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  1. Whenever Asian/black guys complain about white guys rejecting them, the first question that comes to mind is, “Would you yourself date another Asian/black guy? If not, how can you complain about white guys not finding you or others like you attractive?” That said, I know it’s difficult to be rejected for something you can’t change, especially when you don’t live in a diverse place. And straight Asian men can often have it particularly hard. This model Kevin Kreider talks about his struggles in the video below and in a longer HuffPost article.
  2. Oy. Stick the proverbial fork into Mexico. Brazil and Neymar just too good today.
  3. Venus has found her game, thankfully, as she often does. But as always, you worry about her having to do this too many times before facing an inspired younger opponent like Muguruza. Mackenzie McDonald is cute. Looks like Borna is injured. And Grigor is beating the brakes off Stan.
  4. LOL it’s just started. I will say Coric has been disappointing in this Medvedev match, given what he just accomplished at Halle.
  5. Venus is really struggling. She’s taken a couple of nasty spills, and the serve is gone. She’s dropped the first set to Johanna Larsson, who has never won a match at Wimbledon. The hunky American qualifier Michael Mmoh has taken Gilles Muller to five sets.
  6. Maybe Dusan just isn’t great on grass, but Fed is looking in epic form right now. He’s dropped Nike (surrendering his RF logo, which they own) for Uniqlo in a reported 10-year, $300 million+ plus deal. I know athletes can still be valuable past their active years, but how many of those does he intend to play? I’m assuming at least through the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Ugh, Sloane is in a deep hole against Donna Vekic, and Venus is struggling in early games against Larsson. I have more faith in Venus to switch to another gear, but neither have played since the French, right?
  7. The Croatia/Denmark match was boring except for the first five minutes and maybe the last 15 (with the penalty kicks). Denmark could have won that, but I’m happy for Croatia.
  8. Croatia vs Denmark wasn’t five minutes in, and it was already 1-1. Wild scenes.
  9. Stunning ending with that kick save in penalties to hand Russia the upset. 😂
  10. Was somewhat expected. Lucky loser Jason Jung of Taiwan takes his place.
  11. A tribute to Senegal 🇸🇳
  12. Both Messi and Ronaldo out. Might have been their last World Cup chances.
  13. Haha. I didn’t even think of that. 😂😂 (Maybe because their black cast is so marginalized that they are easy to NOT think about.)
  14. Vive la France! 🇫🇷
  15. Oof. Where’s the Benny Hill music when you need it?
  16. Can’t make this stuff up. It’s... creative. We will see if it works as well as DAYS’ old-school product placement attempts from a few years ago.
  17. Yeah, I guess it was ahead of its time with some of darker comedies we’ve seen in recent years. Sometimes it’s tough to watch people die all of the time in a sitcom. But I suppose it’s an essential part of TV history.
  18. Oh wow. M*A*S*H was one of those shows that was always on when I was a kid, but I never really sat down to watch because it seemed so depressing and dreary-looking. (I saw Altman’s movie in college.) I know the sexual politics probably won’t hold up very well, but I wonder if I should try to watch a few episodes. I always found Mike Farrell oddly attractive, even when I was much younger.
  19. I still remember, “I now pronounce you SANDY... SWAN!” “NO!” Shane McDermott and SMG had a nice Valmont/Merteuil chemistry, sort of presaging SMG’s role opposite Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions.
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