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  1. This taken from IMDB. The show reads like a soap: Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. Political and sexual intrigue abound. The primary families are the Stark, Lannister, and Baratheon families. Robert Baratheon, King of Westeros, asks his old friend Eddard Stark to serve as his chief advisor. Eddard, suspecting that his predecessor had been murdered, accepts so that he can investigate further. It turns out more than one family is plotting to take the throne. The Queen's family, the Lannisters, may be hatching an incestuous plot to take control. Across the sea, the last surviving members of the previously deposed ruling family, the Targaryens, are also plotting a return to power. The conflict between these families and others, including the Greyjoys, the Tullys, the Arryns, and the Tyrells, leads to war. Meanwhile, in the north, an ancient evil awakens. Amidst war and the political confusion, a brotherhood of misfits, The Night's Watch, is all that stands between the realms of men and the horrors beyond.
  2. The Wire+Omar = love

  3. I enjoyed the season finale and left with feelings that I might or might not be watching the show for a third season- or will watch the entire thing when season 3 finishes. I lean towards more Sookie/Eric so Bill getting kidnapped did little for me. I'm happy everything got tied in a neat little bow at the end, but it didn't feel as organic as the first season. With all the trouble Maryanne caused and to simply go out with a whimper...I find Lafayette to once again be my deciding factor on whether or not I will embrace another season.
  4. From what I hear, next season shoots in December...maybe January or so. It's going to be a short hiatus. They should never... and I mean NEVER take a break before the season finale. That made no kind of sense.
  5. Evan Rachel Wood was completely wrong for the role. I'm on the fence about her as an actress but she's not ready for adult roles and is reminiscent of a young Kristen Dunst for me. Her scenes were very uncomfortable. Ashley Jones could've done a better job in this role.
  6. I crave Eric/Lafayette more than I do Eric/Sookie. Eggs/MB is the one character that has yet to bring something original to the show. One of the things that makes this show great is the overall cast's ability to generate chemistry in the presence of one another. Let him die naked on a cross next to Maryanne.
  7. That was painful. I mean the character just goes along with whatever damage the writers want to see happening in the town. Combine that with the lack of chemistry between her any eggs (or should I say forced intimacy) and I was through listening to her "last chance for true love" *eye roll* speech. And lord knows I can't stand to watch "find a happy place" Lafayette. This was not a great episode. I wish we were getting a two hour season finale.
  8. I was in tears when Tara confessed she thought she was going crazy- very touching moment. I can not get enough of the interaction with her family. And how sexy can Jason Stackhouse get? His scenes could be so ridiculous in the hands of a lesser actor. That 45minutes really pissed me off!! I always watch the clock on a good episode.
  9. I'm with you on eric and sookie. There's something about Bill and how he manages to get punk'd by his maker repeatedly that turns me off. The party at Godrick's place killed any passion I might have felt for the man. But I guess it's true, blood runs thicker than water. Last episode was the first time in a while I felt for Tara and her situation. The actress that plays Tara has great chemistry with her family and the rest of the cast and not so much with Maryanne and Eggs- scripted of course- but whenever she's around her family the character glows. I This is the only serial I'm watching right now on a regular, can't miss basis. I'm not in lust with this season as I was with last, but I love watching the show because it makes me feel like anything can happen- ANYTHING.
  10. I'm with you guys on last night's episode... I'm over Maryanne. The actress is great but the material is just too one note. I no longer need her and she can take Eggs with her. Tara and her family are fine being crazy on their own without being possessed. It just isn't necessary for this s/l. They don't have to go home but they can't stay at Gran's. I like Godric but the bomb scenario was not my favorite cliffhanger. Loved just about everything else. I feel like I should own a "Jason Stackhouse is my hero" t-shirt.
  11. "Maryanne's weed is some serious [[email protected]#$%^&*]!" Great episode and goes to show you can't smoke out with everybody.
  12. Last night was not my favorite episode. Maybe because I watched the first season from start to finish, but I just feel like there are too many questions, and too many things the audience isn't in on. Last season, if there were some twist or turns they were just that- a twist or a turn. I just don't think I know where this season's taking me. There's still time. I'm happy Daphne was exposed, but a moment too late. From what I'm to understand, Maryanne's only a blip in the book and so the writers have really taken liberties with this character. I feel the "war on vampires" is too ridiculous. Do they honestly think they stand a chance? I have a hard time perceiving this group of idiots as anything close to a threat. Nice to see Bill has a dark side.
  13. http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo65/tzetaj/ASshowerAni-2.gif He seems like a nice guy!
  14. I feel like he's not even acting. He's very much like his character... At least he was back then. He bet a girl he would become famous before she did... She's a stripper!
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