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  1. Definitely Adrian Bellani's Miguel and Mark Wystrach's Fox on Passions. I thought David A. Gregory's Ford on One Life to Live shared more chemistry with his brothers any of his love interests.
  2. Sarah Joy Brown. She knew exactly how to weaponize those tears as Carly, Julia and Claudia.
  3. I started watching during this period because of Maxie's shenanigans. My roommate was a big GH fan so we watched together. I thought she was so much fun. I grew up with Kirsten as Belle (I was indifferent). Storms impressed me during Maxie's sleazy years despite the misogynistic writing because she was so funny. I thought Maxie and Lulu would've been a great rivalry, but it was clear TPTB favored Lulu (JMB can be a wonderful actress but Lulu was unbearable). I cheered when she finally smacked the hell outta Lulu during the Text Message Killer (My God) storyline. I remember Maxie being so vicio
  4. Are there instances where soap operas allowed the culture at large to directly impact storylines? Which cultural moments do you feel your favorite show or characters could have benefited having worked into the context of the show? Sitcoms and drama series in the 70s, 80s, and 90s could be topical and popular and win Emmys. There were certain shows that remained a world unto themselves, but most existed within their era. They could still be provocative though. Soaps always seemed hermetically sealed. In my opinion, it was the medium most suited to incorporate seismic events like Ci
  5. Learning about him has been the most extraordinary thing today. Even after two decades of watching him as Neil, I had no idea he had an entire career before Y&R. Just reading about his father! I don't how else to say this other than the entire industry failed him. My God he was a gorgeous, charming, naturally talented actor and he should have reaped roles. I can't speak about his personal issues, but when it comes to his career the industry should be ashamed. While I'm so grateful for the space being made today for actors of color, I'll shed more tears this man never got his moment in that
  6. I'm devastated. Neil and Drucilla were the first black husband and wife I remember seeing on television as a child and that was revolutionary for me. I spent my entire youth modeling myself on the glamorous Drucilla and I was DETERMINED to find a Neil. Once I got older and separated fact from fiction, I got to appreciate just what a phenomenal talent he was onscreen. That's the power of soaps and what makes them so unique a medium. I literally grew up with this man in my life. I'm a mess. I'm so so sorry he suffered. I wish him peace now.
  7. I was a kid when my family were faithful viewers of Y&R, so when Sheila disappeared I had no idea she crossed over to B&B. Because I didn't know B&B existed. I recently discovered some clips of the character on YouTube and I'm kinda fascinated watching her in this new context. I was curious about some things that maybe someone here could shed light on. - Why did Bill Bell send Sheila to B&B as opposed to simply retiring the character altogether. I know she was hugely popular on Y&R; was there an expectation for that to follow? How did viewers react to her appear
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