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3 hours ago, marceline said:

It was never going to be $3.5T. Never. We were always looking at around $2T. Even $1.5T is a big deal depending on what's in there.

Frankly they should do 1.5 and make it over 4 years. Ro Khanna was on with Anderson Cooper talking about this. It's a good idea and gives the democrats a platform for 2024.

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Posted (edited)

Never thought I would see the day when I would read a David Brooks column and see him make an impassioned plea for $4T in spending as a must, but here we are.


Per usual, there are aspects of his argument that don't feel right to me but his bottom line, you can't go cheap by  undercutting the bill and expect to make the sizeable impact in the lives of the masses of people in need. 

The bottom line is a meaningful statement, one I can't argue with.

Oof, that felt strange.

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Did anybody see this? Manchin literally looking down at constituents from a yacht!





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If the House is largely unified, and it seems to be, then I think the leaks are accurate (and leaks come from everywhere in Congress, it doesn't need to be Jayapal showing her ass like she has so often done). Pelosi certainly doesn't seem bothered, and it's notable that none of the usual troublemakers have taken a single shot at her doing this process - they've said she's their leader, they support her current plans and have reserved their ire for Sinema and Manchin.

No matter how the Beltway likes to frame it, bc they defer to centrists and conservatives, it's not a progressive revolt. The progressives seem to be in array with the WH; these bills are going to get done and they're furthering the President's agenda. If Gottheimer, Sinema and Manchin have a problem with the debate and the public opinion not going their way it's their problem. Old Dick Durbin doesn't go on television and take direct aim at Sinemanchin like he did the other day without a nod from the WH, either. This is coordinated. I don't have to be in love with all these people to find common cause.

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