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  1. Oh Eugene and Calliope were favorites at my house. I love humor. And they provded that in spades. I start another new job on Tuesday, so my watching is going to slow down again. But the job is a half hour closer to home, is more interesting, and pays 25% more so I can live with not watching 9 episodes a day!
  2. I have s new response for people who say SB was over the top. At the same time, Days had someone who owned a lion. And a character that used a time machine to fix the storylines.
  3. Thank you! I thought I was imagining that.
  4. Actual discussion at my house: Husband: Who is that? Me: Gina. Husband: Who is that and why is she shaking? Me: Santana. Gina got her addicted to crack. And we don't care because we hate her SO MUCH!
  5. I love these ideas for Eden and you are spot on. Eden is supposed to be the one that's the most like CC. And at the beginning, she was very strong and no one's victim. But they couldn't have that and it all changed. Robin's Gina was SO much stronger than Gibbony that the pill addiction was a thing of the past. I think Mattson could have pulled it off, but I'm okay that it didn't.
  6. She was very whiny for a very long time. I agree whole heartedly. She stopped eventually, but it was too late.
  7. Lex, I think wanting to watch a quality show that you enjoyed is perfectly normal. Longing for your banana clip is nostalgia. Longing to wear shoulder pads under lace sleeves is an insanity that we need to prevent happening ever again. I agree with this. She and the entire Andrade family should have been more prominent. And Santana's addiction story is actually being played quite well. But as I've said, I'm over her by this point and no longer care. She's been too heartless for too long for me to care.
  8. Julia and Augusta were having breakfast when Mark tracked down Julia to hire her. Augusta overheard, and let Julia have it. Then after Julia heard Mary's side, Julia and Augusta had lunch. Julia told Augusta she planned to throw the trial for Mary. Another thing I'm noticing is that Gina Gallego is doing a good job with the material she's being given. My problem is that I'm just so DONE with the Santana character that no one could salvage her. No one. And I love that Keith has a cat.
  9. I just got to the climax of the Mary Duvall story. Julia announces to Augusta that she's taking Mark as a clent. And Augusta is disgusted that she would take him because Mary would never lie about that. Watching the scene ramps up my admiration of Louise Sorel. I'm so proud of her for refusing to do the Dash storyline they wanted. She's right, there is NO WAY that Augusta would not be 1000% on Julia's side.
  10. It's no secret that I sometimes disliked the way storylines played out. Hated that they let Augusta leave! And I think the Perkins should have been recast and kept. I also didn't care for the way the Brick storyline played out. That said, it is a very good show. The writing and acting are wonderful. There are many great aspects. Jed Allan and Nicholas Coster are so awesome together. The show goes from humor to ripping your heart out in a second. And they eventually chose actors who could do drama and comedy. And it has some seriously HOT chemistry and couples.
  11. I forgot Antony was a count! And wasn't there a relative of Eugene that was a countess and had a lion? Or is my brain making that up? I feel like there was definitely a big cat at some point.
  12. But. Twinkle lights. And in fairness to Rachel's funeral dress, which wedding to Mac was that? But I do agree that Cassie's was atrocious. I think Felicia's worst hat is not a wedding hat. I'm a product of my age and kind of secretly love the big meringue wedding dresses. And the psuedo Victorian ones.
  13. I still think Calliope, but Cassie's is a pretty close second. I mean Calliope's had lights!
  14. Yeah, imma still gonna go Calliope Jones Bradford as the weirdest gown ever.
  15. Nope- that was the story. The king's son's wife was supposed to get it, but the deliverer went to the wrong room. Also, Sophia Capwell was the Contessa Armonti. And I think that Bo and Hope from DOOL saved the Queen of England from an assassination attempt and that's how they had their OTT wedding with her 30,000 dollar dress.
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