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I do intend on keeping on watching! So far so good after a month back, I also really love H&A but I am months behind. I saw a lot of hate around Paige last year (not here), do you guys like her? I liked the David scene where he goes to see Aaron and is oblivious to him having a random hook-up. I am interested in seeing where it goes. Does anyone know why H&A does not have any gay character, did they ever have any?
Reading some boards, I see my theory about Dee matches some others. Except the DID part, I think foreign soap fans wouldn't take kindly to something so convoluted. Amnesia, being taken by Willow's father who's lost his wife and brainwashes Dee is the best theory I've read.

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Home and Away doesn't have any gay characters because the network won't let the producers have any. Its last gay character was a female guest in 2009 who fell in love with Charlie Buckton, an (until-then) straight police-woman. They had a romance for a few weeks before the Joey character was shipped off to another place.


I hope the David/Aaron storyline gets going, it's quite interesting. Paige is ok but I don't like her romance with Jack who sucks all the life out of her. He really needs to go IMO. I'd like to see more storylines for Ben (very hot actor), Aaron (who is the strongest gay character they've had but gets sidelined) and Sheila. I'd like Elly to become a total full on bitch we love to hate rather than this sometimes nice sometimes bad elly we get at the moment.

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I find it dull when everyone finds their true love at 15 or 16 years old. While I know it is a fictional story, I like the idea of characters being friends for years, and later realizing that they could date. That's what I'd prefer for Ben and Piper, as it would be different than what they did for Piper's twin siblings, who pretty much were both stuck on the idea of one person. 

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On 3/20/2017 at 10:42 PM, ~bl~ said:

It sounds like she has an outside friendship with one of the actors, how interesting. 


I think he was playing it up

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