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June 29, 2006



-John and Shane reach the island and meet up with Belle, Celeste, and a very drunk Bonnie. Bonnie comes on to Shane but John backs her off and accidentally knocks her over. Celeste warns that this is just the beginning of the danger they will face. John orders the ladies to get out of the view of the cameras and hide somewhere. Shane and him have to go look for the others. Belle worries about John. John calms her and tells her to go with Celeste and Bonnie. Belle and Celeste help Bonnie up and go off to find a safe place to hide out. John and Shane head back in the water.

-Eric, Nicole, and Greta make their way to shore after a struggle. Eric gets a headache and nearly passes out but calls it nothing. Greta and Nicole worry. Belle, Celeste, and Bonnie find them and give them the orders to come with them to hide. John wants them out of sight. Belle decides to go tell John they found Eric, Greta, and Nicole and tells the others to gto ahead. Eric doesn't think she should go off alone but Belle insists that Eric stay back and help the girls. He reluctantly agrees and Belle takes off to find her father.

-Victor continues to help Maggie while at sea. She is still bleeding. A shark heads for them after smelling the blood. Maggie panics but Victor promises they will be ok. He swims and drags Maggie with him as fast as he can.

-Sami and Lexie also try to lose the shark on their tail. Lexie finds a case full of flares and flare guns and has an idea. She fires the flair gun at the shakr right before it gets to Sami. Sami thanks Lexie as Lexie says Sami dying would be the easy way out in regards to her punishment. Sami deserves to suffer through life on earth. Sami is annoyed. The storm and waves continue to worsen and they both decide to head towards shore and they swim off.

-Hope and Chelsea also try to dodge the shark. Hope wonders if she still has her hidden gun attached to her leg. She learns she does and takes it out and fires at the shark several times. Hope and Chelsea get away and battle the storm and the waves. Hope struggles to keep Chelsea afloat with her. They finally make it to shore where Hope discovers Chelsea has lost consciousness and has no pulse. She tries to revive her.

-Sami and Lexie are nearly to shore when Lexie gets caught on something and goes underwater. Sami turns back and sees her foe drowning. She hesistates but decides to help her. She goes underwater to save her.

-Victor and Maggie can't get away from the shark. The shark then mysteriously turns away and leaves them. Victor learns that the shark discovered the pilot's dead body and has been appeased with that. Maggie is now unconscious and Victor realizes he needs to get her to shore and to some help fast. He quickly swims to shore.

-The storm worsens and John and Shane can no longer search. They return to shore and take cover and hope the others somehow make it to shore.

-Eric, Greta, Nicole, Bonnie, and Celeste find a cavern to hide in. Bonnie passes out while fighting with Nicole over her flask (she has more then 3 and hides them all over her body and Nicole wanted her to share) and Eric catches her and lays her down. Celeste feels evil around them and warns that danger, death, and destruction are imminent as well as shocking revelations. This worries them all.

-Belle searches for John and still can't find him. Lightning strikes a tree and a branch breaks off and falls right on top of Belle, knocking her unconcious and to the ground. The screen then fades to black.


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