well together, or if this is just a way to get Michael over his unspoken assault and then he will start calling her WHORE every few episodes before she is killed off with Maya in a sweeps story about Franco and tainted asparagus, or if we will find out she used to nail Sonny, or what.

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