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Crack Kills! (Aftermath!) #168



GC MemorialimagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Phillip suddenly sits up and hollers out Cane’s name.

Nina, Jill and Chance who were all sleeping wake up in disarray.

Chance: Dad what about Chance, did he do this to you?

Phillip looks around at his family feeling dazed and confused.

Phillip: What happened?

He feels pain in his hand and looks at it. He sees it is bandaged up. He remembers Cane shooting him.

imagesCA916D51_zpsff5ac913.jpgPhillip: It was Cane. It was CANE! Where is he,… we have to stop him!

Phillip says trying to get out of bed. Chance sits down on the bed with him and holds Phillip down.

Jill_zps2ba9c426.pngJill: Son calm down. Please! Just calm down and we can talk about this and figure it out.

imagesCAMZJC1S_zps9980e2c8.jpgNina: I’ll go get a doctor.

imagesCAOQR7ZL_zpsd2881e6d.jpgChance: Dad relax. Its ok, you are safe now. Cane is not going to hurt you.

Phillip begins to relax a bit feeling comfort seeing his family but still feels mentally unbalanced. He feels something is off.

Phillip: I feel funny.

Jill: Honey they found cocaine in your system. What happened? Why do you keep saying Cane’s name?

Phillip: Cane did this to me!

Chance stands up. He is very angry.

Chance: I told you grandma. I knew Cane did this. I am going to kill him!

Phillip: No son!.... Cane needs help. His twins are missing. Cane is in serious trouble.

Jill: Maddie and Charlie? Phillip what happened to those twins?

Phillip: We have to find Cane. He’s lost control!

Chance: I will find Cane.

Chance storms out the room. Jill calls after him.

Jill: Oh my God what is happening here?

Chance: Mom, I think Cane sold his twins for drugs.

Jill nearly faints at the news.

Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 168: Climax Aftermath! (Crack Kills) Pt.1

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington

Verdon Lou,wall4_zpskcwtjuav.jpg

Avery is lying on the ground as she slowly wakes up and feels incredible pain in her head. She moans out. She can hear the wood still crackling from the cabin fire and can also smell the smoke but she cannot see anything. She slowly sits up. She reaches out with her hands and puts them in front of her face. She blinks her eyes a few times but things are still dark for her. She sees nothing but darkness.

Avery: My hands, Oh my gosh, I can’t see! I CAN’T SEE!! Help Me!imagesCAXC1YDL_zpsbf6c3b56.jpg

Avery’s other four senses begin to kick into overdrive. The smell of the smoke again hits her nose which sends a signal to her brain that triggers a memory.

Avery: I remember,… the cabin blew up. And Malcolm. MALCOLM!

She hollers out and then pauses. She doesn’t hear anything. She then tries calling out for Moses. There is still no answer.

Avery: HELP!!

Avery can then hear sirens getting louder and closer in the distance.

Avery: Thank God finally some relief.

Avery then begins to feel dizzy and passes out on to the ground.

Inside the Cabin,

A woman coughs. The fire is burning out since the initial blaze wore off and all the wood has burned up, charred debris is what remains. A piece of it moves as a woman coughs again. The woman tries to move. She begins to moan out. She coughs again.

Who is it?

Back in GC, The Colonnade Room.4070584402_5a25d4e9be_z_zpsq0mc4712.jpg

imagesCAUNXA3A_zps52f3f6ae.jpgHillary is overwhelmed by all the sobbing over Neil as he just lays on the ground, blank stare on his face still gurgling. She realizes she has set all of this in motion by sending Malcolm the audio recording of Nate’s confession. She has a need to finally break down and rushes outside. She is only stopped when she see Nate’s jumbled body lying on the ground. Hillary screams out in horror and then runs over to him kneeling down next to him. She doesn’t know whether to touch him or not as he is so distorted. Nate has his eyes closed. Hillary reaches down and checks for a pulse.

Paramedics arrive on the scene along with Chief of Police Paul Williams.

Hillary hollers out for a paramedic to check on Nate. The paramedic asks Hillary to step aside as they look at the severity of Nate’s condition. Hillary just looks on with tears in her eyes. They increase in intensity.

Hillary: What have I done?

Back inside Devon is standing watching Lily, Leslie and Olivia cry over Neil. He stares at Neil, noticing the blank stare in his eyes and the gurgling noises Neil is making. He feels a touch from behind. He turns around and sees its Abby. He hugs her.

thCAVF6RVJ.jpgAbby: I am so sorry Devon.

imagesCADG303N_zpsb12cae10.jpgDevon: Me too.

He says voice crackling as he tries to hold everything in.

Devon: I don’t see Moses.

Devon walks outside and Abby follows. They are stunned to see Nate on the ground with paramedics surrounding him. Abby screams out.

Devon: Oh my God.

Devon walks back inside and over to Olivia.

Devon: Aunt Olivia there is something I need to tell you.

th%201_zpsj6pklgh9.jpegOlivia looks up at Devon, makeup running down her face from her crying and even her nose is running a bit. Devon looks at Olivia’s face of despair and almost loses it.

Devon: It’s,… Nathan.

th%209_zpsxhbohkij.jpgLily too looks up at Devon.

Olivia: Nate. What about my son!

Devon: Something happened to him. He’s outside.

He says but finally cracking and bursting into tears.

Olivia stands up as paramedics now rush over to Neil and ask Lily and Leslie to step aside.

Olivia: Devon tell me what happened to Nate? Is my son ok?

Devon: He’s outside.

Olivia wipes her tears and runs outside. She is devastated to see Nate being lifted unto a stretcher. She falls to her knees and cries out.

Olivia: God NO! Not my son!!

images_zps1e4c0c9c.jpgPaul rushes over to Olivia and tries to comfort her.

Olivia: Paul, not my son. Please tell me,… not my son!

Paul: It’s ok Olivia.

He says putting his arm around her trying to console her.

Hillary looks on at the scene and decides she can’t take it anymore. She leaves feeling very uneasy.

Back inside Sister Patterson comes to and sees Lauren fanning her.

Lauren_zpsaa27b4cd.pngLauren: Sister Patterson, thank God you are ok. I don’t think we could have handled any more mayhem.

2115504553_be1d2f8beb.jpgSister Patterson: Sister Lauren, I have no faith in you. When it was time to act you failed. You are not a very good solider. When the battle call came from the Lord, you just stood there with your mouth open. I thought you were waiting for a bird to land in it. My mother always told me to close my mouth before a bird lands in there and takes a poo. Shame on you Lauren.

Sister Patterson sits up. She sees paramedics lift Neil’s body onto a stretcher as Lily and Leslie still are in tears. They carry Neil outside and put him into an ambulance.

Sister Patterson: My heavenly father, why did you let this happen?

Sister Patterson begins to stand up as Lauren tries to help her. Sister Patterson brushes Lauren’s hands away.

Sister Patterson: This is all so terrible. This is no work of the Lord.

Lauren: Yes I know, I can’t believe Malcolm shot his own brother. And point blank for that matter.

Sister Patterson: I’m not talking about that chile’. My third eye. My third eye saw none of this coming.

Lauren: There’s that third eye again. I sure would like to know where it is.

Sister Patterson looks at Lauren with piercing eyes.

Sister Patterson: I don’t want anything to do with you! You are no solider of the Lord. Now get out my way I got prayers to deliver. And where the hell is that black ass Malcolm?

Sister Patterson walks off and then Lauren does too.

Verdon Lou.

Screen5.jpgThe woman coughs again and begins to move around.

Suddenly she feels water being splashed on her. The woman immediately jumps into action and comes out her dazed state. She kicks the ruble off herself and stands up.

Woman: Yall better stop spraying all that damn water on me! It’s cold! A bitch will catch a cold! Firefighters: Woah. We got one! Turn off the hoses.

Paramedics rushes over to the woman who is none other than Drucilla.

Dru looks at the paramedics approaching. She realizes she is free. Sheila’s reign of terror is over and Dru is free.

Dru: Thank you Jesus! I beat you Crazy Carter! I whooped that ass bitch. You hear that! Drucilla won bitch! Dru vs Sheila crazy ass Carter and I won!

Dru smiles.thumbnailCAAYWB5R.jpg

She looks around and realizes how much of a disaster the cabin is.

Dru: Sharon… Sharon girl where are you?


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Where to beginnnn

I liked the feeling throughout the whole episode of what/who will we see next. Not knowing who is alive and who is dead.

Nice start with Phillip coming right up. Its hard to believe how many characters are in peril right now. Glad to see Phillip is okay, but now we are concerned about the twins.

Sister Patterson and her damn third eye rofl. I'm surprised Lauren didnt kick her in her third eye.

Avery coming out blind. Hmm.

Meanwhile, Neil still is lying in his death as the paramedics from JER's passions slowly get him to a hospital. At this rate I dont like the poor guys chances! Nice reactions to everyone who saw Nate in his condition. Hillary getting that guilt like she should. Olivia going through a lot of pain right now poor woman. I liked Paul in those scenes. He wasnt in them much but I could picture everything he did and said perfectly.

Dru lives! Glad that she won that battle with Sheila. But that ending looking for Sharon. Great way to end it.

Loved it as always! Always bringing the excitement. Must see soap.

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Another great episode!

You are really hitting it out of the park!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill/Phillip/Nina/Chance: Very well written opener. I could see that everyone wanted something, but basically the same goal. They all want to know what the hell Cane was thinking. Good job!

Abby/Hillary/Devon/Olivia/Lily/Paul: I enjoy that you are letting us live the drama. I feel bad for everyone involved with Moses and Malcolm. I just don't know if everything is going to end up good. I can't wait to see what Devon does to Nate. This is gonna be good! Keep with this dramatic stuff ML. This is your writing at its best. Hats off to you!

Lauren/Sister P: Even in the high drama you still manage to get some comedy with Sister P! The whole third eye thing was just LOL comedy. I hope Lauren can find something new after the flames kind of die down. Good work!

Verdon Lou: Avery blind is going to be good. I can't wait to see that unfold. I am soooo happy that Dru survived. But, where is everyone else? I am worried about them. Where is Sharon? I know Dru said she won the battle. BUT..., is Sheila Carter actually dead for the 100th time LOL. Can't wait to see what happens next in this story!

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great aftermath!

I love all the twists and turns of this episode. Philip coming to, and Chance going to find Cane is great stuff. He'll be out in Verdon Lou in time, surely.

Speaking of Verdon Lou, Avery going blind is a great move, I can see all sorts of possibilities there, a very dramatic scene as well as very well described. I definitely could see this playing out on TV. Loved seeing the slow reveal of Dru coming to after the blast. Classic Dru.

Oh Sister Patterson. So dramatic! Haha. Sad to see Neil and Nate being carted off, but it's good that all the family came together in those scenes. Very emotional and well-written.

You killed this episode yet again. VERY VERY pleased by how this has all been done. GREAT work, ML!

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Lots of action in this episode...twists and turns as well....Avery is blind, Neil being shot, everyone finding out.

Nate being punched out and carted off on a stretcher.

Sister Patterson's hilarious third eye.

And where are the others that were in that cabin?  Who lives?  Who dies?

The sequence of events are playing in order...great aftermath episode.


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