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Thanks to Bee at the Z/K board:

SID stuff - June 19 edition

Greenlee Wants Kendall’s_Son!

This week on ALL MY CHILDREN, Greenlee decides to put the world back the way it should be — at least in her eyes! Will her scheming mean the end of Spike’s happy family?

Greenlee Gets Angry

Always one with a flair for the dramatic, Greenlee announces that she’ll sue Zach for killing her unborn children when he caused the blackout that destroyed her eggs and Ryan’s sperm! Although Zach’s wife scoffs at the idea, Greenlee points out that all of their lives were changed that fateful night. Despite being upset (and recognizing the truth in her former pal’s words), Kendall remains loyal to Zach. Meanwhile, Annie is disgusted upon learning of Zach’s role in Spike’s conception, while Ryan can’t believe that Slater confessed everything to Greenlee!

Ryan Protects Zach!

Greens turns to her step- mother to expose Zach on NEW BEGINNINGS, but Erica sticks by her son-in- law and refuses the request. Undaunted, Greenlee meets with Derek and Livia about pressing charges, only to be told that she lacks evidence linking Zach to the power outage. Zach approaches Ryan’s ex once more and admits that he owes her for messing with her life, then asks Greenlee point- blank what she wants. She soon learns that both Ryan and Di have proof of Zach’s involvement in the power failure. Ryan, however, vows to lie if called to give testimony rather than do something which could turn Spike’s family upside down.

Greenlee Goes For It!

Annie, meanwhile, isn’t sure which is worse: the fact that Greenlee is such a presence in her life, or the realization that she actually feels sorry for her husband’s former spouse!

Even as Annie vents about the situation to Ryan, Greenlee finds comfort in Josh. Being that emotionally close to a Kane stirs up Greens’ memories of bonding with Kendall, and the reminiscing mingles with her strong desire to have a baby of her own. Kendall, in contrast, freaks out so much over Green- lee’s reappearance in her life that she begins to have abdominal pain. Though the twinges turn out to be nothing, Mrs. Slater has a whole lot more discomfort ahead when Greenlee serves her and Ryan with some shocking legal papers: She’s suing for custody of Spike!

SID Summer Preview


“It’s a summer of emotional twists and also some physical danger,” previews AMC executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers before sharing details sure to leave viewers wanting more!

Greenlee’s Next Move!

Just how far is Greenlee willing to go to get what she wants? ‘Well, it’s Greenlee,” says Carruthers. But a more important question might be what her true motivations are in seeking custody of Ryan’s son. “Is Spike really Green- lee’s focus? Is it really Spike that she wants... or Ryan?” Meanwhile, Kendall might just have an idea that could save Ryan and Annie’s marriage and give her brother someone to focus on other than Babe.

“Kendall sees Josh as an opportunity for Greenlee to get her mind off of everyone else!” Can he help her forget Ryan?

Luv-Vorce, Pine Valley Style

Borrowing a page from one of ABC’s popular reality shows, Erica uses NEW BEGINNINGS to pimp Jack out as a soon-to- be-BACHELOR! “Erica decides that Jack might need a new mate,” previews the exec. “So we go through all the bachelorettes who are being interviewed for the job of becoming the next Mrs. Montgomery

Adam & Krystal, Part II

“My belief is — and I think you see it as well with Krystal and Adam — there is a love there that is not lost,” says Carruthers of the estranged pair. “They’ve both been through hell and done some horrible things to each other, but there is still a love connection between the two of them.” But is either willing to risk putting their heart on the line yet again? Tad, meanwhile, has I only one goal: To keep Jenny away from Adam at any cost! “The last thing Tad wants is Krystal getting back together with Adam, because he doesn’t want his daughter near him.”

Can JR Destroy His Dad?

When JR and Amanda put their nasty little minds together, what do they come up I with? “Really evil things,” says Carruthers with a laugh, detailing a scheme Adam’s son ropes Janet’s daughter into. “It kind of gets a little underhanded, a little dirty, very sexy... and ultimately blows up in their faces.” Despite JRs attempt to take everything from the father who has disowned I him, “When you get to a life-or-death situation, Adam can’t deal with the fact that he could lose his son. So he steps up in a big, grand, Adam Chandler way.”

Set Your VCR’s

AM Greenlee Is Exposed!

Greenlee’s return continues to bring nothing but heartbreak this week when the petite troublemaker decides on Tuesday, June 5, that she won’t stop until Zach has paid for what he did to her. An unsettled Annie finds out something not- so-great about her new husband on Wednesday, June 6, and on Thursday June 7, the revelation makes her wonder whether she and Ryan will ever find happiness. Greenlee can’t be stopped when she tries to rewrite history on Friday, June 8— can Jack and Erica come up with a way to calm! her down on Monday, June 11? When Fusion’s mounting financial woes threaten the company’s existence, Kendall and Greenlee put hurt feelings aside to save their cosmetics empire on Wednesday, June 13 Don’t hold your breath for the cease-fire to last, though: On Friday, June 15, Ryan and Kendall figure out what Greenlee is really after. But can they stop her from getting it? .Two sublime events round out the week:Jack and Erica kiss on Tuesday, June 12 and viewers glimpse at the dreams of their’ faves on Thursday, June 14!

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The writers really must want us to not like Greenlee. I expected that she would eventually sue for custody but damn.

Never the less it all sounds exciting and its Greenlee at her best or worst I guess depending on how you look at it.

I still can't help but wonder how things would be if it were Rebecca. Sabine is ok and suitable but I still yearn for Budig and that will never change.

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She better not fake DNA results, but I do know that a lot of people routinely interfere with custodial guardianship. Just look at the Danielynne/Larry Birkhead saga.

She'd have to prove either Kendall or Ryan unfit. Unless she is suing on grounds that she's the rightful mother because Kendall agreed to carry the child for her and then reneged on surrogacy. Either way, Greens is a nutjob.

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Here's more spoilers regarding this from GotInfo:

Annie is hurt when Ryan bluntly points out that he knows how

Greenlee thinks.

Kendall's blood boils when Ryan suggests that they accept Greenlee

as part of Spike's family.

The old magic between Kendall and Greenlee returns and they

successfully save their company from ruin.

Erica is livid that Jack kept the news of Greenlee's lawsuit from

her and plans on paying him back.

In front of Ryan, Kendall, Zach and Annie, Greenlee announces she's

dropping the lawsuit and doesn't want to cause anyone anymore trouble.

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Erica is livid that Jack kept the news of Greenlee's lawsuit from

her and plans on paying him back.

If greens manages to be the reason j/e go through with the divorce, she has my total support. :lol: An I had a feeling greens would drop the case against kendall, she had no leg to stand on.

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