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Malcolm takes his Family Hostage! #166



Malcolm, feeling hopeless and wanting revenge takes his own family hostage. Cane tries to fix the gas leak in Sheila’s cabin in Verdon Lou as Sheila tends to her mystery patient as her hostages, Dru and Sharon try to plea with Sheila’s daughter Mary once again for their freedom.

4070584402_5a25d4e9be_z_zpsq0mc4712.jpgDrama continues at the Colonnade Room

Malcolm has taken Lily’s home coming party hostage. Everyone including, Olivia, Nate, Neil, Leslie, Lily, Moses, Devon, and Abby are on the ground as Malcolm has commanded.

imagesCA8SBOUY_zps54cf761b.jpgHillary too is on the ground but keeps her head down so Malcolm doesn’t see her and tells everyone it was here who let Malcolm know about his son Moses.

thCAY2UA79.jpgMalcolm: Tonight is my night! I’m taking what is mine and then my son and I are leaving this dreadful place called Genoa City.

imagesCAHTD0UC_zpsa39fd494.jpgNeil: Malcolm your drunk out of your mind! Moses is not your son he is mine! You’re confused! There is no way in hell I’m going to let you walk out of here with my son!

Malcolm: I got the gun dummy! This my party now and things will happened as I want them too… Look at you the good noble brother trying to play super hero and stand up to me. You play that part so well.

Neil: Malcolm this is between you and I let these people go. Let’s do this one on one. There is no need to be doing this especially in front of Moses.

Malcolm: Naw Neil you can’t handle that bro. I hate you so much dude I could kill you with my bear hands. And once I tell my son Moses what you did to me he will understand I had to do what I had to do. You did this Neil!

th%2010_zpsmjsnzkc5.jpgLily: Malcolm please don’t do this! Let’s talk! I can help you.

Malcolm looks at Lily on the ground. He has tears in his eyes feeling guilty and cornered with no other options.

Malcolm: My beautiful baby girl. I’m sorry I have to do this. I’m sorry you have to see me like this. Until your uncle Neil took you from me like he did with Moses. Let the facts be clear. Neil is your uncle Lily. I’m your father……You know what… Lily get up. You don’t deserve to be on the ground. Go over and grab a seat by the fountain.

Lily slowly gets up.

Lily: Can I take Moses with me?

Malcolm: Naw baby girl. Moses and I got other plans. I’m really sorry Lily. I had no idea this was your party but the lies and backstabbing stops now!

Neil: What are you talking about Malcolm?

Malcolm takes a sip of his Hennessy and then grabs his phone. He plays the recording of Nate’s confession.

The Colonnade room hears this:

Nate: She’s an old flame from college. We were in love but she had to leave to take care of her mother who was sick.

Roxanne: Oh and Hillary is here and lives across the hall from me.

Nate: I had nothing to do with that.

Roxanne: Nate I am so damned hurt.

Nate: I never meant to hurt you. But I’m not willing to be your man only when you’re lonely. You claim you love me then why don’t you leave Devon and be with me? You can’t have it both ways Rox. You not being fair.

Roxanne knows deep down he is right but is not willing to let him know that he is. She turns from him again.

Nate: And besides things are too deep now they have changed.

Roxanne: Because Miss Hillary is here?

Nate: Yes. She knows about my secret.

Roxanne: That you switched Moses paternity test results from Malcolm to Neil?

Nate: Yes.

Roxanne: Nosey Bitch!

Nate: To protect everybody we need to end this. Roxanne I’m truly sorry for hurting you

nate_zps4f0ffd8c.pngNate lays his head on the ground in shame. Neil and Olivia look at each other then both at Nate.

Olivia2_zpscfa26be8.pngOlivia: Nate please tell me you did not do this? You could not possibly do this. And you were seeing Devon’s girlfriend behind his back? Nate what has happened to you what kind of man are you? I didn’t raise you to be this way!

Neil: Nate tell your mother and Malcolm these are lies. Tell them Moses is my SON!!

Neil says now hollering very angry with tears forming in his eyes as he begins to accept that Malcolm s possibly telling the truth now that the recording has been played.

Malcolm aims the gun at Nate. Nate looks up at Malcolm. Oddly Nate smiles. He can see something no one else can from behind Malcolm.

sisterpatterson-1.gifSister Patterson from behind Malcolm with a bible in her hand runs up on him and jumps on his back. Once Sister Patterson clings to his back she takes one hand and begins to hit Malcolm in the head with the bible.

Sister Patterson: I will knock some sense into you! This is no work of the lord! How dare ya!? I want to know right here and right now how dare ya? How dare you come in here devil and break this good vibe in this place. I’ve blessed this place and you’re making a fool out of me and no one does that to the Almighty Sister Patterson! Where is your mother we need to have a chat. Don’t you know no good boy? I told these God fearing people nothing will happen and damn it devil you will not win. Repent thy sins now you gun toting demon. I told yall from day one I’m a solider for the lord and tonight I will prove it. Don’t test it. Don’t test me or my powers….. Lauren where you at? Sister Lauren, comrade this is your cue. You gotta run up with that bible I gave you and beat the hell out this black ass devil. Help me Sister. We at war this is the battlefield. Attack this demon with the weapons of mass holiness.

Lauren_zpsaa27b4cd.pngLauren stands back with her own bible and vial of holy water and simply can’t believe her eyes and the fact Sister Patterson was true to her word, she really is a solider of the Lord. She finally snaps out of her daze and as she is about to run up on Malcolm with her bible, she realizes Malcolm is waving the gun around.

Malcolm struggles to keep his balance as Sister Patterson is a thick woman.

Malcolm: Get off me you hippo ass!!

Malcolm begins to fire his gun into the air randomly hoping it will scare Sister Patterson so much she will give up her crusade. Moses begins to cry as Neil grabs him and moves him closer to him to protect him.

Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell

Episode166: Malcolm takes his family Hostage!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Cary Richardson, Martin Saenz, and Alex Washington

Verdon Lou6820041d6e0247fda0ad316afbe7c836_zps1ac9752a.jpg

In the basement is Cane looking at the ruptured gas pipe. He takes out his grey duct tape from his jacket and begins to tape up the leak. He wraps the tape round and round the leak until it stops or at least the hissing isn’t as loud. He tears the tape with his teeth.

thCAZ0S40L.jpgCane: There. All fixed up. If its one thing I’ve learned being in America is that grey duct tape fixes everything. Even a ruptured gas pipe.

Cane is a little out of breath and sits back for a minute. He looks around the basement and notices it’s kind of weird. The walls are made of stone and they are damp. He sees a pair of legs around a corner. He walks over to these legs and sees James’ unconscious body.imagesCA0SVIGC_zps9d8cf744.jpg

Cane: Holy hell. I’m seeing stuff.

Cane sits next to James.

Cane: I need a hit. It’s been a while.

Cane reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little coke. He readies it on his hand and then snorts it.

Cane: Ah yes. It’s always good to have a little reserve for times like these. What do you say big guy?

Cane looks at James waiting for an answer.

Cane: Oh well Mate. Fixing that gas leak was hard work huh? Tired ya out huh old man. I’ll just smoke for the both of us. When you wake up we can talk about it.

Meanwhile upstairs in the hostage room.

Sheila is holding the gun at Dru and Sharon.

inl.jpgSheila: I’m going to check on the patient.

thumbnailCAJVCBE3-1.jpgDru: Who is it? Who you got back there? You been keeping the mystery patient a secret for months.

Sheila: You only need to know that whom ever I have back there will certainly change Genoa City forever. So don’t worry about who it is for now. You don’t need to know. Just save your strength for our showdown. You’re going to need it.

Dru: So that means you’re going to untie me so I can whoop that ass?

Sheila: I am Drucilla. We are going to duke it out and if you win guess what, you have your freedom.

0soapoprahsharon.jpgSharon: Freedom. My god that sounds wonderful.

Dru: Bitch I’m the one doing hard work. I gotta whoop that ass while you just sit there be a pretty blonde.

Sharon: Dru I don’t know how to fight.

Dru: Sissy ass Bitch. Your freedom is on the line and all’s you can say is Dru I’m sorry I can’t fight. Sheila just hurry yo crazy ass up so I can give you these hands and be done with it. I’m tired of messing with you… Bitch.

Sheila: Yea we’re going to see who the bitch really is.

Dru: Bitch I am. HBIC.

Sheila: And what is that?

Dru: Bitch! It means I’m the head bitch in charge. I‘m the Queen bee and once you untie me I’m going to show you that.

Sheila hands the gun to Mary.

Sheila: Mary no funny business. I got all the power here. I’m in control.

thCAVCMY3I.jpgMary: Are you really going to duke it with Dru?

Sheila: Are you going to help momma bear?

Mary: Dru looks like she’s out my league.

Sheila: You really are not a Carter. I should have raised you myself, Not my sister. It seems blondes are weak.

Dru: You know crazy bitch, I can agree to that. The first lick of sense you’ve had since we been here.

Sheila walks into the patient room as Mary holds the gun at Sharon and Dru, hands still a little shaky.

Mary: How did you two become my mom’s hostages anyway?

Dru and Sharon look at each other.

Back at the Colonnade Room

Malcolm and Sister Patterson are still struggling. Malcolm is finally able to wrestle Sister Patterson of his back and then grabs her by the neck holding her from behind and aims the gun right at her head. Sister Patterson is now Malcolm’s hostage.

Malcolm: Anyone else have any surprises and I will shoot this crazy broad!

Sister Patterson: My God won’t let you do that!

Malcolm: Shut that sh!t up old lady.

Lily (crying): Malcolm please don’t.

Malcolm: Don’t what? Nate should have been told don’t But he did. He took my son from me.

Olivia: Nathan is this true? Did you switch Moses’ paternity results?

Nate looks at his mother with tear drops forming. He knows he is about to deeply disappoint her.

Nate: Yes... Yes I did. Mom I’m so very sorry.

Neil: Nathan! Why? Why would you do something like this?

Nate: Malcolm doesn’t know how to be a father. Look at him! He doesn’t deserve Moses. He’s a bum, a loser and a drunk.

Malcolm: Damn ! That’s how you really feel? You could have just came to me nephew and told me, not take my son away from me! You don’t get to do that! He’s my son and I’ve waste all this time without him! I don’t even like his name and that’s the first thing I’m changing. You took all of that from me and then Neil thinks he’s mightier than thou parading him in my face. With my ex Leslie. Dirty ass mutha fukkas!!

Sister Patterson: Don’t forget, she’s was a stripper. Leslie was an ugly stripper with an even uglier body. Leslie took her clothes off for money. God don’t like ugly.

Leslie shakes her head in disbelief in this high stakes hour, Sister Patterson finds the time to insult her even when facing death. From all of what Sister Patterson has said this is what sense Malcolm has made of it in his drunken stupor.

Malcolm: Yea …that's right… a hoe! Leslie left me for my brother. My brother took her away from me like he took Lily and Moses. I’m tired of people taking sh!t from me and judging me! Neil took Sophia, my Moses mother may she rest in peace. Now he wants to continue keeping my son Moses.

Neil: Malcolm you are in no condition to raise a child! I’m not going to let you do this!

Malcolm: I got the gun Neil!

Nate: Malcolm please don’t do this, we can work something out.

Malcolm: Shut yo lying ass up talking to me Nate! You aint got sh!t to say to me!

Olivia with tears rolling down her face.

Olivia: Son how could you do this? Then betraying Devon with Roxanne.

Devon just shakes his head at the situation at hand.

Malcolm throws Sister Patterson to the ground. She passes out.

Malcolm grabs his bottle of Hennessy and take a gulp.

Neil: See what I mean? You’re a drunk! Is this how you want to be in front of Moses? You claim you want him well act like a man then! What father holds his child at gun point? What kind of example are you setting? He’s going to remember this!

Malcolm: Remember these nuts Neil! Are you admitting you have my son then?

Neil: Hell no! You will never get your hands on Moses. He’s my son!! I love him like he is my own!

Malcolm: It’s my time to be a father Neil! You already took my first chance when you took Lily from me!

Neil: That chance would have never presented itself if you hadn’t slept with my wife Dru. You seem to forget that whole part of the story.

Malcolm: Dru knew all those years the possibility was there that Lily was my little girl. And never said anything. Or maybe she did, to you and you two agreed to keep quiet about it

Lily: Malcolm don’t do this! Just let Moses go!

Malcolm: You hear that Neil? My daughter calls me by my first name. She doesn’t call me dad, she calls you dad! Sophia, Lily, Moses and Leslie. This is going to stop!

He walks closer towards Neil and Moses taking another swig of his liquor.

Malcolm: Stand up Neil. Stand up with my son!

Neil: No Malcolm.

Nate: Malcolm I did this come get me!

Malcolm: I will bro. Your time is coming.

Olivia: Malcolm please don’t hurt my son.

Malcolm: That’s real easy for you to say Liv. I was once a father figure to Nate. When you and I were together, after Nate SR died. I was there and then he does this to me? I’m not trying to hear that Liv. What about my pain? Doesn’t anyone care about my pain. It’s never about me. Now Neil either stand up with my son or I’m going to start shooting mutha fukkas in here!

Lily: Dad just do it! Malcolm please don’t hurt them!

Malcolm looks at Lily.

Malcolm: I love you baby girl.

He looks back at Neil who is now standing with Moses. Moses look at both Neil and Malcolm.

moses_zpsfbevrlko.jpgMoses: Who is my dad?

Neil and Malcolm: I am.

Neil and Malcolm look at each other.

Neil: Malcolm, don’t do anything stupid. Put the gun down and we can get you some help.

Malcolm: You think I need help! I do. Because you have everything. Ever since we were boys. You got everything. The smart one, the handsome one. Who was I? The one who got all your hand me downs. Our ma and pops never wanted me. I was a mistake. So I became a loner. Never felt loved my mom and pops. You outshined me in everything. Even to this day you take what’s mine. My women, my children. I tried to find my own way in life but you get in my way everytime. I had happiness but you stole that from me brother. I never did you dirty. EVER! Neil you gotta be stopped! Now hand over my son so no one will get hurt.

Neil: I’m sorry Malcolm. I’m not going to do that. I love this little boy. You are not fit to be his father.

Malcolm points the gun at Neil’s chest and walks up on him so the tip of the barrel is touching Neil’s chest.

Lily, and Olivia cry out frantically. Moses begins to cry too.

Moses: Who is my dad?

Lily: Dad please don’t do this! Give Moses to Malcolm.

Nate: Malcolm don’t do this in front of your son.

Olivia: Think of your son Malcolm!

Malcolm: I am. That’s exactly what I’m doing.

Malcolm looks into Neil’s eyes. Their eyes speak to one another. A language that no one but them can see. Malcolm’s eyes are filled with fire and Neil’s represent pity and sadness.

Neil: Brother, please don’t do this. I love you and we can work this out and get you some help. I had no idea you were harboring so much anger and hate.

Neil holds Moses hand tighter as he begins to choke back tears.

Moses: Dad you’re hurting my hand!

In slow motion, Malcolm looks at Moses, and it really hurts him that he call’s his brother dad just like with his daughter Lily.

Moses: Please don’t hurt my dad Malcolm.

Malcolm looks at Moses again even more devastated this time, listening to his son’s plea although still calling his brother dad. Malcolm feels like he must take things into his own hands. He must control this outcome. It’s been too many years that all this has been building up and he is determined not to let Neil take Moses from him.

Malcolm looks Neil back in his eyes and smiles.

Malcolm: Moses is my son Neil and I will not let you take him from me. I hate you Neil Winters!!

Malcolm then shoots Neil point blank in the chest. Everyone screams out in astonishment and Moses begins to cry having just witnessed his “dad being shot by his other “dad” Neil stumbles back not taking his eyes off of Malcolm. Malcolm grabs Moses as Neil collapses to the ground. Malcolm leaves the party with Moses in tow. Everyone gathers round Neil as Olivia calls 911.

33932434002_large_zpsqoakjnd9.jpgMalcolm puts Moses in the front seat and straps him with the seat belt. Malcolm gets in the driver side and tries to start up his El Camino. It won’t turn over.

Moses: Why did you shoot my dad?

Malcolm pauses and looks at his son.

Malcolm: Neil is the bad man. I’m your father.

Moses: You’re a bad man too. You shot my dad.

Malcolm is angered that Moses is still calling Neil his dad and now his son thinks he’s a bad man.


Recommended Comments

Intense. Intense. Intense.

What a freakin intense episode

Imma start at the cabin and Coke Cane. I hope he never changes lol. Which I guess I shouldn't wish for someone to be a drug addict but at least Cane is interesting for the first time ever.

I cant believe Sheila wants to fight Dru lol. Maybe all the "b*tches" are getting to her after all. I do hope Dru rings her bell, but maybe Sheila has something up her sleeve.

And then the party. I feel for Lily. What a welcome home party :/

And then everything else coming out in public. That's the classic kind of soap reveal there. Nate looking like the scumbag he is.

And then how bout Sister Patterson. Lmao! I laughed out loud so hard at work picturing this in my mind. Her jumping on his back with the bible. That was perfect. Loved it.

I can feel Malcolm's pain through his dialogue. All the hurt and anger has built up and needed a way to get out. Sad that this was that way. Neil right in the chest. Damn. I do hope he pulls through. Especially with Dru on the brink of kicking arse and taking names and getting out.

That was a great ep. Awesome work man! You should be proud. You captured Malcolm's pain greatly. What an event.

And I almost forgot to mention poor little moses. Jam packed. That's gonna haunt the kid.

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I agree with Days22. This episode was SUPER INTENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVED how you did the party. It was focusing on central plot lines. Things were clearing up. It was defiantly some of your best work yet. It was very hard to read for me. Because, I felt bad for so many people. Especially Lily, this really sucks for her. All she wants to do is come back and get her Genoa City life back. And, I do feel bad for Malcolm. This shouldn't happen to anyone. But, it happened to him. It is also a great way to keep the whole Neil/Malcolm stuff going. I know that your writing is going to shine in the future even more than it already is. And, it is going to shine because of stories like this.

I keep telling you how great Sister P. is. She continues to make me have tears, because I laugh so hard. I am happy that you continue to write for her. I think she might actually get more screen time than she already has. And, if she does, then that makes me happy!!!!!!!!!!!

The Verdon Lou story continues to be a powerhouse. It continues to be interesting, more than ever now! I also continue to wonder who that damn patient is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that is the most interesting part about the Lou story. Because, it will be a HUGE game changer.

ALSO, Cane. There is not enough words to describe him LOL! He is defiantly one of your best characters at the moment. You let him shine through all this dialogue. He is finally getting a real story. Only if he was like this on television LOL.

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE DELIVER MORE LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gripping episode.

PARTY - I see Sister Patterson came for Leslie again. There's gotta be something there. Malcolm's emotion...tug of war with Neil for Moses. I wondered how Malcolm would be with Olivia, being that they were married and raised Nate. Seemed like he brushed her off, which made me think that Malcolm really is not thinking clearly and lost it, and I think that is what you are trying to convey. Malcolm shot Neil in the chest and kidnapped Moses. I liked the back and forth emotion that Malcolm displayed when Moses asked him about Neil. The action continues..

VERDON LOU- This seems to coming to a close. Cane saw James and thought he was hallucinating. You also foreshadowed a showdown between Drucilla and Sheila. And the mystery patient is about to be revealed.


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Ohhh wow, you got Malcolm's history and pain so VERY good. So much intensity, so much rage, so much hurt. BRILLIANT work, ML.I loved every bit of this episode. You're doing AMAZING stuff here. The confrontation at the party, Sister Patterson abating the intensity momentarily, and Malcolm shooting Neil and taking Moses. oh WOW there's a LOT of stuff happening here and it's all very gripping.

Verdon Lou scenes as well are shaping up to be massive. It's all coming to a head there too, I can see it. You're setting up some VERY intense episodes and it's fantastic!

GREAT work, yet again, ML!

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