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M is for Malcolm and his Madness!! #165



The Colonnade Room.4070584402_5a25d4e9be_z_zpsq0mc4712.jpg

Lily now being played by Megan Goode reaches the bottom of the staircase as Lauren looks down from the balcony. She smiles.

Sister Patterson walks over to Lily with her microphone still in hand.

2115504553_be1d2f8beb.jpgSister Patterson: May I present to you, another soldier of the Lord My comrade on the battlefield, Sister Lily Winters.

imagesCAHTD0UC_zpsa39fd494.jpgNeil is floored as he walks over to his daughter and hugs her.

th%2010_zpsmjsnzkc5.jpgLily: Dad it’s so good to see you.

Neil: You look stunning.

Lily: I think so too.

Neil: So you set this all up?

Lily: I did with help from Sister Patterson.

Neil hugs his daughter again as Leslie with Moses walks over to them.

Neil: Lily, I want you to meet Leslie. This is my new lady.

Leslie hugs Lily as Olivia arrives and walks over to them.

imagesCASN3VBL_zps9093786d.jpgLeslie: You look amazing. It’s good to see you back from Japan.

Neil: I’ll say. I’ve been reading about those earthquakes over there.

Olivia2_zpscfa26be8.pngOlivia: Is that my most gorgeous niece ever?

Lily: Last time I checked I was your only niece but then again it seems there is a lot I don’t know.

Olivia hugs Lily.

Olivia: My sister would be so proud of you.

Lily: I think mom would be too. Well I’m back in Genoa City. New face and all.

Devon and Abby walk over to Lily. He hugs her.

imagesCAB9NZL3_zpse6b2c41e.jpgDevon: You look even more gorgeous.

Lily: Thank you.

Devon: It’s good to have my sister back in town.

Lily: I see so much has changed since I’ve been gone getting plastic surgery. I see dad with Leslie, He was with Sophia and you were with Roxanne Devon. I have some catching up to do.

Neil: We’ll have plenty of time for that. I wonder where your cousin Nate is.

Lily: I sent Cane an invite I thought for sure he’d be here with the twins. Has anyone seen them?

Everyone looks at each other dumbfounded.

Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell

Episode 165: Malcolm’s Madness!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Cary Richardson, Alex Washington and Martin Saenz

Meanwhile Hillary rushes over to Nate and kneels down beside him.

untitled_zpsdd988ebe.pngHillary: Nate, baby what happened? Wake up, your mother is here and so is your cousin Lily. WAKE UP!

She says again smacking his face a few times. Nate slowly opens his eyes and becomes alert.

nate_zps4f0ffd8c.pngNate: What happened?

Hillary: I don’t know I found you like this.

Nate rubs his jaw stinging still from the blow Devon delivered to him.

Nate: No No NO!

He says sitting up.

Hillary: What’s the matter?

Nate: Devon knows!

Hillary: Knows….?

Nate: That I switched Moses’ paternity results.

Hillary is in shock and wonders how Devon knows. She remembers playing her recording of the truth to Malcolm at GC Nights.

Hillary: How did Devon find out?

Nate: He overheard Roxanne and I talking about it.

Hillary: Of course, big mouthed Roxanne.

GC Nights.

Malcolm walks in with a suite and tie on. He sits over at the bar and orders a drink from Ty the bartender.

Tyler_zpsaa02c523.jpgTy: Again?

thCAY2UA79.jpgMalcolm: What you talking about?

Ty: The last time you were here, you were tripping bro.

Malcolm: I had just found out that I’ve been played for years by my brother. Let me get a beer. And keep them coming. I’m so damn mad I’m liable to do anything.

Then the song “The Big Payback” by James Brown comes on the speakers.

Malcolm: Yea what a perfect song for my mood. I’m mad. And its time for the big payback. Neil got down with my girl. Took my kids. That's over! I want revenge!

Ty serves Malcolm his beer.

Ty: What you mean bro? You sounding like you about to lose it.

Malcolm: Not at all. I‘m not about to lose anything. I’m about to gain. Tonight at this lil’ party I’m going to I won’t be leaving empty handed. Neil will be handed a loss.

Malcolm downs his beers the madder he gets thinking of the situation with his son Moses.

Malcolm: Tonight people are going to pay for doing me wrong. Nate and Neil especially. Those suckas gone get it tonight.

Ty: You really going through it man. Keep ya head up.

Malcolm: Naw... Nate and Neil betta’ watch they backs. I’m coming for them tonight.

And with that Malcolm finishes his fifth beer.

Before the Winters Family can respond to Lily’s question about the twins, Hillary with Nate walks over.

Nate smiles

Nate: Beautiful as ever.

He gives her a hug. He then gives his mom a hug.

Olivia: Nathan what is the matter? Your jaw looks swollen.

Nate looks at Devon then back at his mother.

Devon: Tell her what’s wrong Nate.

thCA107RLV.jpgAbby looks at Devon and realizes something is very off.

Lily: Uhm excuse me? My children? Where are they? Have any of you seen them?

Again they all look dumbfounded.

Lily: And where is Malcolm?

Nate and Devon exchange looks.

download_zpsfs4mwayx.jpgOn country roads leading to Verdon Lou, Avery drives upon a stopped train at a crossing. She slows down and puts her car in park.

imagesCAUMMZ5F_zpsa19b75b6.jpgAvery: This may not be a bad thing. I can call Cane again.

She pulls out her cell phone from her purse. She dials Cane’s number. It goes straight to voicemail.

Avery: Cane come on pick up the phone. Where are you and the kids? Everyone is very worried. Why was Philip tied up to a chair in your empty apartment? Cane please call me. What have you done?

Avery then hangs up the phone and throws it down into the passenger seat. She continues to be frazzled out about Cane. She opens up her purse and pulls out some Cocaine. She has a flashback of the last time she took a hit, she fell asleep and forgot to wipe her nostrils when Daniel came to visit her. Avery looks around and sees no traffic.

Avery: Ah what the hell. Cane has me so distraught.

Avery pulls out her car manual from the glove box and readies a line of Coke to snort. She gets the straw from her soft drink and snorts for an instant high. She inhales and exhales and relaxes in her seat.

Avery: Ahh yes. No stress no worries but I am going to find out what is up with you Cane.

Inside the Cabin6820041d6e0247fda0ad316afbe7c836_zps1ac9752a.jpg

Sheila walks down to the basement and meets with Cane.

sheila.jpgSheila: Thank you for coming on such short notice.

thCAH7C2JM.jpgCane: Oh it’s no problem I can use the cash.

Sheila can see where she hid James out the corner of her eye. She hopes he doesn’t become alert and makes noises if he still alive.

Cane: If you can show me where the gas pipe is I can seal it up for you and you can have heat, then I can be on my way.

Sheila: Follow me.

Meanwhile upstairs, in the front room where Dru and Sharon are being held captive as Mary has a gun pointed at them. She is nervous and tired.

Sharon looks at Mary.

thCAE12Z40.jpgMary: What is the matter?

Sharon: Your crazy mother leads me to believe that you slept with my son Noah?

Mary: Noah is your son?

Sharon: Yes he is now answer the question. Did you have sex with my son? Sheila made it seem like it was some sort of plan.

Mary: Like you said my mother is crazy. Who knows what she is talking about?

Sharon: I don’t believe you.

Mary: I’m not here for your beliefs.

thumbnailCAJVCBE3.jpgDru: Alright damn it! Sharon I could care less who your son is knocking boots with! That is not the issue.

Sharon: Well excuse me for trying to look out for the welfare of my son.

Dru: Bitch you tied up to a chair, what can you do?

0soapoprahsharon.jpgSharon: You know Dru I’m really starting to question our friendship. What kind of friend calls there best friend a Bitch any chance she gets.

Dru: Bitch I do.

Sharon shakes her head.

Dru: Mary girl look at me. Look at us. We’ve been tied up for months. Surely you are not as crazy as your mother. Have a heart and untie us please! Our families need us. Sheila can’t keep going on like this. She doesn’t gives a rat’s behind about you. She slapped you quite a few times and knocked out your father. You can end this madness Miss Mary. I beg of you answer our prayers and stop this mad woman you call your mother. You can’t be a part of this. You can’t be as evil as your mother. You have your whole future ahead. Think about that.

Mary gets emotional at the plea Dru makes. She has tears in her eyes.

Dru can see she is getting to Mary.

Dru: That’s right Miss Mary girl. Please do the right thing. Be the Carter that did some good for once. Together we can end this.

Mary: I want to-

Sheila grabs Mary’s hair from behind. Mary is in pain. Sheila grabs the gun.

Sheila: You weren’t about to betray momma bear again were you?

Dru: More like crazy bear.

Mary: Mom no I... just…

Sheila: You are really trying me little girl. You already betrayed me once by bringing your father here and you saw what happened to him didn’t you? Now if you are not careful you may end up like him.

Sheila lets go of Mary. Mary has tears in her eyes. Very emotionally hurt that her mother is treating her like this.

Dru: See Bitch, I told you to untie me. Then I coulda stopped your crazy ass momma from having her way with you.

Sheila: That mouth is the last thing I need. Drucilla Winters oh how I would love to go one on one with you just like Lauren and I used to.

Dru: See bitch you wrong because first of all I’m not no Lauren. Bitch I will give you these hands. All you got to do is untie me.

Sheila: Everything has its time and place. I really want to find out if that bark is as bad as the bite.

Dru: Crazy ass Bitch, I’ll bite yo’ knee caps off.

Sheila: Bitch! Is that the only word you know?

Dru: No Bitch!


The Colonnade Room

Sister Patterson and Lauren are talking in a corner of the ballroom.

Lauren: This party really came together didn’t it?

Sister Patterson: I agree Sister Lauren. There is nothing God can’t do.

Lauren: So Nate says you go to his church. I don’t think I’ve seen much of you around here.

Sister Patterson: Yes I am the wife of the pastor at the church Brother Nate goes too. That troubled young man.

Lauren: I don’t understand.

Sister Patterson: Oh yes Lawd. My third eye tells me Nate is battling some demons.

Lauren: Your third eye sister?

Sister Patterson: Why yes. You see my god gave me this special power in my third eye. I can see evil miles away. And right now Lauren, my third eye tells me evil is on its way here.

Lauren: My goodness I hope not.

She says humoring the sister not really knowing what to make of what she is talking about.imagesCA6GSYIY_zps7392afbd.jpg

Lauren: Can I ask you a question sister?

Sister Patterson: As long as you promise to come to church on Sundee. And if you don’t have any Sundee dresses don’t worry chile, come as you are or you can borrow one of mine I got plenty in my closet honey.

Lauren: Of course.

She says chuckling.

Lauren: I wanted to ask you where your third eye is.

Lily: Why is everyone looking like that? Did something happened to my children?

Neil: No Lily Gosh no. It’s just that Cane has kept us away from the twins and with that restraining order he’s filed, it’s been really hard.

Lily: I just don’t understand why he would not be here with the twins.

Abby pulls Devon off to the side.

Abby: Devon talk to me, I know something is up. You left after you saw Roxanne and Nate. You must have followed them what happened?

Devon looks at Abby.

Devon: Nate has really done it. It’s bad Abby. And Roxanne knew the truth all this time. I’ve been made a fool of.

Abby: Devon what are you talking about?

Devon: Nate betrayed our family.

Then Nate walks over to him and Abby stands back.

Nate and Devon square each other up.

Nate: Quite the Floyd Mayweather.

Devon: And you are quite the deceiver. You betrayed this family. What is your mother going to think?

Nate: So now that you know what are you going to do?

Devon: Is it really up to me?


Everyone hears. As they turn to see the voice the Winters family are floored to see it’s Malcolm with a gun in one hand and a bottle of Hennessy in the other.

Neil: Malcolm what are you doing are you drunk?

Sister Patterson: Lawd have mercy, You testing me tonight. I got to get my tools because it’s going to be a battle.

Sister Patterson readies her bibles and her holy water.

Lauren: You might want to give me some of your supplies, I’ve never seen Malcolm like this.

Sister Patterson: This is no work of the Lord.

Malcolm: Neil I’d watch that mouth tonight. Because tonight bro, I will lay you out.

Neil: Malcolm, my son is here please don’t do this.

Malcolm: He’s my son! He’s my damn son Neil and I got proof!!

Devon to Nate: Do you see what you have done?

Hillary kind of backs away from the crowd as she realizes what she has done playing the tape of Nate’s confession to Malcolm. She doesn’t want Malcolm to implicate her.

Malcolm looks at Nate and then aims the gun at Nate.

Malcolm: Tell them nephew! Tell everyone here how you switched Moses paternity test from me to Neil.

Olivia: Malcolm! Stop this!

Malcolm then turns to Olivia and points the gun at her.

Olivia gasps as she is horrified. She realizes Malcolm has lost it and hit rock bottom.

Nate: Malcolm don’t do this!

Malcolm: I’m not trying to hear all of that! I’ve had it! Tonight I’m taking what’s mine.

Lily: Malcolm please don’t do this, we can talk bout this.

Malcolm looks at Lily.

Malcolm: My sweet baby girl. Taken from me just like Moses was. By Neil. I’m sorry baby girl, I have to do this. Now please get on the ground, I don’t want to have to hurt anybody but I will. GET ON THE GROUND NOW!!!!

Malcolm fires a few shots into the air as Moses begins to cry. The crowd obeys Malcolm’s order as Malcolm has effectively taken Lily’s coming home party hostage.


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Yeah so Malcolm sure went mad alright but Ill get back to that.

First off Devon sure must throw a damn good punch cuz Nate be fukked up! I like that Lily is most concerned about the twins as she should be. Then Malcolm getting drunk to James Brown as his anger builds and builds as well as his drunkeness. Nice touch.

Avery meanwhile is on a crash course. The cabin has to be on the edge of something huge happening. I like that Dru stays true to her attitude throughout all of this and I like that Mary softened up even though I like her for being the bad hussy that she is.

Then there is sister patterson the vampire slayer and her tools of a bible and holy water. I hope she has a stake in there somewhere. Not to mention her, Lauren and the thrid eye lmao oh boy.

I like the messiness of this whole build and how Hilary is guilty in pushing this event forward just like dumb ass Nate. Me thinks at least 1 person is gonna die at each the colonnade room and the cabin. Just hopefully nobody I like! hahaha

Good stuff. This next episode should be monumental!

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  • Members

This delivered man!! What a well balanced episode with comedy with Sister Patterson and Drucilla, and the darkness of Malcolm and Sheila...

I'm starting to wonder if Sister Patterson has a connection to Genoa City.

I've waited two years for this moment and it is delivering. Malcolm has completely lost his marbles. Pointing a gun at the woman he raised Nate with, and what a perfect setting for it all to happen...

Verdon Lou is coming to a climax...Nobody outsmarts Sheila...not even Mary.


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This was another amazing episode.

I agree with Cary on the balance. It was very well put together.

I am worried about Malcolm. He seems to get darker and darker. It makes me think about the future of the character. I wonder where you are going with his whole plot.

Verdon Lou just gets better and better. I really don't want that story to end LOL. However, it is reaching an UNBELIEVABLE climax. I cannot wait to see where the story goes from here.

I feel like something bad is going to happen to Avery. I just have that feeling LOL!!!!!!!!


This is truly your best work yet.

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  • Members

CRAZY good. Again, the focus is tight and the story was great.

Loved seeing the build up to the showdown at Verdon Lou. Avery need to put the coke down. Good lord. This won't end well for her if she's high. Can't wait to see it finish up, and I liked seeing Mary showing some humanity towards Dru. Very good stuff there. Good to see as I just can't buy Sheila's sociopathy being genetic, and James is a good guy, so I can't wait to see how everything goes down there.

Chaos at the Collonade room! VERY good stuff there, and seeing Malcolm explode into the room was magic. He's really come unhinged and I have NO idea what's gonna go down next. WOW! The secrets are coming out!

Great work, ML!

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