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VERDON LOU/Malcolm : It's OVER!! Climax! #167



thCAY2UA79.jpgMalcolm shoots his own brother point blank in the chest! Everyone is horrified as Lily, Leslie, Lauren, and Olivia all cry out in agony. Hillary is also crying but it’s more like tears of silence trying not to draw attention to herself, keeping her head on the ground.

imagesCAHTD0UC_zpsa39fd494.jpgAs Neil stumbles, he continues to keep his gaze right into Malcolm’s eyes. Malcolm grabs Moses and runs out the ball room with him. Neil feels an incredible impact has been bestowed upon him. He is reeling as his legs begins to give out from beneath him and everything seems to move in slow motion.

No one seems to realize that Malcolm has taken Moses.

Neil grabs his chest and then collapses onto the ground. Lily, and Olivia run over to him. Olivia tears a piece of her sleeve off from her dress to apply pressure to bullet the wound and stop the bleeding.

Lily: Dad. Please dad!

Neil’s eyes are open but with a blank stare on his face. Neil begins to make a gurgling sound.

Lily grabs Neil’s hand as Olivia pulls out her phone and calls for an ambulance.

th%2010_zpsmjsnzkc5.jpgLily: Stay with us DAD PLEASE!

Devon looks at Nate.

imagesCADG303N_zpsb12cae10.jpgDevon: You set all this in motion.

Meanwhile Malcolm puts Moses’ seatbelt on and then gets in on the driver side. He tries to start the car up but it won’t turn over. Moses is still crying. It adds to Malcolm’s frustration and he hollers at his son.

“Shut it up boy! It’s time for you to be a man! Neil got you acting like a punk! We have to man up.”

moses_zpsfbevrlko.jpgMoses: You shot my dad.

Malcolm: Naw young one. Neil the bad man. I’m yo dad.

Moses: You’re a bad man too.

Malcolm is caught off guard by the comment and becomes a bit defensive.

Malcolm: Watch yo mouth boy! I’ma have to teach you some manners. I’m yo dad now! Neil lied to you! He kept you from me and I’m going to make things right! We are a family! You’re all I got and I’m all you have. We gone change that whack ass name too. While I drive you think of something you want to be called.

Moses: I like my name.

Malcolm: Shut yo punk ass up and do what I tells’ you to do before I knock you out!

Moses: Yes sir.

Malcolm: Yea. Yes sir.

Malcolm tries to start his EL Camino but it still won’t turn over.33932434002_large_zpsqoakjnd9.jpg

Back inside.

nate_zps4f0ffd8c.pngNate: This is not a good time to rub it in my face Devon!

Devon: Look around you Nate! Malcolm just shot my dad. Why? Because you switched his son’s paternity test. He’s an angry man and I think I would be too. Do something about it Nate! Make this right!

Nate pushes Devon out of his way and looks around for Malcolm after not seeing Moses. Nate runs out side and sees Malcolm revving up his car, which is now started.

Nate: Malcolm! Let Moses go. You are in no condition to drive. You are putting his life in danger.

Nate says approaching the car but slowly since he is not sure of what Malcolm will do next.

Malcolm: Yea boy. It’s just me and you now. I told you your time would come.

Nate: Malcolm, your making this very hard on yourself. Things are bad for you bruh. Stop now while you are kinda ahead.

Malcolm: I told you to shut that sh!t up! You shouldn’t have kept my son from me! I helped raised you Nathan! I was a good man to your mother in her darkest hour.

Nate: I remember all of that and I am grateful but you have changed over the years.

Malcolm: Naw man! I aint changed! You all just did me dirty. Now Nate I will run yo punk ass over.

Nate puts his hands on the hood of the car to act as a deterrent from Malcolm speeding off with Moses.

Moses: Please don’t hurt him!

Malcolm: Lay yo head down son and take a nap. We’ll be on our way soon.

Nate: Malcolm you are not leaving with Moses. Just let him go!

Malcolm puts the pedal to the medal and runs over Nate. Moses screams out as the car thumps and bumps running over Nate’s body. As Malcolm speeds off Nate’s body rolls on the ground a few times from the intensity of Malcolm’s power stroke from Malcolm’s EL Camino.

imagesCA9UFMON_zps0838fb8b.jpgCreated by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 167: Verdon Lou and Malcolm’s Madness Climaxes!

Written by ML Cooks with Wade Meredith

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson with Alex Washington

Verdon Lou.hauntedpic1.jpg

Sheila is in the patient room with the mystery patient. She takes a blood pressure reading and the patient’s temperature.

sheila.jpgSheila: You are my insurance policy. In case anything goes bad I still have you. I nursed you back to health myself after your plane crash. You and your family will owe me. Once again I’m in control I have all the power.

Sheila stands back and smiles at her mystery patient.

Sheila: The Newman’s will be forever indebted to me, isn’t that right Mr. Adam Newman?

Sheila’s mystery patient is none other than Adam Newman who hasn’t been heard from since Sharon’s coming home from jail party. Adam lays in the bed in a coma.justin_hartley.jpg

In the front room, where the hostages are.

thCAE12Z40-1.jpgMary: How did you two end up being my mother’s hostages?

0soapoprahsharon.jpgSharon: Well I just know one night Dru showed up on my doorstep very distraught about Sophia’s death and-

thumbnailCAJVCBE3.jpgDru: Bitch shut up! This my story. I will tell it.

Sharon: Gosh I was only trying to help.

Dru: Help me whoop Sheila’s ass can you do that? If not then be quiet.

Dru has flashbacks of arriving in Genoa City wanting revenge on Phyllis who pushed her off the cliff at a photo shot. Dru became the mystery woman stalking Phyllis and black mailing the people of GC in order to carry out her revenge on Phyllis. The black mail lead to Sophia’s death caused by Dru pushing a crippled and blinded Phyllis, crippled via Dru, down a hill and Sophia swerved to avoid hitting Phyllis and hit a street pole instead and then killing her.

Dru: I came back to town to get revenge on Phyllis. So I was sneaking around town trying to hurt her. I bashed her knee caps, in then which she couldn’t walk. That was fun, then I tried kill her by setting her apartment on fire, that didn’t work but the bitch did become blinded. So I messed with her head and slapped her a few times and harassed her until I pushed that broad down that hill in her wheelchair. Poor Sophia may she rest in peace.

Mary: I’m still confused how did it involve my mother?

Sharon: Well at one point in time we all thought Sheila had Phyllis’ face. Well Sheila says it wasn’t her it was her sister.

Mary: My aunt Sarah.

Sharon: So after Sophia’s death Dru showed up and that’s when Sheila showed up right after.

Dru: I was stalking Phyllis but what I didn’t know was Sheila was stalking me at the same time. Crazy bitch was mad because she thinks I lead everyone to believe it was Sheila stalking Phyllis.

Sheila enters the room

Sheila: And it wasn’t! My plans are always full proof. You killed Sophia! You are responsible for that Dru. You have blood on your hands so you are no better than me at this point. You see Mary, Dru had to pay for allowing folks to think it was me who was stalking Phyllis. I can’t have that in my name.

Dru: So that’s how we ended up here Mary, Your mother had a hissy fit and took Sharon and I at gun point. Then she shot me in the back which paralyzed me. But I got my strength back because what Sheila doesn’t know is I been doing exercise at night with my legs. And I’m bout to whoop yo momma’s ass Mary. I’m so sorry you have to see this but it is what it is.

Mary: Wow.

Sheila: Ok Drucilla sour mouthed Winters. Are you ready for our battle?

Dru: More than you will ever know. Untie me Bitch so I can have my way with you!

Mary: Mom please don’t do this.

Sharon: Dru, oh Dru please be careful.

Dru: Shut up scary bitch.

Sheila: Don’t let Dru’s big mouth scare you. She’s nothing but mouth.

Sheila walks over to Dru and looks at her. She smiles.

Dru: I told you you was crazy.

Sheila begins to untie Dru’s hands!

Mary and Sharon both get nervous.

Mary: Mom wait, what about Cane… won’t he hear the wrestling match down stairs?

cane.jpgCane is sitting on the floor next to an unconscious James.

Cane: It really is boring around here mate.

Cane gives James a good look. He notices James’s bulky jacket. He reaches over and flips it open. Cane is shocked to see James’s bomb laced vest.james2_zpsff268914.png

Cane: Damn crack is better than cocaine. I must be high out my mind.

Cane looks over at the pipes he taped up with grey duct tape.

Cane: I think I hear something.

Cane is so high he sees this i87255259_86766.gif

Cane: I think the gas leak is back.That gas is getting me higher. I'm seeing sh!t I’ll go over and use more tape on it and then you are going to wake up, hit this rock with me and then we are going to talk about what you are doing down here mister.

Cane gets up, grabbing the grey duct tape and sits down next to the gas leak that is hissing once again.

Malcolm is speeding out of Genoa City heading north. Moses is still crying.

Shooting Neil and running over Nate continues to replay in Malcolm’s mind. He drives faster not realizing he is doing about 25 over the speed limit. He grabs his bottle of Hennessy and takes swig.

Moses: I’m scared. I wanna go home.

Malcolm: We are going home son. We are going to our new home.

Malcolm speeds up leaving GC city limits.imagesCA3NMUVT_zps4a86def3.jpg

avery_zps93f47c07.pngAvery finally pulls into the driveway of Sheila’s Cabin in Verdon Lou. She sees Cane’s car.

Avery: What in the hell is Cane doing in a place like this?

Avery gets out of her car and is alarmed by the condition of the cabin. It looks like it’s one termite bite away from caving in.

Avery: I bet Cane is in there getting high with some hillbillies. Well I drove all this way he could at least share with me. I need a hit again.

Avery is nervous to approach the door.

Avery: Hello!

Inside the cabin. Sheila unties Dru. Dru sit up and stretches her body.

Dru: Damn that feels good.

Dru slowly stands up as Sheila back up.

Dru: Yea bitch you better back the hell up!

Sheila: I’m just giving you room to catch your breath. You haven’t stood up in months and I want this to be a good fight.

Sharon: Oh Dru please be careful.

Dru continues to stretch and do a few exercises.

Dru then suddenly charges at Sheila grabbing her hair and then getting her in a head lock. Dru begins to pound on Sheila’s cranium with her fist.

Dru speaks to Sheila between each blow to the head.

“Now see bitch! (pound) I done told you! (pound, pound) I’m the hbic! (pound)

I told you! (pound) I (pound) would beat the hell outta you! (pound pound pound).

Sheila screams out and uses her body weight to slam Dru into a wall leaving a big hole after Dru crashes into it.

Avery hears this commotion from the inside on the outside.

Avery: What was that? It sounds like the house is about to collapse.

Avery pulls out her cell phone to try and dial Cane again verses going inside the creepy looking cabin.

Back inside.

Sharon: Come on Drucilla you can do it!

Mary: Go mom!

Dru has the wind knocked out of her and is panting as she climbs out the hole in the wall.

Sheila: That was fun.

Dru: Wait bitch! That was a lot for me.

Sheila punches Dru in the jaw. Dru nearly loses her balance. Sheila dives down like a football player ready to tackle another player on the field but she tackles Dru instead. They crash into a wooden beam this time.

Malcolm notices his car his riding funny. He slows down and comes to a stop, in front of a cabin that’s in Verdon Lou. He put his El Camino in park and gets out to see he has a flat tire.

Malcolm: DAMN!

“Malcolm is that you?”

He hears from behind. He is stunned to see Avery.

Avery sees Moses crying in the car.

Malcolm: Avery. What the hell are you doing out here?

Avery: I’m looking for Cane. And you? Why is Moses crying is he ok?

Malcolm: Yes he is just a lil fukked up by the flat tire and how the car was riding.

Avery: Malcolm have you been drinking? I can smell it on your breath... Something is not right here.

Then Moses gets out the car and screams out

“Malcolm shot my dad!”

Avery looks at Malcolm.

Malcolm pulls his gun out on Avery.

Avery: Malcolm what the hell are you doing?

Malcolm: My son and I will be needing your car.

Back inside Sheila and Dru are choking each other. Sheila’s face is turning red. Dru musters up enough spit in her mouth and then spits in Sheila’s face to interrupt her concentration. Sheila then kicks Dru in her legs and tries to push her back onto the ground. Dru gives it her all trying to stand up to Sheila’s incredible force.

Sharon: Come on Dru, you can take her out!

Mary: Mom please stop this, you’re bout to kill each other!

Back in the basement. Cane is done retapping the gas pipe leak. He can hear the commotion of the brawl coming from upstairs.

Cane: Sounds like the floor is going to fall down in on me. I better find out what the hell is going on. But before I do just one last hit of my last bit of stash.

Cane pulls out his glass pipe and puts a rock in it. He sits back and flicks his lighter to take another hit. As the lighter is lit the house explodes. Then the cabin explodes again from James’s bombs sending burning debris into the air.

The cabin just burns as Dru, Mary, Cane, Sheila, James, Sharon and Adam Newman are all inside.

Outside only Avery is lying on the ground being hit by burning debris.

Malcolm now in Avery’s car drives off from the scene as the cabin burns in his rear view mirror. Moses still continues to cry being emotionally scarred from the horrific chain of events.LogCabin5_zpspm9vujxh.jpg

For other great reads check out my friend's blogs, Another World, Just Paradise, Union Creek or Days of our Lives. Written by real writers. Drama lives here


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Well [!@#$%^&*]! Idk where to start LOL

This was a huge one. Jammed all the way up.

I have to say im glad Malcolm got to reenact some revenge on Nate for really setting a lot of this off! I still feel bad for Neil though and hope he is okay.

Malcolm has just freakin lost all them marbles. Taking out Avery too for her car! He is in crazed mode. And Moses has got to be scarred for life from all these events. He is gonna need some therapy. Face lift Roman Brady needs to call Dr Marlena Evans to town

Nice backstory with Dru and Sharon. Love when Dru told Sharon 'B*tch shut up! This my story! I will tell it." lmao

Adam is the mystery man. Not my favorite character. We'll have to see where that goes.

Nice fight scenes with Dru and Sheila! Soaps need a good fight scene once in awhile there are not enough. And I have been waiting for Cane to set this explosion in order for awhile now! Just who will make it out alive... eek

Another intense one man!

Looking forward to this aftermath

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Great stuff yet again. I like how it all tied together with Malcolm running into Avery, and then dumbass Cane insisting on taking another hit AFTER FIXING A GAS LEAK. What a fool. I guess James is dead too, I can't imagine anyone surviving explosives in their jackets.

My thoughts are jumbled a bit, this is So intense. Nate shoulda known better than to stand in front of Malcolm's car. He asked to be hit there. Very intense scenes all around, you KNOW how to write a climax, ML. This was one for the books.

I loved Sheila and Dru's fight. Loving how Dru gives as good as she gets. All VERY good stuff. Sharon and Dru are a bit of a team, and I enjoyed the recap back to the earlier stories when Dru came back to GC and wreaked all kinds of havoc. Helped fill in a lot for me.

VERY VERY good episode. I'm excited to see who survived the blast and what Malcolm does next. WOW!!!

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This is defiantly your best episode yet! You had everything in here for an excellent future set up.

It was SUPER intense for a start of the show.

Malcolm has Moses! GREAT! Now we got him to deal with more LOL!

BUT, we don't know who survived that cabin explosion. We will see.

I LOVED SHARON AND DRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That stuff was just blowing me away with how awesome it was written. I can tell that some of your best work in this episode defiantly went into the scenes they were.

I loved that it was Adam. And you picked the current TV Adam. Nice way to modernize the cast. Just like we talked about!!!!

I agree with Beebs. This was one for the books. This was just amazing. You did your best work yet! You let us all know what was happening without missing a beat! What an absolute breathtaking episode! And... a very nice one for the readers who have been reading a loooong time.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WOW oh WOW...the action was non stop....and you kept your humor throughout. The narrative was absolutely brilliant AND the recap for the people who are just starting to read...just a stroke of genius.

I have to tell you, I hate Malcolm for endangering his son's life like that. The way he is talking to him is just wrong and now carjacking Avery. He's gonna get what's coming to him.

I knew all along that mystery patient was Adam. It falls right in line with Sheila's master plan. Another layer peeled back...great job!!!!

The running weed cartoon was funny....Dru and Sheila's confrontation was well balanced with humor and seriousness.

The cabin is burning and at the very least James has to be dead with all the explosives that were attached to him...

GREAT EPISODE!! I'm looking forward to what is going to happen next...

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