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DAYS: Jensen Ackles as we've never seen him before!

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Here's some clips of him singing (it's the same song on both). Well you can't hear that much of him since he's sort of the backing vocal, but anyway. Still hot. I would have fainted if he sang at my wedding like in the 1st clip. lol

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tregJ67iKUo&NR=1 - I've hered this version from a different source and it sounds way better. Guessing this is from a cellphone or something. Still nice though.


Btw. Here's some great memories from Dark Angel. This video is just on the spot... so sad!


And these with some emotional Supernatural/Dean moments. I miss Daddy Winchester so much, and I can't even watch the 3rd one ithout tearing up. :(




And last but not least some bloopers. Too funny!


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WHAT!! Link please!!! I've been working so many hours I havn't even given it a thought today. Although, I'm not gonna scream until i see something official or from Kristen on E!Online. Thanks for getting me all exited again, keeping my fingers crossed. The CW is presenting their schedule on Thursday (17th).
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