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AMC - Friday September 17, 2010

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Madison - only one not next to Ryan. She's satisified that she even gets to share a bed with them. She gets a turn when the other 2 are done

Kendall - doesnt look too happy. She's wondering, why the hell the other 2 hos are around

Ryan - Extra skeevy. He's just happy he got all 3 women to stop fighting and come to a compromise thats best for him

Greenlee - if you cant beat them, join them. She's relieve that she doesnt have to fight Ryan's women for his attention anymore

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Haha, you know its what Ryan wants

JR si being extra annoying. I have to say IA with Marissa on this issue. He is being an ass and what he said to her in the bumper was pretty cruel

Greenlees great big plan to save Ryan? Frame Liza for the murder. Im glad that Kendall called her out on that bc it was framing her mother which landed Greenlee in her current mess. Going after the DA is not a smart idea

Dang, Asher even had chemistry with Bianca. This guy is just too sexy for his own good. He has a natural charisma and works with everyone he interacts with. Loved him with Miranda

Loved Annie's line to JR. I forgot how it went but it ended with "I should slap you again"

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Ha, Ryan looks like Steve Carell in that pic and Kendall's floating Morticia-meets-Hunter Tylo head is just eerie.

I agree, J.R. is getting on my nerves. And what he said to Marissa, though harsh, seemed like it needed to be said. A.J. is her nephew and all and she's taken on a huge responsibility in raising him as her own son, but it's not like she's been in his life for even year(s) plural yet, let's not totally dismiss the boy's relationship with Babe for the sake of Marissa's feelings.






Okay, I am literally LOL'ing at Jesse but not in a bad way, in a "I'm watchin' Martin" way.

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It was harsh what JR said but it was the truth. This woman is literally telling him what he can and can't do even when they aren't together. It's getting annoying..it just is. His situation w/ Caleb is between him and Caleb STFU and sit down, his situation w/ Scott, that's between him and Scott STFU and sit down. I gonna repost my thoughts on what I saw the other day w/ Marissa.

Here's what I heard today from her.

Wahhhhhh! I burried my dad all you want to do is fight people I know!

Wahhhhhh! You have time to fight w/ Caleb but didn't have time for me!

Wahhhhhh! I'm studying why can't you leave us alone!

Wahhhhhh! I don't like what you are becoming!

Wahhhhhh! Soon I won't have to be your wife!

She doesn't tell him what she's doing there w/ Caleb other than studying, Caleb tells her it's going to get messy between him and JR, she's all like.

Sign me up trying to conspire against her "current hubby" before those divorce paper inks are even dry.

JR even tells her stop making a freaking big deal w/ what's going on between us here, it's not that big of a deal... as a matter of fact lets go somewhere and speak like adults instead of this crap that your putting for the ppl around here to see!

JR tried to be mature, tried to explain what Caleb was doing, all she was doing was putting on an I'M A VICTIM RIGHT NOW! show for the ppl at the yatch club. When JR got that phone call about AJ, I'm glad he didn't tell her anything, she herself said she was studying and didn't want to be interupted and knowing her she'd just find another bunch of crap to blame on JR w/ this one.

SHUT THE .... UP ALREADY! :angry:

Then add today how she tells him how he's raising AJ wrong, like Adam did to him..again not the words to get through to him after you're playing keep away w/ his son and I AM MOMMY

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LMAO @ Kendall and Jessie. They are hilarious together and while I can't stand Jessie most of the time, the show really does give him some funny lines! Kendall was like, "Jessie I swear I was not skipping bail" then Jessie said "What were you skipping to, my Lou?" LOL!! I rewinded so many times on that part.

Cameron Mathison rolleyes.gif wow what a dreadful actor. Those hypnosis scenes were horrible. The only part I liked was in the first sequence of him being hynotized, that music cue that was playing in the background. I freaking love that cue!! Every time AMC uses that I love it, I wish I had a copy because I would listen to that all the time...I really like it for some reason.

Asher has chem with everyone, loved him with Bianca and Miranda as well as Caleb. He is so Caleb's son and I think in no time he will be living in Wildwind, that's why AMC has him getting acquainted with everyone who lives there lol!!

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