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Y&R: Week of September 7-9

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This show is so excrutitionly bad.

I fell totally behind watching and now try to actually watch all those episodes in more of rush with lots listening to the TV instead of actually watching and am always shocked that there always those small glimpses of hope which are then utterly destroyed.

This happened weeks ago but Bill running into Lauren and saying "to call you auntie Laurie is pushing it - right?" was just fabulous and if Billy actually still had ties to his MOTHER JILL and HIS FAMILY THE ABBOTTS all would be so much better. This is just a prime example for everything else whats wrong. I really liked Billy Miller but now he's getting on my nerves beyond telling.

And enough already with all the sh*tty murder stories and police stuff: Please fire someone Scott Hamner! And send Hogan Sheffer a poisoned donut at the same time. I thought Jill would become his new Barbara and at least be fierce whilst being pathetic but he's dumbing down everybody to fit his vision. So much crap!

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