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OLTL: The Countdown to the 9999 and 10000 Episodes

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If I remember correctly (and someone please correct me if I am wrong), Max and Renee became very close a few years ago, when she belived that he was her long lost son. But for some reason I think that Max was actually just trying to pull a con on her and Asa, but later we found out that he actually was the son. I know that it is something like that but I may have confused some of it with another soap.

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Soapfan4life...you are mostly right! Waaaaayyy back in 1990-1991, Gabriell Medina, Max's then wife, orchestrated a scam in which she manufactured evidence to make everyone believe that Asa was Max's pa. Asa, Renee, Max and little Al becam a very close family group. Max and Renee became particularly close. Naturally, the truth came out. But since Max was not in on the scam, Renee held no grudge against him, and she remained a mother figure to him for years. Meawhile Max and Asa became mortal enemies when Max discovered that Asa had cheated Max's father, Wingate Holden, out of a fortune years before.

Fast forward to 1999. It was revealed that Renee had given birth to Asa's baby boy once upon a time. This baby was thought to be dead, but wasn't. A "Who's the son" story played out for some time. Blair, Max's wife at the time, devised a scheme (just call her Gabrielle junior!) to trick Asa and Renee into believing that Max was their missing son. Blair resurrected the "proof" from 1990, and had it "validated". (Quite clever storytelling, actually.) Max, hating Asa, happily went along with the fraud. As it always does on soaps, the deceit was revealed (by Todd Manning). Renee pronounced Max dead to her, but later forgave him when he saved the life of her real son, Ben.

Renee is no dummy, though. It was well established that she saw Max for the rogue and liar that he is, but she could not squelch the maternal feelings she had for him.

How and why do I remember all this? I can't remember all the important things in life, but this stuff I remember! LOL!

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    • Please pass along the SH dirt (or anything else you wish)! I won't be getting to it for at least a couple days. Yeah, I knew a lot of that SNL stuff already. I do wonder if there's more in the full chapter. I do find the whole of DW compelling, though - the history but also the material.
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