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All: Soap's Greatest Hero/Heroine

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Here are the winners from my boards Best of the Best Contest. These were voted on by members of my board, SON, SOS, The Buzz, SoapNet, Daytime Royalty, DRtv, Danfling's Cancelled Soap Board, and SoapCentral.

Best Heroes or Heroines

01) Bo Brady (Days of Our Lives)

02) Joanne Tourneur (Search For Tomorrow)

03) Margo Hughes (As The World Turns)

04) Amy Kincaid (The Secret Storm)

05) Penny Cunningham (As The World Turns)

06) Adam Drake (The Edge of Night)

07) Nicole Cavanaugh (The Edge of Night)

08) Marlena Evans (Days of Our Lives)

09) John Black (Days of Our Lives)

10) Vanessa Sterling (Love of Life)

11) Nancy Karr (The Edge of Night)

12) Mary Fenelli (Ryan's Hope)

13) Hope Brady (Days of Our Lives)

14) Cruz Castillo (Santa Barbara)

15) Mike Karr (The Edge of Night)

16) Bruce Sterling (Love of Life)

17) Jessie Brewer (General Hospital)

18) Alice Frame (Another World)

19) Steve Frame (Another World)

20) Julian Cannell (Somerset)

21) Dixie Martin (All My Children)

22) Michael Bauer (The Guiding Light; Another World)

23) Susan Martin (Days of Our Lives)

24) Laura Spencer (General Hospital)

25) Luke Spencer (General Hospital)

Honorable Mention

Bo Buchanan (OLTL); Lily Snyder (ATWT); Carrie Brady (Days); Holden Snyder (ATWT); Ellen Stewart (ATWT); Althea Davis (TD); Victoria Davidson (OLTL); Jennifer Devereaux (Days); Josh Lewis (GL); Shane Donovan (Days)

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In my mind, heroes don't get better than Lucky Spencer v. 1.0.

He's the one who found Elizabeth in the park, the one who slept by her bed so she would feel safe.

But more importantly, what I think distinguished him from the bland, typical soap heroes that popped up all over the place in the 80's and 90's, was the way he struggled to do the right thing. While the average soap hero was just a strong guy who swooped in and saved the day, Lucky's heroism was based more on how his morality. From childhood, he always seemed to consider the big questions in life, and really struggle to do the right thing. He had a very defined view of right and wrong, and his views on that were incredibly important to him.

Sadly, subsequent Luckys have failed to measure up, but Lucky1 will always be my hero.

For more conventional heroes, I would probably say Laura Spencer, Robert Scorpio, Bo, and Hope.

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hmmm...I'll go along with Bo Brady for sure...

not so sure on heroine. I've always liked characters with edges, so heroines never really did it for me cos they were just too pure. haha. I suppose you could say Hope Brady would fit well in that too.

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Kayla Brady and Steve Johnson (Days - 1980s):

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Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo (Santa Barbara):

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Carly Manning (Days):

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Caroline Spencer (B&B):

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-- in fact, Caroline and Carly Manning are probably my favorite heroines.

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