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Boring City- Very GH-lite

cover AMC - Baby Lie exposed - Kendall/Ryan

B&B - Eric's stunning decision

Days - Lovers at Last - Shawn and Mimi

GH Emergency recast ( Tyler)

Also interview with Kim McC, and comments from Rick H on Reese dying and Kari leaving.

Mailbag - Guess who's in! Shocking I tell ya lol.

Boring Issue Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz So this will be fast.


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I read that in that issue, Mimi learns that baby Claire COULD be Shawn's baby... but she keeps it from him.


They really just have to make every character totally unlikeable, stupid, and boring, don't they?

Everytime I turn around, Mimi's keeping some secret and torturing herself over it. Whether it's being pregnant, an abortion, or whatever... c'mon! She should've learned her lesson by now, and since she hasn't, it makes the character completely, ridiculously stupid, which in turn makes me hate her and makes it impossible for me to root for her at all. Meanwhile, I'm sick of the whole "I have a secret and I hate myself for keeping it!" plot device. Boring. Can't we find some other source of conflict for characters?

Mimi kept the abortion secret from Rex.

Jack kept it a secret from Jennifer that he was dying.

Belle's keeping it a secret that she's still in love with Shawn.

Alex is keeping secrets from Marlena and John.

Sami's always keeping a secret of some sort, same with Patrick.

Austin's keeping it secret who his "true love" is from Nicole and Sami.

I'm ready for something new. A variety of types of stories. Not ALL the same damn thing. That grows rather stale and boring very quickly.

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As an avid ATWT viewer, good for Chris Beetem! JAG could have worked out for him had they not decided to end the series.

As for Mimi keeping the truth from Shawn about Claire... well, ya didn't expect anything less, did you? :D

Boy. JER is REALLY winning viewers over.

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It's official. I don't like Shawn and Mimi at all. I do not like Mimi. Never have and this pairing hasn't changed my feelings towards her.

C'mon Kenny, this is JER we are talking about. Any talent he had (and that is debatable for some) is gone.

He also had almost all halves committing adultery in one way or another. JER has also used the sickness plot to death. Whether it's Billie and Mimi being infertile :rolleyes:, Jack dying, Belle with PPD, Marlena with amnesia, or John's drug addiction. His writing is tired and old.

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