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Another Strike: Would the Soaps Survive?

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The union is only as strong as its members, and the whole financial core BS and whatever other loopholes only hurt their cause. Let TV and movies produce shows without writers. And when they try to hire non-union writers let the actors and directors strike in support. That is the only way to strike. You have to mean it.

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And it's always fascinating to see new writer names emerge just before or after a strike...it's amazing how non soap writers or former/retired writers, novelists, writer's assistants, suddenly appear in the credits...doesn't mean they were ficore or scabs but it is interesting....(Remember after the 88 strike we had lots of new writers from other areas of the daypart particularly the writers who took over from Lemay on AW)....

Here's the list from 2008


Hope Harmel Smith

Darin Little

Michael Cinquemani


Lisa Kohn


Shannon Bradley now under contract

Adam Dusevoir now under contract


Clem Egan (Passions writer who may have gone ficore)

Linda Poindexter Brown

Ryan Quan (now under contract)

John Newman (had written for dool before son of ficore writer Fran Myers who was at OLTL at strike time) now under contract


Tomiko Brooks

Sharon Lennon

Caterina Loebador sp?..can't recall the exact name


no one....Phelps was probably writing all the scripts with her kids


Jay Gibson (now under contract)

Marc Parent

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For several years now I've wondered exactly what Daran Little did at AMC. He is a very busy writer in the UK, writing a lot of episodes of Corrie, writing Corrie books, then writing big episodes at Hollyoaks. He then moved to the US and sat at AMC for a year doing...something. Then he went back to the UK.

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