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All: Saddest Scenes in Soap History

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If I exclude series finales of soaps, I would have to say that the saddest soap scene that I have ever seen involved Iris confessing to Mac (on AW in 1989) that she was responsible for him going to jail; subsequently, Mac disowned Iris and then threw her out of his house. What was really sad about this is that it was the last time the two characters ever spoke to each other, since Douglass Watson (and Mac) died shortly after that scene was filmed. (Just as a general comment, the episodes of AW that aired for about a year following Watson's death all seemed to have a feeling of sadness about them.)

Also, while I have never actually viewed this scene, the death of Jenny (on AMC circa 1984) seems like it should be on this list: What happened was that Jenny and her boyfriend, Greg, went jet skiing one afternoon. A jealous former lover of Jenny wanted to kill Greg, so he wired his jet ski equipment so that it would explode. Tragically, Jenny ended up using Greg's jet ski equipment, which subsequently exploded.

Another example that I can think of happens to come from prime time: on a 1993 episode of Beverly Hills, 90210, Dylan's father was killed by a car bomb (as Dylan watched the whole thing). What was especially sad about that scene was that the relationship between father and son had just been patched up. Unfortunately--and this is a plot device that I absolutely hate--Dylan's father turned out to be alive on a circa 1999 episode of the show. As a result, this scene is not nearly as powerful as it once was.

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-Stone's death on GH

-Dixie's pancake death on AMC. The scene where she passed away with Tad with by her side was so very depressing.

-The BJ's heart storyline on GH

-When Georgie died on GH. When Spinelli found her dead. It got to me.

-Mel's death and Dorian's breakdown on OLTL

-The Amazing Grace montage with S&B on GH

They all made me weep so hard. :(

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Have to agree about Jennifer's death on ATWT. Every family member got to say their final goodbyes to Jen, and each goodbye was more heartbreaking than the one before. Ben Hendrickson and Colleen Pinter , as the parents saying farewell to their dying daughter , were just incredible. What made the scene even sadder was knowing that Ben would commit suicide in real life less than a month later.

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Recent ones -

Jessica holding Nash's hand as he flatlined and died; Jessica breaking down at the funeral...

Alan walking outside of Metro Court during the hostage crisis and collapsing, leaving Monica frightened and confused...

Stacy Sloan dying while giving birth to her baby girl on Night Shift...

Marcie, Michael and Tommy walking out of the Bonjour Cafe one last time as a family before Marcie is arrested and Tommy is taken away...

Elizabeth crying over Emily's dead body as Jason helplessly looks on...

Tad dreams about what his life could have been like had Dixie lived...

Julia dying a lonely, painful death after being shot at Jessie and Angie's wedding...

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Victoria seeing Ryan in her dream and then realizing "he was there."

Cassie's Death.

Cindy's death

Gina reuniting with Rex (not sad, but made me cry like a baby).


Macy coming home after learning about Thorne and Darla's affair and contemplating drinking.

Taylor's death (2002).


Laura going home after being raped and Richard having her lie on the bed.


Claudia on the roof, and Fallon thinking her baby was thrown off it.


The whole episode dealing with Q's death. The whole thing.

Wow. I wish people would (and had the talent and patience) to do that nowadays.

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When Felicia comes to tell Bobbie that they got a heart for Maxie and realizes the ehart is BJ's and breakdown and Bobbie holds her. And when Tony puts his head on Maxie's chets and hears BJ's heart beat. I cant pick one moment.

When Brenda finds out Robin has HIV.

And when Mac holds Maxie in the park as georgies dead bosy lays there.

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When Tiffany said goodbye on GH after 14 years on the show. She was crying and saying goodbye to all her friends and in the hubbub forgot to say goodbye to young Robin. Then she turned around and they had the saddest goodbye I ever saw on a soap. I felt like my friend was saying goodbye to me.

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