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There is an article about the writer changes at OLTL

in SOD

SOD interviewed Frank Valentini and here are some tidbits on what Frank said in SOD.

Frank tells SOD thar Ron is a really great fit and that Carlivati strongly believes in the value of the show's vets.

Frank says that the core characters and core families

are very important to him and he says the Lords, the Cramers, the Buchanans, Viki, Dorian, Bo will have story. Frank also tells SOD that there will be balance with the younger generation of those families and they want to continue with the legacy of those families, he names Jessica, Natalie, Todd as the next generation of everyone. This is a really great article in SOD.

SOD's VCR Alert

On Monday June 25, Blair and Cristian head to Chicago to track down Todd.

Nathan Fillion has been added to the name of those returning to OLTL, for the special event. His show was cancelled on FOX a few months ago. This is being reported in the latest SOW.

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Frank said the same thing when Dena was hired. Here's hoping this time he both means it and is able to accomplish that goal. If RC's goals are to have generational stories and to focus on the core families, I think he will be a success.

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Yes we do...

On their way...

Dan Gauthier

John Loprieno

James DePaiva

Tonja Walker

Most likely on their way...

Nathan Fillion (he and OLTL are close to sealing the deal)

They will all return for three episodes for Asa's funeral in the 10,000th episode, which should air on August 20th.

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