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So if I can recall, Victoria had Cruz's baby (Chip) and then she got with abuser Martin Ellis (why does John Wesley Shipp always play a jerk lol)

Not in that order actually. Shipp's character Martin was reformed by the time he started on the show and he was so good in the part that he won his 2nd Daytime Emmy (for Outstanding Guest Actor) for the role. I actually like Martin and he will actually show up in this series of clips.

For me it's not so much about disliking her as seeing her as very dull and drab. I guess this worked when she was up against Eden, and Cruz, because that might have made Cruz remember her more fondly, but when they paired her with Mason she just took up space.

I totally agree. But the initial storyline with Cruz, Eden, Victoria, and Keith was sheer awesomeness. I'm hooked on it all over again, 26 years later. That has to say something about its timelessness as a story.

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This is SO obnoxious. I apologize to those of you that come to this thread sheerly to discuss SB history. I had a thread in this forum that was dedicated to this separate storyline and watching it, but it was moved & merged into here without my knowledge, permission, or request because some people here have nothing better to do with their times.

I guess it's ok for ATWT, GL, OLTL, and AMC to have multiple threads in here because they were cancelled this decade.......

Anyway, ON TO PART 6 of the Keith/Victoria/Cruz/Eden storyline:


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