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NFL Thread: 2008 season


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I'll be first!!!!


I cannot believe it. I cannot BELIEVE we won!!! I love me some Michael Turner. The guy is a workhorse! Jarius Norwood had some great carries too!! WOOT!!

In other news:

Heard about tom Brady. I guess we'll get the news tomorrow.

I'm watching the Colts lose to the Bears (yes, that's what I said)

and Jets roll!!

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It looks like Tom Brady is out for the season. :o Well, there goes the Pats season. The AFC just opened up now. Steeler fan, Colt fan, Charger fan all just went "Wooohooo......we have a chance now!"

Matt Ryan looked good for ATL and Michael Turner is showing what he can do.

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Ryan looked very composed. I'll be interested to see how he handles games that get out of control one way or the other. It was easy to be confident this week which is good for a first time out but I don't think he's tested....yet.

Michael Turner is made of pure awesome. I love him. He reminds me of a young T.J. Duckett. Powerback able to run it up the middle and punch through defenders. Burner Turner is the real deal.

Is it official about Tom Brady? They didn't have MRI's last night but it didn't look good.

And the Colts...dude. Just.......duuuuude.

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But I also have a soft spot for the Eagles. Sav Rocca used to play for my Aussie rules team here in Australia, and I think that I have a photo of me and him somewhere at home that was taken at a team function.

Here is a headline in regards to Tom Brady and some links to stories.

Brady to have surgery, miss rest of 2008 season


6 options that can replace Brady


Brady's injury could alter course of '08 season


If a team is good enough they should be able to cover anyone. Not one person makes a team.

Here in Australia a lot of media people and supporters of other teams said that my team relied on one player and always said no Carey no North, but that was proved wrong time and time again but they still kept on saying it.

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Wow!!! Did anyone see the end of the Charger/Bronco game? The ref blew the call on the fumble! Then Denver goes for a 2-point conversion to win the game. Crazy!!!! And earlier in the game, the review booth wasn't working? Man, the Chargers got screwed over twice! So sorry, Charger fan. Ouch.

My Bills are 2-0! :o Yay! :)

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