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America's Next Top Model - Cycle 8


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Oh and WTF is Nigel's problem? The REAL reason he didnt like Renee's photo's is because she's blonde! He said he see's this type of girl all the time, he means blonde hair, blue eyes! Nigel is an azz! He dont like blonde chicks im telling you! <_<:lol: He is such a hater! Renee was doing her thing too! :angry:

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Nata. :(

I wanted her to win but I'm not upset Jaslene won. She was deserving. I didn't have extreme hate for any of them like I did for Melweed last season.

Renee DOES look old. Mainly around the eyes and the sides of her mouth. It's the smoking, I tell ya. Loved her snark and WTFEVER! attitude when she got whacked.

And you know what I noticed!? NIGEL. HES THE ONE WHO PICKS THE WINNER. He HATED Melrose last year. And this year he clearly favored Jaslene over Natasha. He even said Jaslene's photos were better and that she walked the runway better. Hes the deciding factor IMO and that sucks. I hate Nigel now. Perhaps its not all Tyra's fault.

In C5 he was rooting for Nik. But that elongated marshmallow known as Nicole won.

I dont like this runway. WTH?

Nothing can top the greatness that was C4's runway. Let us reminisce....

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The water runway was great. It really was. I also liked Dani's runway tho. And Nicole/Nik's was also great.

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