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OLTL: The Countdown to the 9999 and 10000 Episodes

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This is something neat that I just ran across:

Link: http://www.ktnv.com/global/story.asp?s=6937867

Be sure and click on the video link on the left side of the page. The clip show scenes from Thursday's episode and footage from the July 3rd behind-the-scenes cast/crew party when the Mayor's office presented the show with the "One Life to Live Way" sign.

They did get one thing wrong, however, they say Erika Slezak has been around since the start of the show in 1968. That, of course, is incorrect; she actually took over the role of Viki in 1971.

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It was hard to feel bad when the pulled back when someone would learn Asa died. We saw very little immediate reaction to the news of Asa's death, which weakened the emotional atmosphere for me. That said, some of the exchanges between Nigel and Renee were pretty heart breaking.

As someone who was left rather disappointed with today's show, the problem wasn't the characters featured it was the pacing of the material made the episode disjointed. It was hard to invest in when you aren't seeing the emotional fallout. The beauty of soap opera is that you have time to play the beats of the story.

I thought that the Marty/Miles stuff was actually a really good story. A woman protects her son by marrying a psychopath only for the new husband to blackmail the child into silence as well. Having not seen Marty the first time around, I don't know how she was. I'm not the biggest fan of Christina Chambers, but this is probably the best work of her career. While I can understand why people would dislike the story, but it's different strokes for different folks.

I think the Tommy story is being well handled. The right beats are being hit and some of the moments are classic soap opera. I'm not the biggest fan of Michael Easton, but he has impressed me with this storyline. I loved the scene the other day between him and Marcie drinking beer on the rooftop. I liked that this relationship is being explored as it will be so important to the storyline.

These two stories hit the beats, which frightens me because I don't want to think that this is the new headwriter's work (I'm not even going to attempt to butcher his last name). The show doesn't seem to gel though. The stuff at BE charity event looked exciting, but the episode as a whole didn't work. When I first started watching it, I thought it was great because soaps don't often do big events like this anymore. Then, as it progressed, I cringed. Todd hitting Miles' glass was childish. I don't like the way Todd is acting. I don't like the way he's treating Star and I don't like the way he's treating Blair.

Why should the audience accept a poor product? Honestly, all I want is a good story and by that I want a story that hits the beats. Asa's death should have provided that. Other soaps have managed to give decent funerals to characters in recent years without half the history that Asa's has. Jen's death was well handled and Jen was a character that was despised for most of her run on the show. The show currently features other storylines that are doing that why cannot Asa's death be given the same treatment?

Today came off as rushed plain and simple.

With all that said, I enjoyed some parts. It was nice to see Dan Gauthier back as Kevin and I hope that we get some decent Cord/Sarah scenes. Stopping by to see Joe Riley was nice as was Kevin's heartbreak over the lose of his own two sons. Patricia Elliot is a hidden gem and I enjoy seeing her.

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Take this or dont take it. When you dont have an actor, it usually affects the funeral. Contracted actors who are leaving get real funerals. This funeral was actually pulled out of the blue because Asa was upstairs or in his office all this time. This is a ratings stunt to coincide with the 10000, but nevertheless it is a treat, and we cant bitch about treats because thats what it is.

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I get what you are saying. At the same time though, I have watched two elaborate funerals for Asa before this one. Anyone remember his funeral in 1983 when he faked his death so he could lurk around in the shadows to see if Bo and Delila would get together? He actually ended up revealing himself to be alive at the funeral! LOL!

Five years ago, he he faked another death and all of his wives (the ones who were alive, anyway!) showed up for his funeral. IMO, that was the best soap funeral ever!

Both "deaths" and funerals played out for days, with the citizens of Llanview steppping up to the church podium and remembering Asa. So, I get why the show chose to play this death out the way they did. Playing out Asa's third and final funeral over a number of days would be rehashing what we have already seen. I thought Thursday's eppy was to the point. I also think they did a masterful job of subtly letting us know just how everybody was feeling without actually showing us. The Buchanans are devastated. We (or at least I ) don't need to see the hysterics and crying.

I hope more people enjoy today's show!

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I think today's episode will be better, I agree yesterday was way too rushed and I didn't have time to feel for anyone's grief. It just didn't touch me deeply enough. but it was a great stunt and a great stand alone episode. Terrific to be able to use again if they need to ever do a repeat for any reason. It didn't really affect any current storylines and it didn't matter who was on the show at this time and who came back,. It was just a nice send off for Asa.

The flash backs are always a nice touch especialy when they are old ones. I can't believe how young Nigel and Renee looked in that clip that they showed when Nigel was remembering Asa. nice nods to history

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