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GH: SOD Fall Previews


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Thanks to Tara

Stuff We Know:

No word yet if Jagger is coming back to GH once NS ends.He says that they have to talk to the people in charge but he is open to it. Says that if they play their cards right Stone could be Brenda's child. Says anything could happen even Cari Shayne coming back as Karen.

Comings and Goings:

JJY - Mac visits his ailing big brother on 9/2/ "I'm very excited about it", says York " Mac is shocked and saddened, bu he believes Robert will overcome it because h overcomes everything in his life, like he always has. he's a fighter."

Record This:

9/2 - Sonny and Kate's carefree getaway hits a bump in the road, Claudia figures out what really happened the night Logan died and Jason sacrifices his own happiness to protect Elizabeth. "It's the never-ending story of Jason and Liz," sighs Rebecca Herbst. "They love each other, but can't be together and that's the way it is.

GH: What Will Happen -

Laura's love for Lulu results in a miracle.

Jax makes Karpov an enemy.

Jerry overhears Matt's confession to Maxie.

Jason and Elizabeth act on their feelings.

Mail Bag

GH has become cartoonish, OTT and plain ridiculous.

SR has a spread about his trip to Uganda.

Fall Previews:

Skate - There will be a wedding. The old Sonny will be resurrected when something happens at the wedding or in the aftermath. Sonny being kinder will be tested.

Jason/Karpov/Mob - Big umbrella story involving Spin, Maxie, Liz, and Carjax surrounding the wedding. Jason's leadership is put to the test. Sason will be in a conflict like never seen before.

Soprano City - VP plays Maximus, father of Max and Milo. Max is in trouble because he said he runs the family. Maximus develops a thing for Diane. First airs on 9/15.

Carjax - They love each other but have been struggling. Carly can't help herself when it comes to Sason and things will get worse before they get better. Jax goes back to his ruthless corporate side.

The Counterfeit Drug Tale: Another umbrella story. The prince and the farm girl get closer. Lusam become the adventure couple. Spinmax have their own on and off romance and Matt will factor in. Matt has another connection in PC.

Lulu/Laura: Mother/daughter story and we will see if it is real or not. Luke will be involved when he gets back. The Spencers will end up in a new place after all of this.

The Zaccharas: Don't underestimate any of them or think you have them figured out. Anthony and Claudia will have new sides to them and Claudia will find out what happens when somebody gets to her.

Robin/Patrick/Anna/Noah: "Patrick proposed; Robin said no. There are no plans for them to marry right now, but they will have to fight their way toward a future together. The baby will be born at the end of October.

Scott/Ric/Alexis/Jerry: Jerry pursues Alexis even more but does he have any ulterior motives? The jury will be key in Johnny's trial with a mix of old favorites and new ones.

The Q'S: Monica is sober and dealing with it. Edward will claim financial difficulty to get out of jury duty for the trial. He will have a large role in the trial.

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Yeah Karen died on PC, and they could have easily looked over it (since they did everything else that happened on PC) but they have mentioned several times that she is dead, so I cant see them re-writing it. And why wouldnt Jaggar tell Robin that Brenda is Stones mother and shouldnt she already know since her and Brenda were best friends?

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Yeah I find it kind of hard to believe Scott wouldn't know his own child was alive.

Karen was killed when Frank Scanlon came after her, she was running away from him and got hit and killed by a car.

Oh and Brenda as Stone's mother would be so many kinds of stupid on so many levels

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Sounds boring.

Wonder how scared Rebecca Herbst is that VM could be returning? Brenda returning would place her smack dab in the middle of this Sonny/Jason/Mob/Carly/Jax business and have her living with Jason in 2 seconds.

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    • No such luck.  Colin threatened him and broke Leo's phone.  I don't even blame Colin.  After listening to Leo babble for long periods I think it's actually a normal human reaction to threaten Leo and break his phone.
    • Rep. Maxwell Frost trashes Florida Gov. Rhonda DeSantis with F-bomb  
    • I think the show could have easily pivoted Karen back to Jason if Jagger left and had her deal with college and the fall out from Scott being her father (even though I don't think Kin was on the show at the time lol).  I definitely think Karen had enough material for story without Jagger for a year. I could also see why they wrote her out due to the build up of the Karen/Jagger romance and the fact KMc was old enough to carry her own teen story.   Karen wasn't necessary anymore.  I do think it would have been nice for Karen to be around for Stone/Robin.  I have always found Jagger/Karen's absence fairly glaring in an otherwise near perfect story. I agree Brenda hugely benefitted from Jagger/Karen leaving.  She could get development/focus, she could be paired with Sonny without constant reminders of the Karen relationship, and it allowed Brenda to be aged up into adult stories fairly easily with her main peers not around.   I think Brenda could have lasted without Sonny.  She is another character you could easily pair up with AJ/Jason until Jason has his accident and then pair her up with Ingo once he was cast.  Since Ingo was hired for Lois/Rena I'll go with the assumption he would have been cast regardless of what Brenda was doing.  Obviously, no telling how successful she would have been, but I have no problem seeing Brenda still being a major player in 90's stories without Sonny.   Vanessa/Brenda really didn't have much competition in her age range at that time. I do see the comparison with Casey/Julia. As far as Julia, I think she got lumped in with all the other Monty failures at the time even though she seemed to have the most potential.  I have never understood the reasoning not to re-visit Julia at any length especially in the 90's.  
    • While I always take anything new this show does with a massive GOS, the fact that Zeke is in this week's promo with Drew leaves me cold to the character before he even gets going.  Must everything be tied to Sonny or Carly?  
    • A few years ago, there was a certain number of the banking and business sectors that tried to promote the idea of a “cashless” society and at first, I was willing to hear them out but upon hearing more information, I decided that it would eventually become another facet of a divide along socioeconomic lines, with the ‘haves’ benefiting and the ‘have nots’ being at a marked disadvantage. We’re already getting a taste of the repercussions of this with some establishments that have tried to deny cash payments, for example an upscale fast-casual eatery called Sweetgreen (very popular here in the Northeast U.S.) which was forced to reverse their anti-cash policy after a severe backlash once the policy became public. Well, they do say that necessity is the mother of invention and necessity, and I guess necessity can also provide the incentive to transform and refigure.
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