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  1. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    I'm actually quite happy with those two getting the axe as it's what I've been hoping for all year long sitting through their go nowhere scenes, and I think Lauren is a good character and actress but when I see those two, I don't really see their purpose for the future. If Ronnie & Roxy could be dumped like that, two sisters that are far inferior, spending their time being bored, boring, sharing men, and being unpleasant no less, could go. Steven was the only thing that breathed life in their material, and I'm quite unhappy with what they've done with him but I'm a month behind and it's such a chore to watch the show. I was shocked they did a Mick/Linda episode. Those two need to go as well, and I wasn't thrilled to see Whitney return, she's sleep inducing. Much like the Branning sisters, there was definitely something in her before but it's gone. I wouldn't mind Bianca coming back as I do miss her but I don't know how popular her last stint chasing after Liam was.
  2. Shortland Street

    I'm a month behind, I'm so sad about Lucy, she had become one of my favorites. I'd have picked Esther instead, or even Kylie who's been a bit lost and on the verge of boring since the Norelle story ended. The actress, while good, lacks charisma. I'm so glad though the Mason saga ended as Sass is a star and deserved better than this story. She & Hawks just work! I really like Charlie & Jack together so I hope they keep Charlie on. I wonder whether Cam will ever return. I hated Ashley at first and felt the queen that is Harper deserved better family on than an annoying teen but she's okay with Blue. Intrigued about the dead bodies going missing. I'm glad a soap is remaining decent because the UK soaps have lost it a bit this year, except for Hollyoaks which at least never bores me. And H&A is good too (4 months behind), I still maintain it's the most character driven soap on the air.
  3. Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

    I never expected they could make me care about Scott, it was time they gave him more substance. This story is very important right now, and I'm loving Diane getting something to do, her reaction is very realistic. Other thoughts on the show in recent weeks: I was so scared they were going to kill off my girl Cleo, especially with the red-herring of the annoying girl needing a heart transplant, surely they weren't stupid enough to do that. I have started to really like Darcy although she's a one-note villain at this point. I hope we see more of Courtney's pregnancy story, it hasn't been on in like a month, nice to see less of Leela and Peri lately though. The end of the Nick the rapist story was well-handled, especially Cindy's involvement as she's so underused, but the actor was one of their better recent hires. A lesbian Muslim is quite groundbreaking and Farrah is so much better than her sister.
  4. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    The show just feels aimless now, they're trying to be all ~realistic~ but it falls flat, and is ultimately boring, the bins, the community center, the leaks at the Vic, Denise's empty fridge. EastEnders never had to try that hard to be realistic. And then you have a bunch of random filler stories going nowhere. The stunts they came up with this year, for example. Tracey getting fired (I mean who cares?), post-it's invasion, Woody/Tina's one night stand... I mean they have at least an episode a week that's somewhat good, but maybe it's time to bring in a new producer. I also find the younger scene to be dead, Lauren & Abi are still there but haven't been relevant in years, it feels to me as though no one wants to write them off but no one has any idea what to write for them either, Whitney is kind of the same, Ben & Jay are in perpetual limbo. Bex is the only one that feels like she could lead the near future but her stories are repetitive and bring her down.
  5. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    Harriet seems to be a case of the perfect supporting character that just doesn't work in bigger stories. I liked her with Ashley, but with Cain something's off. This Megan/Jay/Nell/Frank custody arc is obvious filler and I think it's bringing the show down. I do like Megan but I have yet to see a purpose to that character. She could have been gone years ago nothing would have been affected. Her with Sam would work better. Props to Ross for being "shot" and keeping a silent mouth, no screams, no pain or shock!
  6. Guiding Light discussion thread

    They actually lightly SORASed them for Ross's funeral in 2006 and who else but Mick Hazen (ATWT) and Eric Nelsen (AJ on AMC 2.0) to play them. They had no lines whatsoever. Clarissa stuck around until the end I believe but they didn't do anything with her. I know it's unpopular but I'd have said Kevin (I believe) was Rick's after all so that would have given him a kid legitimately old enough to be a teen. (2 year old Leah suddenly being one, ugh!) I'll always be mad they didn't do a Blake/Alan-Michael redux after Ross's death. That was one of the best outcomes possible, although I know many wanted him with Dinah which could have worked too. Firing the last A-M who must have been as cheap as a Mandy Bruno was one of the pre-Peapack signs of how increasingly out of touch they were becoming. I'll never understand why they did that. You can't tell me it was because it was a failed recast given there was a lot more uproar about a certain recast around at the time, but they ignored it, and people didn't seem to dislike him too much, it was the stories they gave him first with Marina then with Ava that people didn't care for. Re: Nadine, I'd have kept her over Buzz anyday. She was iconic! Not too fussed about Jenna's second run, she was isolated from everything that made her stand out in the first place. Her death scenes were cringe-worthy too thanks to Buzz.
  7. Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

    And now Warren has killed Bart. This show!!! (Bart wasn't the exit I mentioned by the way, never had feelings about him either way.) Add Sally & Neeta to what's working right now, I don't know which direction they will take them in but it's been a very interesting dynamic.
  8. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    I don't know what's more disturbing. Bex being tricked into eating cat s*** or the bully girl eating an actual truffle that was sitting next to a pile of it in a box. Disgusting. Truly a low for this show, Thursday's epi was the worst I've seen possibly. Michelle's car crash should have killed those two girls, and even Louise. I will give Redwater a try (the title is too similar to Red Rock - which I'm waiting to reprise this summer on BBC) but it should have aired last year. Wonder if Kat & Alfie will return to EE.
  9. Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

    Oh no, Liam's gone for good. I liked him a lot and wish he had gotten a better story than this dull Eva thing. Is this how they wish to redeem Grace? Remove the reminders of what she did? I have loved Grace before but not recently sadly. They've just ruined her, at least Lisa didn't kill Nathan, with Grace it's harder to find a redemption plot, you basically have a cop killer and child murderer with her now and she's gotten away with it somehow. I also hate the exit coming up although I know no one will care either. Meanwhile, Scott just won't go away. Killing off Amy is a dumb mistake. Let's see how long RyRy lasts. He could be good with Mercy. Cleo and Joel are so vital to the show at the moment, and not necessarily as a couple although if they don't go that way that would be a missed opportunity.
  10. Neighbours: Discussion Thread

    I was a bit disappointed in the way the Dee/Andrea story ended. Having Toadie get hit by a car was a bit too much. Anyway I loved the actress and I'd like to see her return. @Edward Skylover what do you think of the upcoming casting changes, assuming you're not spoiler free for that?
  11. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    Beautiful work from Gemma Atkinson this week. I was scared Carly was leaving for good. It was high time they gave her something substantial but I'm afraid it won't last. Marlon & Carly do work well together even though it's not the type of pairing that creates fireworks.
  12. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    I thought the last couple of episodes were good. A bit too soapy with the aunt sleeping with her niece's boyfriend, but Martin and Bex are gems. The car crash was unnecessary but it looked better than that stupid bus crash from earlier this year. If Kathy dies that would make her return from the dead unbelievably pointless. She was better off as Sandy Roscoe. The Tina scenes were so well-done, I would hate to see her leave. Also only on EastEnders do you get two women well over 80 bickering, that was funny.
  13. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    It was a really lame move. So all that Faith was huffing and puffing about was because Emma called her the devil? Gasp! I don't see how this excuses saying the woman's dead husband was not at peace. The pills twist did not make things any better. It would have been better for Ashley to be the one overhearing Emma and then forget about it, given he was involved in that story from the start. And what was Faith doing by the church anyway.
  14. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    Good to know. I was just checking out when she was supposed to return the other day. Thanks. I thought for sure it was Will Savage but the videos cut before the cast list.
  15. Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

    The Cameron saga was just awful. I suppose they viewed Celine as expendable given there are so many McQueens. I liked her fine but not anywhere near as much as I like Cleo who has the sweetness thing down to a t but not too saccharine, she could be the future of the show. What bugs me is Reenie. There's so much they could have done but I guess it was a money or availability thing, maybe she'll return eventually. Goldie has been quite good, a bit too Mercedes-like which is too much as Mercy is on, but she has potential. I was surprised JP left and really they didn't do much with him outside of the rape. (Also I was glad to see the back of Diego, his last scenes where he was supposed to be emotional were painful.) I hope Courtney isn't the one stalking Leela. That would ruin her and that's what Hollyoaks does all the time. I wonder which will happen between "James gets revenge on Ste by seducing Harry" and "James and Scott fall for each other much to their dismay"? Darcy is alive, what a surprise! At least Grace is innocent for that, but they still wrote her into a corner by having her kill Eva (as lame as she was) in cold blood, especially given she was pregnant. I keep hoping they have another twist on the Eva murder but I'm not holding my breath. Grace being in love with Esther could make for some good stuff but I keep going back to Kim's sudden obsession with her which was never resolved. I mean Kim assaulted a cop to get inside the same prison as Grace. I was checking out older characters on Wiki and I didn't know Katherine Dow Blyton from Emmerdale had been on the show! Reading up what they did to her character's family, oh dear. That's basically what they've done to every new major family since I've started watching (the Lovedays remain intact but the parents are rarely seen). And then they discard the remaining living ones fast. I'm honestly surprised they're still adding to the Savages every now and then and Diane's family.