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America's Next Top Model - Cycle 8


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I disagree. Nicole was beautiful and fantastic. They were both amazing. I was rooting for Nik (loved her in the final fashion show), but Nicole was not undeserving. That season finale was very 50/50 for me. ANTM needs to be a role model as well as Tyra has said. Nicole was a great winner, IMO.

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Nicole wasn't bad but when you look over the photos Nik owned her. But Nicole was pimped by the judges esp Twiggy. I mean from the very first episode you could tell Nicole would win. I don't think Nik had a shot in hell in beating Nicole.

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Nik did take fantastic pics. But I always felt like her personality lacked a spark that always left a relatability factor out.

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But Nicole was pimped by the judges esp Twiggy.

I've noticed that Twiggy only roots for white girls: Nicole, Joannie, Melrose and now Renee.

And the personality thing is crap: NAIMA won FCOL! :angry::rolleyes:

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Felicia leaving makes me mad! She was so pretty and she was fun to watch. Loved the last comment she made... "the [[email protected]#$%^&*]es better cry". :D Anyway, screw Tyra & Co for voting her off.

Renee and Diana. Hate them!!! I hate peopel who talk behind other peoples backs. No Renee gets a taste of her own medicine which she deserves. I dont buy the "new" Renee btw.

Diana is just blah!

Sarah is such a grey person. Hope she'll go home next week. Or no, I hope renee will go home, then Sarah or Diana.

Jaslene. She takes great pics.

Jael. It's terrible what happend to her friend. But I can hardly hear a thing she's saying. Very frustrating.

Brittany. Don't think she's pretty at all.

Whitney. I like her.

Dione. Who is she again? She should have been the one who left. Can't remmeber a thing about her.

Natasha. She's pretty but she has a hard time understaning how to do things. Hope she'll learn, kind of feel bad for her.

I think it was a dumb move of Mr Jay to not explain the whole thing with the "Teacher's pet" last week (I think it was last week). She clearly didn't understand it, and she asked what it meant. Annoying.

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I forgot to comment but the shoot from the last episode was absolutely gruesome. Who's idea was it to do that? I hated it.

Sad to see Felicia go bc she was one of my faves

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I love Natasha!!!!! :wub:

Jaslene: <3

I want Sarah to leave. Her perkiness bugs.

Poor Dionne, she pulled together Sarah's outfit and she took all the credit. :(

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Natasha was fun. Dionne is still my favorite though. I was hoping Dionne would rip Sarah to shreds.

SO GLAD Diana is gone.

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I love Natasha too! I love how she wont let anyone bash her. She just spins it into a positive. She had a great upbeat attitude and I thought her pic was the bet. She really did look like a dude.

I didnt agree with teh judges bc I loved Jael's pic.

Rebecca is still a major b-tch. I love that Jael tells her off next week

It was time for Diana to go. All she had going for her was that she was a plus size model and that was her claim to fame this season but there was nothing special or impressive about her at all

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LOVE: Brittany, Renee, Natasha

Whitney has had the worst pictures every week for three weeks now! SEND HER HOME!!

Jaslene is still driving me up the wall!

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Natasha. Love her now! She's seriously too funny. :lol: Her shoot was cracking me up!

Renee. B!tch. She's just the most annoying person!! Hope Jael give it to her good next week!!

Jael is quite annoying with her mumbling. But other then that, she's ok.

Diana. SOOOOO glad she's gone!

Whitney. Starting to dislike her!

Brittany. Seriously the worst make over. Her hair looks like a birds nest.

Jaslene. She takes awesome pics. But she's annoying when she's talking.

Dione. I barely remember her. She leaves me with no impression at all.

Still bumbed over Felicia's departure last week. <_<

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Goodbye, Sarah! Your weird movements and tics bugged.

I'm scared Jaslene may get whacked next. I <3 her.

OMFG! When did Wholahay become such a threat?!?! :o

Still hatin' on Renee. She looks rough and way too old to barely be 20!

I miss the mini-tests they did at panel, and I hate how the challenges aren't brought up. You'd think Medina guy would bring up Jael and Natasha embarrassing themselves at the party.

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I freaking flove Dionne. She's amazing. I also really like Jael.

I don't think Whitney will win now. It's between Dionne & Jaslene/Brittany imo.

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Jaslene really does look like Janice. It's so weird.


I liek Renee.

Whitney has GOT to go home!

Dionne's hilarious!

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I loved Hoolahay (aka Dionne)! She was so funny. I loevd her pictures, Natasha's and Jael's the best

I cant beleived it took sitting down and talking to the girl for Tyra to realize how f-ed up Britney's hair is. Her weave was easily the worst of the makeovers down and she's looked a hot mess since then. Im glad she's gonna get tht fixxed

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