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  1. I think Erika feels she can coast on glam and ‘tude, with a glimpse of vulnerability, and for her vocal stans, that’s enough. Some people think she’s some tough, witty, deadpan truth teller, which she can be from time to time, but the act is stale. (Initially it appeared she’d hitch her wagon to Garcelle, but that seems to have faded.) Maybe if she decides to finally go fully in on Kyle, she might be more interesting. I just think as long as BH does well in the ratings relative to their other series, they don’t have much incentive to shake things up.
  2. Jennifer Finnigan was definitely talented, but something’s off-putting about her rewatching these confrontation scenes between Bridget and Brooke.
  3. These weren’t intended to big gripping love stories or even surprising love affairs with characters played by actors with unexpected chemistry. These are more, “yeah, we’ll just stick those two together while we figure things out.” For me, Neil/Ashley’s dalliances on Y&R exemplified that to me. Totally placeholder flings between characters Y&R often struggled to write for.
  4. Someone described it as the “Imagine” video for media intellectuals. Lord knows I have my issues with the discourse in this country, but the conversation around it has all been a bit silly. Lots of people are talking in circles. This has all just made the media look more insular than before.
  5. This has made the rounds today among the chattering classes: Which prompted this response from Emily VanDerWerff about her colleague, Matthew Yglesias, having signed it:
  6. Their son is the frontman of a popular emo band that’s been around forever.
  7. Agreed. Now if they can just ease out her sister-friend Missy Reeves.
  8. I’ve always enjoyed the competitive relationships between a brother and a sister, so Alan/Tracy on GH, Jack/Ashley on Y&R, and Alan/Alexandra on GL. I also loved Olivia/Dru on Y&R and in spite of their scenery-devouring tendencies, can’t deny that Kim Zimmer and Laura Wright had a rare and believable sister connection as Reva and Cassie on GL. I forgot Josh and Billy on GL and Clint and Bo on OLTL. The ‘80s cowboys.
  9. I just started watching expecting the confessionals to be bad, and while they aren’t up to the usual standard, they don’t bother me. Leah’s sound is actually great. Dorinda’s daughter Hannah reminds me of sooo many of my friends in NYC. In the past, I always felt like she had more moments of humor and kindness. And I didn’t mind Sonja and Luann getting taken down a peg with their delusions of grandeur. But her bullying of Tinsley felt particularly egregious because it was so over-the-top and stupid. Tinsley didn’t kill her unborn child or something. The level of RAGE and degradation focused at Tinsley, someone who typically doesn’t start sh!t, was SO disproportionate. I’m in a minority, but Dorinda this season is the only place where Bethenny’s absence is felt. Bethenny really knew how to deal with her. Or at least she provided a check to her and wasn’t intimidated by her. (The only person who’ll stand up to Dorinda is Ramona, and that’s not a great situation for obvious reasons.) Avery walking in is HYSTERICAL! ”Don’t fück with my seafood tower!” I missed these ladies.
  10. Such a good point about the changes from Ellen to Mari Morrow to Sandra P. Grant. Each actress got darker in skin tone as she fell deeper into drugs. And lo and behold, when she was rehabilitated, they hired another light-skinned actress. This happened over the course of 10-20 years and several writing/producing regimes, but this trajectory was not lost on perceptive viewers. And to speak further on the loss of specificity, Rachel lost all her political convictions after Bethea departed. A lot of that was due to Linda Gottlieb’s departure and OLTL’s shift away from social issues. Rachel seemed created very much out of that early ‘90s-era black and feminist consciousness.
  11. Oh and since I was talking about OLTL in another thread: when I was young, I would be watching a Nora/HBS scene on TV in the kitchen, and my mom, who was a longtime ATWT viewer, would stop in and say, “Oh! That’s Margo!” And I would argue her down that she was confusing her with another actress. Turns out, I was very, very wrong.
  12. I used to think it had something to do with diabetes! (My sister was a diabetic, and it reminded me of the snake coiling around the branch on the charm of her medical alert bracelet.)
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