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  1. Richard Blackwood from EastEnders playing the triplets' father bugs me. I've been waiting for someone like the actress who played Roxy Mitchell, I didn't expect to get Vincent. Also think making them triplets was a mistake, as Celeste worked better as an outsider, maybe the daughter of the doctor who experimented on Toby but I'm glad they didn't completely phase out the Loveday family and rebooted it instead, we still have Lisa but to me she never recovered from her affair with Mac. Still think the show made a huge mistake killing off Harry, especially for a weak serial killer story (how long before another one?) I had no idea people disliked Diane but I don't care for Tony's dad at all, Verity can be good though but she seems right out of Shortland Street. Sinead is not coming back is she? Can we mention how ridiculous that all three Donovan brothers are dead now? And Liam right after Jesse. It's just too much. It reminds me of the long-forgotten half-brothers of Darren (will the ones that are alive ever be mentioned again?) At least there's the Salon de Thé de Marnie to bring some light-hearted drama (OTOH, Cindy's new venture doesn't work as well). And Sid is a major star. The long Ste break has been nice.
  2. Killing off Harry has to be one of the most vile things they've done in a while. I thought maybe there'd be a way out with that old bat Breda keeping him somewhere, but I just watched James identify his body. Even if Parry wanted to leave he could have returned at some point. There's no way they can justify this. It was nice to see the original Liam in Years and Years, I had liked him in HO and I'm glad he's moved on to bigger things. The Liam recast has worked but they've totally changed the character, things like him saying "I don't like PDAs" I wouldn't have associated with the OG version. And didn't they re-introduce him by having him shoot someone dead? The Maxine Munchauser story has been outrageously ridiculous. Mitchell being attracted to Scott with the bigoted granddad is one of the best things at the moment.
  3. I'm liking Debbie being on the background and Victoria having more screentime. Shame about Sandra Marvin/Jessie, but Megan is one exit that feels like years coming. Maybe it's because the show feels sedated just going through the motions at times but I sometimes find myself feeling it is flooded with people that should have been gone years ago but stay because the actors just won't leave. Case in point, although I do like her a lot, Rhona. They just have her go through these random pairings, what a mismatch she and Pete were, and now I suppose they're going to move towards a new pairing with Graham (I'm a month behind). Pete doesn't work that well either. Jimmy and Nicola, I love them but they never seem to know what to do with them. Laurel and Jai, just another random couple although not completely without charm but it does feel like "here are two people we didn't know what to do with so there you go". Kim's return improved over the months and it feels like they could tell a new great era of stories with her but what they do with her is a letdown. Jamie is nice but he pales in comparison to Joe. Kim blackmailing Cain into almost having sex with her, that was messy. Then her and Pete? On the newer additions front, Matty is always great to watch, as is the Amy recast. But what have they done with the kids? Noah, Gabby, Amelia, Sarah, all went from appearing quite regularly to disappearing overnight.
  4. I'm enjoying the show's turnaround and I think this summer has been the best EE's been in years. The episodes just fly by effortlessly with good balance and every scene has a point. They've managed to infuse the show with the energy and urgency that had been missing for a long time. The Ben recast has turned out to be fantastic (didn't see Callum/Ben coming at all), as has the new Bobby. He is very fascinating to watch. Every scene seems to work and feel important and one I will single out is the lead-up to Gray beating his wife, which made for a most classic EastEnders moment. The way you could tell something was shifting in his behavior towards his wife between leaving the Vic and walking to their house, all leading up to a shocking attack once inside. I think the Taylors have been a very good addition to the canvas overall. Other improvements is the whole Rainie/Max saga, it was just stalling and they found a way to make it interesting again, I know people hated Stuart but the actor has always been good and his 'friendship' with Rainie is one other thing that works.
  5. The new Ben comes off as such a straight frat boy it's hard to imagine Phil would ever have had issues with his 'manliness' but I'm willing to give him a chance. At least someone realized Bex had story potential after what feels like years of being wasted, not sure her crushing on Kush is the best idea but it's a start. I'm so glad the Evie girl is gone on the other hand as it was the worst story for a time.
  6. The balance has been an issue for some time now, characters have a 3 episode arc and then are off the show for several weeks. The other soaps have as many characters but it doesn't end up this way. I think why it can be frustrating with Hollyoaks is that these characters that disappear actually have a story going on. Anyway I think the show is having a hell of a year so far. Some stuff has been exceptional, the racism story feels like a very important issue to tackle and is done in a current way, the Home & Away guy married to Sinead and harassing Sienna is very sinister, Mac's death was a long time coming (although I guess now we'll never know how he knew Breda killed Louis), Lily's self-harming, the reboot of the Nightingale family now that the OG ones are mostly gone. They had stopped killing off someone every other month but since last year it's started again, poor Lily. Myra leaving (alive though) is a let-down given the McQueens are in shambles these days. I don't think that insta couple of Mercedes and Silver works so well, I just don't see the story potential with them when Mercy needs a big push now. I also don't understand why Cleo spends her time on the backburner when she's such a star. If it was up to me I would milk the Cleo and Joel pairing for all it's worth but they're never on and are no longer together. Why walking away from something like that that works so well? Maybe bringing back Zöe Lucker's Reenie would be a good idea if she's interested. I also wonder why so many actors on this show are so quick to leave when they end up doing nothing (see the Freddie actor) and the show moves on so fast there's never any room to bring them back, that is if they weren't killed off.
  7. Rhona and Pete are the definition of filler, and they still feel like a random pairing. Everything about Maya is terrible. I find Kim's face quite distracting still (it's all because of plastic surgery right?), and all the "she's OLD!!" jokes are wearing thin as well as her asking everyone she meets "and YOU are??". I'd hoped her real return would be less botched than the ludicrous short one last year but it doesn't seem to be going that way. I fail to understand all the focus on Graham, despite him being played by a fine actor there doesn't seem to be any reason why he's on so much. And what kind of work does Priya exactly do at Home Farm?! Charity and Vanessa are about the only thing that feels real these days. And I hope they do well by Jessie and her sons as they work as the new family in the village which was needed.
  8. In Italy no less. Did Reva have amnesia twice is what I don't get. When they brought her back in the mid-90's, were the Amish years established as all that had happened to her? How could they introduce the San Cristobel backstory years later and make it fit. It's just weird. I thought it was such a missed opportunity never to bring on Marissa, Olivia's sister and Jon's adoptive mom, in the mid-00's. Instead they killed her off. There could have been a good rivalry with Reva over their son and an interesting relationship with Olivia, maybe an affair with Josh down the line. I always thought anyway Olivia could have become Roxie before she appeared on air, with a mystery as to how she ended up in SC. And I thought Crystal C. would have fit the role well. Then again I also felt the looking for Reva's long-lost sister could easily have been reworked into looking for Roxie who would have escaped the mental institution. And if Reva just had to have a surprise sibling, wouldn't it have made far more sense for it to be deserter Hawk's kid rather than Sarah's?
  9. The Carter-free second half of October really made the show easier to get through. I like Hayley but I think she should have been tied to other people than the Slaters, some of her mannerisms and toughness makes me think of Kathy and that's one part of the canvas that could use something more. I wonder if Kate Oates will switch things up at the Vic, she changed the landlords of both ED and Corrie's pubs, and it's time the Carters retired. My first bet would be on Martin and Stacey but it could go to new characters.
  10. Good to see Sean Mahon from Red Rock in Walford. His RR character was despicable but he was one of their MVP's. I surprisingly thought the prison storyline for Mick worked far better than anything else Mick in ages. It's weird they could see the Aidan/whatever his real name was and his drugs were plaguing the show and so they dropped it but with Stuart they're hell-bent on keeping him around when everyone is complaining. Sharon/Keanu would have had more resonance had Phil taken to him as the son he desired and then he sleeps with his wife. I've enjoyed Kate Oates' Corrie to be honest, so I hope she can do good things for EE as it desperately needs it. I'd like for her to bring on Louise Marwood as the new HBIC!
  11. Both Frank and Finn are gone as well now? How come? I've had to let go of the show as the HQ version stopped being available but I still check the LQ from time to time and I'm a bit confused everytime with all these short-term characters fading in and out of the canvas, and I never trust them with Jack's boyfriends of the month, they always end up disappearing or dying. The new one slept with Nicole... Speaking of her, I'm not too sad Vinnie is gone as the domestic/money problem stories they always got were redundant.
  12. There really was no need to kill off Dirk, especially after bringing on a fantastic Liberty recast (I can't say enough good things about her!) Him & Cindy looked unlikely on paper but worked well on screen. I'm wondering what they'll do with Cindy now relationship-wise. Now that her daughter is going, I hope they delve more into her relationship with Alfie, it's always been put aside. The Mandy/Darren affair has been the weakest part of the show since the story started but I do admire the show for having a very traditional slow-paced approach to a lot of things, like the Milo saga that went on for over a year and was actually well put together. The Ollie/Brodie abuse storyline has been very well written too, the reveal was probably some of the best episodes out of any soap this year. They've done well with the new young men overall, Imran, Ollie, Hunter to name a few are exactly the type of new generation teens that are lacking on other shows outside of H&A (Ryder, Ty and Coco most recently, I can take or leave Raffie). I'm surprised they've managed to hold on to Harry and Cleo for so long. Too bad they killed off Nico for good this time but she could never have been a viable character again.
  13. I've seen people on another board saying they should just kill off Dot as she's off the show most of the time. How insensitive and wrong and offensive that would be. I liked the Slater's Hour at first as it brought some light-hearted drama onto the show but now it's redundant. A little bit of Jean goes a long way. Kat feels like a background character and I can already see her quitting soon. I don't know why they keep killing off their young characters, and those who stay are hardly ever properly used. Bex was one of the best parts of those dull SOC days but since the bullying storyline finished she has been given nothing. EE just isn't building its future self it seems. It's not going to be Halfway and Whitney. Stuart is a creep and I guess they want us to think he's to be Zsa Zsa's father?
  14. The twist of Sienna and the cop who's Ben's son (he looks 45 and should just have been his brother) faking her death as a plot to catch Nico doesn't really make any sense but it was unlikely they'd spoil a real death through a flash forward months earlier. It was hilarious it backfired on her as Warren came back to take their son, and it was even more hilarious when she showed up at her wake screaming "he's taken my son!" and no one believed her with the mother of all stunts she just pulled. I find the twist of Sienna hiding out a pregnant Nico in her flat interestingly twisted and ironic, and something they would do. The balance on this show remains way off. No one ever seems to appear for more than 4 episodes at a time and then they disappear for 2-3 weeks while other storylines take their place. It's easy then to avoid people you don't like but things often lose momentum and it feels as though they move too slowly and a lot of people are used to 25% of their potential.
  15. Sass was the future of this show Lucy Lovegrove quitting after less than two years is a huge blow. I would have given up her brothers first had it meant she'd stay. The worst thing that happened with Sass during her run was anything Mason Coutts, that I couldn't enjoy. At least she got a happy ending with an alive Hawks. I like Kate's sister but the sassy (no pun intended) CEO's assistant thing is a bit overdone at this point, Sass, Bella,... And poor Jack, his boyfriends never stick around which is just weird. Stick with one.
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