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Neverending Questions


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    • I’m about a week behind and these multiple paternity stories coming to a head this close together is very poor planning.  I know we had Nikolas and Carly’s arrivals on top of each other in the 90’s.  But the reveals were years apart, not months like Willow and Cody. Plus we cared about those stories.  Does anyone care about these two? This was the worst shootout Sonny has ever been in.  And that’s saying a lot.  Dex being shot again is also ridiculous.  Who would want him as a bodyguard.  His scenes with Sonny are painful.  Painful!
    • 3-15   Not as good as the cliffhanger for B&B, but wow to seeing a scene between Victor and Devon that had some substance to them. I mean how often to they have scenes together...especially given their history when Devon was young.  And H#LL YES TO Victor/Devon vs Jill/Lily!!! If I thought they would give it time...and we would get more Jill, I would totally be down for that. And I hollered at Abby having such an Naked Heiress moment by her coming down those stairs while Victor was there.   Well, Adam shot himself in the foot with his gloating to Tucker. SMH.   See? I don't mind THIS Phyllis. The schemer. She's playing everyone like a fiddle and it's giving tension that was needed. The fact she did most of it without MS's normal tics is a bonus. And happy to see Lauren somewhat involved.    I'm hoping this is leading to the anniversary because it felt like there was finally some movement again. 
    • Are Fen and his boyfriend returning? Where did they go? I thought the boyfriend was working for Lauren?
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