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  1. You are correct, you can see Brenda at the 50 second mark!
  2. If memory serves correct, Walkers Max found out he wasn’t a true Buchanan and felt everyone he loved / trusted had lied to him and that he didn’t know who he was anymore, so left to “find” himself. His relationship with Asa was strained from that point on (although he did pass as Asa’s son again under JFP) and upon DePaiva’s return, he did hook up again with Lee Ann. Agreed on Lee Ann being a hold over but I am surprised at the amount of story she received and that Malone anchored her to the Buchanan’s with Duke, as I always found Bleeth hard to watch. As for Max and Luna, I believe Walker and Max we’re off the canvas when Batten was introduced
  3. I’d love a reunion with Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser, Brynn Thayer and Judith Light....if only dreams could come true
  4. My pleasure, it’s nice to reminisce about this great show. I only wish we had more material to view from the sixties and seventies
  5. IMDb has Judith starting in mid November, 1977 and I believe this episode is from late spring 1978, so I would guess about 6 months
  6. Thank you again, this is absolutely amazing!! I’m hooked all over again lol. It also makes me wish Gordon Russell was still alive so I could ask what “his” intentions were for creating the character of Tina. Was it to create trouble for Joe and Viki or did he have other thoughts?? And would you know if this was the first time Irene Manning was ever mentioned, or had she been seen / mentioned before? Again, many thanks for these clips
  7. Thank you Victoria foxton and Forever 8 for these clips / episodes. The amount of psychological depth and emotion in these scenes is overwhelming and truly makes me miss this show more than ever
  8. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post, mostly because I miss this show so much. My curiosity has peaked in recent weeks to find out more about One Life’s first broadcast episode tho. Does anyone know what stories were highlighted on the first episode and how the first week fared in ratings?
  9. IIRC didn't JFP want Gillian Spencer as a head writer (I believe she was part of the writing team then) but GS turned it down and left
  10. I agree, although David and Dorian were fun for a while, I think in the end it did more damage to Dorian than good. It always seemed to me that Dorian had to be watered down and written over the top to explain her staying with David. Herb on the other hand was a better match for Dorian IMHO because he was her equal. He was ambitious, smart and funny. He understood her like no other man less Mel ever could and their arguments, sparing and ribbing of each other was intelligent and funny, two things that were missing in Dorian in the final years on ABC.
  11. Thank you for the wonderful interview.
  12. Has anything been said for those of us in Canada?? I know Hulu isn't an option for us but will we be able to watch on itunes or some other format?
  13. Thanks guys for the all info. It sounds like the behind the scenes stuff at ABC was just as good as the stuff on tv at the time. This would have marked the beginning of a string of headwriters for the show that would eventually lead to Rauch coming in as EP and really changing the show for ever. I only wonder why Peggy O`Shea and Sam Hall bounced in and out as head writers during this time before O`Shea finally kept the spot for 4 years?
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