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All - Returns that ROCKED

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Marian first returned with Liza in 1995.

In terms of popular success...

Andrea Evans 1985 return as Tina

MEK's various returns as Tad

Jon Hensley as Holden

Martha Byrne as Lily

In terms of significant longterm contributions to a show upon return...

Helen Wagner as Nancy

Marie Masters as Susan

Michael Zaslow as Roger Thorpe

Maureen Garrett as Holly

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Marlena's return in 91 on Days gained a lot of press and long term she became the star of the show until bad writing did the character in.

Going way back,Eileen Fulton's return as Lisa in 1967 on ATWT was definitely a success on all levels.

Anna Stuart returning as Donna on AW in 89 revitalised the character

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Cheap good call on Angie and Jesse--kinda sad that it's already too easy to forget about (though they remain my fave couple on AMC).

I didn't know Cord till he came back in 93 on OLTL, but I did feel he was a part of the fabric--though I agree he never did much...

And I'll admit--I liked Tea's return on OLTL for a bit...

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I love both those returns! Larry was a great secret that was keep and that storyline was good how everything was revealed in flashbacks!! I LOVED IT!

Robin Strasser's return as Rachel, I am sure that was popular

Beverlee McKinsey return to daytime as Alex Spaulding.

Brenda Dickson return as Jill

Dorothy Lyman returns to daytime on Generations.

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Alex's return with Joan Collins in the role (2002)

India and Mindy's return for the Spaulding shareholders meeting (2002)

Dinah's return with Gina Tognoni in the role (2004)

Billy and Vanessa's returns in 1989! If it wasn't for them, GL in the late 80s-early 90s would not have been so interesting!

Here's a controversial one: Reva's return in 1995 as Amish Reva! Even though the story was ludicrous, I was glued to my television at the time wondering how Reva would make her way back to Springfield.

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