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Degrassi: The Next Generation

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It's weird but back when TeenNick was The N, all of it's shows seemed to have better quality

Degrassi is one of them. I seemed to have gone downhill the moment they dropped The Next Generation from their title and much more the past two to three years

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No?! I actually enjoyed last season. Especially the arc with Tristan & Miles. I hope that someone else picks them up. I loved those two together even though Miles went back to stankin' ass Maya. mad.gif

I also like that little minx, Zoe Rivas. She game me classic teen soap bitch. One of the best I've seen in a long time. I hope Ana Golja lands somewhere else as I think she's a good little actress.

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What was the reason why it was cancelled?


This was one of my favorite shows when I was in middle school, and I used to watch The N. But after the original characters who started the show moved on, so did I. I think the show started to show wear and tear somewhere around season 6 honestly characters like Darcy, Mia and Peter were the beginning of the end. I honestly remember being over this show when I was in high school and then never looked back. Ashley, Jimmy, Craig, Emma, Sean, Manny, Paige, etc. were the ones who really made this show work, and with out them it all fell apart.

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They've changed networks like 4 times in Canada. It should've ended years ago.

I really hope they bring back some of the older characters. We don't have to have them in any in-depth story lines but I'd like to see them again. I know Drake/Aubrey Graham would NEVER. LOL!

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I stopped watching when the first crop were being filtered out and I grew up, as most people naturally did. However, Degrassi will be back one day in the future. I am certain of this.

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That original gang really did go through a lot and grow with me and my friends. When it premiered in the US, we were in the 6th grade, and somehow, through them screwing with the timeline, I graduated the same year as Emma, Manny, Liberty, etc. It wasn't the same after I grew out of the target audience, but I think it's a huge deal to last 14 seasons and the whole company should be proud.

What I wouldn't give to see Sean one more time, though...

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