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Their New or Other Profession

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Here's another list I found that Steve had begun and was working on. If I find any notes that he had to go with it, I'll post them too. - Gilbert

b]Other Professions

Many of the actors, actresses, and backstage personnel associated with soap operas have other occupations that they have relied upon from time to time to support themselves. Many of them have given up acting or soaps and moved on to these professions - often after leaving daytime. Below find a list of current and former individuals associated with soap operas and their "other" profession.

  • Mariann Aalda - humorist/advice columnist
  • Brooke Alexander - co-host of travel show on CNN
  • Millette Alexander - concert pianist
  • Craig Augustine - photographer
  • Gene Bua - acting coach
  • Toni Bull Bua - acting coach
  • Carolee Campbell - photographer, author
  • Mark Consuelos - standup comic; ordained minister
  • Maia Danziger - life coach & meditation instructor
  • Donna Drake - off-Broadway director and choreographer
  • Alan Dysert - acting coach
  • Joseph Gallison - now a respected teacher and coach
  • Keith Grant - now known as Keith Lee Grant is an Associate Professor at the City College of New York
  • Lisa Guerrero - sports reporter for CBS, Fox, ABC; now with Inside Edition
  • Lisa Howard - news reporter in the 1960's
  • Lela Ivey - acting coach
  • Renne Jarrett - Currently serves on Board of Directors of the National CASA Association, providing court-appointed special advocates for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • H. Wesley Kenney - instructor at Frostburg State University (Maryland)
  • Michael Landrum - corporate media coach
  • Edward Mallory - artist in residence at Frostburg State University (Maryland); updated July 2007 - now deceased
  • Larkin Malloy - acting coach
  • Nancy Malone - director and producer
  • Andrea Marcovicci - cabaret singer
  • Lisa Peluso - real estate agent
  • Jim Poyner - coach & teacher in California
  • Lonnie Quinn - news reporter
  • Allyson Rice - Founder of The Total Human, which offers life-changing programs, retreats, and weekend workshops that will help to expand personal power and presence in the world
  • Jada Rowland - artist
  • Mark Rydell - director
  • Louise Shaffer - author; television writer
  • Ernest Townsend - writer
  • Aaron Van Wagner - real estate agent
  • Marcy Walker - now known as Marcy Smith and working in a children's ministry teaching children about God
  • A. C. Weary - teacher for Action Film Workshops
  • Jerry Zaks - director

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Rick Porter, Larry Ewing on AW was a stripper before he was on AW.

Laura Malone, the first Blaine Ewing on AW, became a lawyer after she left acting.

Dennis Parker from EON was a disco artist and an adult film star.

Victoria Wyndham (Rachel AW) was a sculptor and briefly managed her son's rock band.

Lisa Brown and Darnell Williams work as acting coaches.

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I didn't know about the minister part either. I thought something else was going to be mentioned. :lol:

Are you talking about the male stripper part?

In the discussion over at SoapsWEB that was discussed. Steve clarifies that he was basically using jobs that the performers used after they left daytime soaps or while doing daytime soaps. He didn't include the male stripper job since Mark did it before he made it big.

Someone also asked him about the ordained minister and Steve said he performed Howard Stern's wedding and it was stated then that Mark was an ordained minister.

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Brooke Alexander and David Forsyth briefly hosted Soapcenter on Soapnet about ten years ago.

Alexandra Moltke went into documentary filmmaking and working behind the scenes in community theater.

Cusi Cram did some kind of comedy/singing routine with her sister.

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Nicholas Walker (Capitol, OLTL) is a landscaper.

Rib Hillis (PC) and John Littlefield (AW) make appearances as part of the design team on Extreme Makeover:Home Edition.

I seem to recall Jordan Clarke (GL) having worked in construction.

Sharon Gabet (EON) is a professional in the holistic healing/astrology/therapy fields and also wrote a book.

Sarah Felder (RH) is a voice coach.

Rick Springfield (GH) is a rock star, lol.

Genie Francis (GH) owns a shop in Maine, I believe.

I think Lisa Rinna (DOOL) also has a store.

Mary Beth Evans (DOOL) has a pie business.

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