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ATWT: Branson Spoiler

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So I just got back from a weekend at Branson where I met the ATWT teen scene...anyway I wanted to pass along what I knew so from the event. There was an opening taping, which I wasn't able to go to because we didn't find out until after the fact but at the meet and greet there was some older women who talked about it:

- Andy Williams does play a role in the location shooting.

- I think they taped at the Table Rock Lake!

- Will, Gwen, Maddie, Noah, Luke, Jade and Cleo are all there.

- Jade is up to no good it seems like.

- Gwen is there to sing.

- It all ties into something with Hal and deceased police offers!

Since I wasn't there first hand I will say this is all speculation that I am pretty sure will come to pass.

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