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DAYS: Thursday, May 17th!

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JKJ almost rocked that boat he was standing on..OVER..with those bone-chilling scenes.

And [email protected]$$ Belle's gonna phone for help as soon as she seems to be getting through to Phillip! <<DUH!! If he catches you on the phone, all hope you had of a reconcililation between you three is OUT THE DOOR! But then again, when HAVE you thought clearly as of recently?! :lol: I did, however, like Belle's plea to Phillip and her mentioning the miscarriage and how close they all used to be. *tear in the eye*

I. Hate. Steve. I am sooo ready for him to quit screaming and/or angrily sighing every 4.6 seconds!! Ugh.. <_<

Billie/Hope=retarded. Could NOT give a flip about Billie's lust towards Steve or her Tinda Lau vacation plans. K.A. looks good, but she's still a waynch in person!

Joy Bisco SUCKS!!

Lumi. God, I lov e'em. But man! Sometimes, they seem WAY too forced/rehearsed. I also agree with whoever said they should have hundreds of other workers helping them. And I was SERIOUSLY getting the creep factor from that other guy they were with!!! He kept saying that Lumi could work, then play. I'm like "Dude, you are WAY too worried about their sex life!" Ew..


Celeste: :wub:

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DAYS is starting to feel like it did last November/December. I am enjoying every show and the writing has just been so much better as of late.

The only negative thing I will say about this eppy is something I just can't get behind and that my friends is Lumi being all lovey dovey. With Ali's annoying fake laugh, which makes me want to pull my hair out everytime I hear it, and their scenes just being so sugary sweet I just can't stand them as a couple. I don't mind sugary sweet scenes for the most part, but to me it seems forced. I just see them as siblings so its hard for me to root for Lumi. I adore Ali and Bryan, btu together as a super nice couple, hell no.

The island scenes would have been lame with poor actors, but Nichols, Reckell, and Beemer had so much chemistry together. I think Reckell is way underrated, but he is on DAYS so I will just have to get used to it. When Bo was younger he would have done the exact same thing Shawn is doing and thats not worrying about the consequences but doing everything possible to get to his daughter and woman. One more day of Gabby and Duck and its OV!

JKJ rarely impresses me, but I must admit he shined in today's episode. I actually felt for Phillip and thought Belle was written as a brat. I wish she would have brought up that she wouldn't have done any of this with Claire if he didn't go behind her back and try to make her look like an unfit mother and run off with her in the first place.

I liked the Hope and Billie scenes, people can forgive and forget although in this situation I thought it was dumb for Hope to call Billie over to babysit. How about Caroline, Maggie, Julie, and even Adrienne instead of Billie. I did like seeing them plan to take down EJ though.

Tomorrow's previews look good yet again, DAYS is finally on an upward trend I just wonder how long this will last this time around.

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Forgot to mention that guy who watched over Lumi has been on DAYS before, but I can't think around what time period or who he was working for at the time. As soon as I saw him I yelled hey he has been on DAYS before, I just can't picture when!

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