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Y&R: Jack/Phyllis and Other Spoilers

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Someone Dru least expects shows up at her competence hearing

Jack's has much more than politics in mind...he's got a certain red-head in mind...and he wants her back

Colleen's lie to the dean will cause someone to step up to make sure Adrian is HISTORY

Traci has a heart-to-heart with Colleen about her college days

Brad's ultimatum pushes Colleen to move out for good

Dru gets to leave the hospital but must continue therapy

J.T.s attempts at an apology falls on deaf ears

Jack's announcement to run for the senate seat comes with a surprising twist...and the Newman's aren't pleased

Phyllis' ear hustling pays off as she drops the bomb on Brad about knowing about he and Sharon

Daniel's interest in Amber's website will cause problems

Victoria and Brad try to block Jack's latest proposal

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I find Traci talking to Colleen about her past interesting, considering that I heard it was an actual storyline when Beth was on back in the day.

Also, interested in ANYTHING where Phyllis is breaking out of her Stepford Wives bit...so seeing her blackmailing Brad and Sharon will keep my attention.

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I'm guessing the unexpected guest is Carmen's look-a-like, maybe even Olivia.

I hate Jack and Phyllis so I'm not excited about this.

I wonder how long Traci is staying in GC. The way Jack talked, he wants her to take up permanent stay in at the Abbott house.

Thank God no one accepts JT's apology. I want him to finally know what it feels like to be the town's outcast. Bastard!

Not interested in Jack's politic storyline.

Love blackmailing Phyllis. Hopefully, this gives her edge back.

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Any ideas how long Beth and Traci are staying? I hope she sticks around! We need another Abbott! I love that she uses her own real history to deal with Colleen's current love life.

Love that pod Phyllis is taking a backseat to the REAL Phyllis, although I'm sure they'll paint Sharon as the innocent victim and have her harp on Phyllis and make her feel like utter crap.

And ooo ... Amber the porn star. Now THAT's must see TV. I'll just run home and make sure to watch her stupid story (and yes I'm being sarcastic). I can't believe I'm saying this but she's better off on B&B, at least Brad Bell knew how to write her.

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