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  1. It might be a bit of nostalgia. But, it's also quality. When the show was good, it was GREAT. We have great acting and great drama combined with comedy. It's okay to just have fun with life. And since it's a daytime drama, there is more character development than in a show that only has an hour a week, or 10 episodes a year.
  2. Other than T stood for Tiger, he owned a buck salt gun, and he swindled the Capwells, we never knew a lot. But there could have been so much more. He would have needed to be a powerhouse to stand against Jed Allan though.
  3. I kind of wish that we had a chance to see T as in Tiger MacDonald Lockridge in action. If they can give Minx a magical de-ager, they could give him one. Lol!
  4. In fact, he often said that he thought of her as a little sister, especially because he was Joe's best friend.
  5. We did go through a lot of recasts. At least with CC, it was because the idiots in charge didn't want Jed and had to be proven wrong. With Santana, it was a bit different. I think they originally had it right, but then blew it.
  6. This is so true. I also can't imagine Robin and Charles Bateman. Or Jed towering over Gibbony would have felt wrong somehow. I wonder if there are reasons for this. Like, TPTB know that the actors will never play it exactly the same, so let's shift the character a bit. I'm also fascinated by the characters the DON'T try to recast. Dallas temporarily recast Miss Ellie with Donna Reed. And Game of Thrones did it a lot. As long as Downton Abbey never tries it with the Dowager Countess or Isabelle Crowley, I'll be okay. If it does try, you'll hear me hyperventilating through your computer monitor. Lol
  7. I feel sorry for the costumers on the 4th of July show. They managed to figure out how to get some shoulderpads on Gina's sheer dress. But they probably went bonkers with Sophia's shoulderless dress. Wonder if they tried just placing some pads on her bare shoulders. That red and white sundress is classic though
  8. There are enough chemistry sparks from episode 480-493 (4th of July 1986) to light up 7 or 8 4th of Julys.
  9. I think it might have been interesting if the show had recast Grant and brought him back.(Just not with Reginald Love because I still hate him. Poor John Constantine) Ooohhhh Grant played by Charles Keating.
  10. I liked Ava. I would have enjoyed Margaret more if the writers had given her something to do other than whine Brandon
  11. You just stepped on a landmine. Eva Lazar is the best. Beyond that, I have no use for Santana. Ugh. Yucky poo
  12. And some people liked the new direction, others didn't. But the show did maintain a quality for a few more years.
  13. There are a lot of not very smart people in charge. I mean every studio in Hollywood turned down Dirty Dancing because they didn't think people would watch. This show thought we wanted Lumina instead of John and Sharlene. Yes, they were older. Don't care. There was no going back from Lumina.
  14. Yes, you would think that the entire industry would have figured that out during the backlash that occurred when Don Craig vanished while mailing his tax forms.
  15. Uhm, no. I think that must have been retcon? Reginald killed his wife in her bedroom. Mary heard it and saw it all. She tried to end it with him on the boat, he shook her and pushed her. She fell overboard and lost her memory. She got it back and he was arrested. He got out on bail and Michael killed him dead. (As opposed to killing someone soap opera dead where they eventually come back.) However, while Marissa (Mary) was recovering, there was a room in a hospital which closed afterward where Marissa recovered. Then whoosh off to Paraguay
  16. All right after Frankie. Because no one ever stopped to think, "Hmmm, we lost a lot of viewers because of a brutal murder on screen, so our next step should be let a lot of other favorite characters go unceremoniously. That'll bring people back." Sometimes the money people are SO CLUELESS
  17. She got her memory back and was able to prove Reggie killed his wife. Then she full on reconciled with Vince. They stayed about a year after.
  18. I'm rewatching the entire Mary McKinnon storyline. And I love it so much. I got to her memories returning today. Part of me wishes that Mary and Vince had stayed on the canvas longer. But the other part is happy that they were allowed to go off and live happily ever after.
  19. I'm not sure, but there were many issues including but not limited to: show history with quick fast paced storylines, takeovers and new show runners back stage, and a writer's strike.
  20. I have to change my answer. I just found out that Douglas Watson was not the original Mac Corey. So, I'm going to have to ssy him.
  21. No one except Mason seemed to care about her death. But soap characters often recover from death fairly quickly. Right now, I'm still watching David Laurent and Julia. His wife is murdered and within a couple of weeks, he's all Julia I love you. We know what he's up to, but Julia doesn't even question it.
  22. Well, CC gave some lip service to being upset by her death, but by that point, he was chasing Sophia hot and heavy and he didn't think much more about it. Sophia didn't even bother going to the funeral, because TPTB didn't want to pay JM for that day. Kelly was in looneyville. So,really they might not even remember that C is a murderer.
  23. Doesn't mean that I have to like Santana. Ugh, she's awful. Not the biggest Mary fan either, but I can see that her death led to a lot of loyal fans saying that's it.
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