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Y&R: May Teasers

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Teasing May...

Victor and Michael make the next move in their chess game against Jack by moving Ji Min into the middle of their high stakes power struggle.

Victoria is devastated when tragedy strikes and places the life of her unborn baby in jeopardy.

Amber tries to convince Cane to take advantage of being a Chancellor. Will all of her scheming pay off?

Shocked to discover her husband is still watching Internet porn, Lily becomes a detective to find out how deeply he is involved.

As the campaign race between Jack and Nikki heats up, the candidates start fighting down and dirty.

Can Brad turn the tables on Phyllis and use her own extortion against her?

When Colleen reveals she is leaving Genoa City with Adrian, Brad decides to intervene.

New evidence discovered by William in the the Jabot Case compels Gloria to take drastic action.

credit: http://www.theyoungandtherestless.com

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Here are more May Teasers:

Katherine is on to Amber but does she really know her grandson? Katherine gives Cane the opportunity to run the construction company of Chancellor Enterprises.

Jack's ego reaches new heights in his senatorial race which could be his down fall especially since he under estimates Nikki and his behavior could transform some of his allies into enemies. Victor and Michael try to turn Ji Min into a double agent.

A tragedy could tear Victoria and Brad's marriage apart. When Colleen decides to leave town with Adrian Brad takes action. But then Adrian makes Brad an offer he can't refuse!

Phyllis discovers she can't escape from her blackmailing extortion unscathed.

Daniel continues for his predilection for Internet porn which causes serious problems with Lily.

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