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OLTL: Week of September 1,2008

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LOVING Roxy and Tina bonding. I always thought they'd get along great and they are.

And for those who watched Passions, Tina "confessing" the terrible stuff she's done over the years to Roxy so reminded me of Rebecca doing the same thing during the finale week to Gwen

What husband of Viki's did Tina try to steal? Im drawing a blank.I didnt even realized they shared any men. Only one I can remotely think of is Clint but Tina jumped into bed with him in order to get rid of Niki and force Viki to re-emerge

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And this ladies and gentlemen is why Bo has no business being commish again. I cant beleive Tess was yelling and blasting in front of him and he see anything wrong with that. Tess isnt even trying hard to hide who she is anymore bc everyone around her is so stupid

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    • My guess is that ABC ended up getting younger viewers (high school and college aged) that didn't want to watch soaps that their parents watched (which were P & G).
    • Late 1970s was ABC huge rise and P&G shows tanked. Did viewers suddenly switch over from P&G to ABC, or did ABC get a whole bunch of new viewers? Y&R was going strong in the late 1970s but would stumble in 1980 after expanding to one hour and changing time slots.
    • Agnes Nixon saved Another World from being canceled in the late 1960s and it rose to No. 2 in the ratings defeating General Hospital in the time slot.   When ABC saw what Agnes Nixon did with AW and what happened to GH, ABC approached Nixon to create a soap for ABC....One Life to Live debuted in January 1968 and Nixon finished up her headwriting duties at AW.  Then based on OLTL's performance, ABC wanted another soap. Agnes presented All My Children to ABC and the rest is history.   AW was near the top of the ratings from the late 1960s until its collapse in 1979 with GH's giant rise.
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