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Malcolm Shoots Neil, Kidnaps Moses then mows down Nate! #169



thumbnailCAP2XDR9.jpgDru calls out Sharon’s name amongst the charred debris of the cabin. A paramedic rushes over to her and begins to check her out. They lay her down on a stretcher.

Dru: There are more people that was here. You got to find Sharon. And Shelia Carter. She’s alive and she did all of this! She crazy. Crazy Carter! Cray for short.

Cop: Ma’am we will do all we can to find any survivors or bodies.

Paramedics rush over to Avery’s body which is unconscious on the ground. The medic takes a set of vitals as another medic comes over with a gurney. They lift Avery’s body unto the gurney and puts her into an ambulance.imagesCAXC1YDL_zpsbf6c3b56.jpg

As Dru’s Ambulance drives off she can see the charred remains of the cabin out the back windows of the ambulance. She begins to cry.

Dru: Thank God. I made it. I can see my family. My husband Neil, Devon, Lily, Olivia, Nate. I’m coming home. Genoa City Dru is back. I survived Sheila’s torture chamber. “

She looks up at the roof and mouths: Thank you God!”

Meanwhile as firefighters begin to search the rubble they hear another cough and a moan. They begin to search and move the debris from the place of the sound.wall4_zpsyu4x9gcb.jpg

Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell

Episode 169: Malcolm kidnaps Moses, shoots Neil and mows down Nate!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richard son and Alex Washington

imagesCA6JT2AF_zps31844077.jpgNeil is rushed into GC Memorial. Doctors immediately rush over to him as the paramedics give the nurse and update and their assessment of Neil’s condition.

Medic: Massive amount of blood lost, and he’s lost consciousness. Gunshot wound straight to the chest, breathing problems and oxygen levels in his blood dropping.

Nurse: Thank you.

Leslie, Lily, Devon and Abby arrive in the E.R... Lily is erratic with tears as Devon holds her. Leslie walks up to a nurse.

imagesCA0HGTST_zps6ecc9170.jpgLeslie: Excuse me ma’am, we are here on behalf of the Winters family, Neil Winters.

Nurse: He was just brought in we’ll need some time to at least stabilize him. It will be some time yet. Leslie: Thank you.

Leslie walks over back to the group.

Leslie: Neil was just brought in. They need some time.

meagan-good_zpsmlqsazvv.jpgLily: How could this happen? My children Devon where are my kids? Please call Cane. I need my kids. I need my dad. This is so terrible to come back to all of this.

Lily sobs as Devon holds her.

imagesCAB9NZL3_zpse6b2c41e.jpgDevon: I’m so sorry Lily.

Leslie has a tear in her eye as well.

Then they all hear loud screaming. They look over at the entrance and see Nate being brought in with an erratic Olivia right behind him.

th%201_zpsj6pklgh9.jpegOlivia: MY SON!! MY GOD MY SON!

Leslie and Abby rush over to Olivia and try to walk her over to a seat.

Olivia: What the hell happened tonight? My son and Neil.

Leslie: It’s ok Olivia. We just need to pray now. They both will make it through.

“What in the hell do you know about praying you ugly stripper?”

Olivia wipes her tears and looks up and sees Sister Patterson.

Leslie: Why?

Leslie turns around and sees a scorning Sister Patterson.

She stands up and faces her.

Leslie: DO we really need this right now? I’m getting really sick and tired of you coming for me. Now I’m trying to respect my elders but you’re starting to push it old lady.

Sister Patterson slaps Leslie across the face.sisterp_throw.gif

Abby rushes over and grabs Leslie.

Sister Patterson: Have you no shame demon? How in the hell dare ya? I am Sister Patterson and no one will speak to me like that. I’m an agent of God. God shall strike you down right here and now. I can’t believe this ratchet ass stripper tried to get in my face.

Sister Patterson blows on her nails.

Sister Patterson: I am here to offer hope and prayers to the victims of tonight’s tragedy. My third eye tells me there will be more heart break tonight.

Olivia stands up.

Olivia: Not my son. Please no! Nate has to make it.

Sister Patterson wraps her arms around Olivia. She hands her some tissue.

Sister Patterson: Wipe your nose honey.

Olivia gives Sister Patterson a look. Sister Patterson points to her nose.

Abby and Leslie walk away over to Devon.

Leslie: I can’t believe that old bat hit me.

dP6Xb9SPuSETU5mtkFI9Bg93287soapoprah.jpgAbby: Sister Patterson is off her rockers. Maybe you should file assault charges.

Leslie: Assault charges… hmm.

In leaving the hospital Chance has to go through the ER due to where his car is parked. He spots Lily standing with Leslie, Devon and Abby. He walks over to them.

imagesCA52QTZD_zps4dfa2721.jpgChance: Uhm excuse me Lily. Wow! You look beautiful.

Lily: Chance, Hey.

Chance: Are you just getting back in town?

Lily: I am.

Chance: Have you seen or heard from Cane?

Lily: Actually no we are looking for him. Why are you asking? What are you doing here?

Chance: It’s my dad.

Devon: Phillip? Chance what happened?

Chance: When I find your husband Lily I am going to kill him!

Lily: Wait what? What are you talking about what is going on? DO you know where my twins are?

Chance: Unbelievable… Your precious Cane has been snorting Coke. He got my dad high at hostage point and shot him in the hand.

Lily screams out in horror as she looks at Devon.

Lily: No no no there must be some mistake.

Devon: There is no way Cane did this. I’m going to talk to my cousin and find out what is going on.

Lily pulls out her cell phone and begins to dials Cane’s number repeatedly.

Lily: This cannot be true.

Abby put her arms around Lily.

Leslie: Can things get any worse? I’ll make some calls as well to see if I can locate Cane. I still have a few of my judicial friends from my lawyer days.

Leslie pulls out her phone.

imagesCA6GSYIY_zps7392afbd.jpgLauren opens her door and sees Scotty sitting in the living room playing a video game.

soctty2.jpgScotty: Mom, where have you been? I seen a news report on TV that there was a shooting and an accident at The Colonnade Room. What happened?

He walks over and gives her a hug.

Lauren: Scotty pour me a drink. A lot happened tonight. Where is your brother Fen?

Scotty: At one of his buddies for the night. There is a baseball game in the am.

Lauren: Good I don’t want him to hear any of this.

Scotty: Tell me mom what happened?

Lauren: Well everything was going just fine. With Lily returning home from Japan.

Scotty: I never did get why she went to Japan in the first place. What happened?

Lauren: Lily’s face was burned at Sharon’s coming from jail party. She required extensive plastic surgery hence why she wanted to throw this surprise party so everyone can see her. But Malcolm came in and took the party hostage. He said that Moses was his son and he played a recording of Nathan Hastings admitting it to a Roxanne who I might add were having an affair.

Scotty: Damn that’s deep.

Lauren: SO Malcolm in a rage shot Neil point blank when he refused to hand over his son. Then Nathan tried to stop him and Malcolm ran over Nate and that’s all I know.

Scotty: Mom I’m so glad you are ok. I didn’t know Malcolm very well but man I didn’t know he was capable of all of that.

Lauren: He was at his last ends. His limit. Deeply hurt and felt betrayed by his family. Any way enough about that. I’m going to soak in the tub for awhile and then head over to the hospital.

Scotty: Ok mom, I’m just going to keep on trying to get a hold of my girlfriend. I haven’t talked to her in days.

Lauren: Odd but ok. Good luck honey.

Lauren gets up and kisses her son on the forehead and leaves for the bathroom.

Scotty tries to call Vandalynn again.

Scotty: Damn it voice mail. Where are you? It’s been days. I need some action. Well if you’re not going to give it up, Rafe will. “ He thinks to himself.

Scotty sends a text to Rafe: I wanna get stretched…

Spencer’s Apt.studio-apartment-interior-design_zps586df47f.jpg

Spencer who was watching the news turns it off as he has a knock on his door. He ties his robe up and answers the door. He sees Hillary in tears. He embraces her.

imagesCAUNXA3A_zps52f3f6ae.jpgHillary: Oh dad I really messed up.

thCAEKX2FU-1.jpgSpencer pulls her into the apartment and closes the door. He escorts her to the couch.

Spencer: What’s the matter pretty girl?

Hillary: I set a chain of events in motion and I may lose the man I love.

Spencer: Does this have something to do with the Colonnade room? It’s all over the news. Neil, Nathan and Malcolm. Wow. What did you have to do with any of this?

Hillary: I was able to tape a conversation between Roxanne and Nathan about their feelings for one another and the fact that he switched Moses paternity test.

Spencer: How were you able to do that?

Hillary looks away as she has a flash back of breaking into Roxanne’s apt and then hiding in her closet when Roxanne came home. She was able to tape their conversation on her cell phone when Nate came over to meet with Roxanne.

Hillary looks back at her dad.

Hillary: That’s not something I’m ready to deal with. But I seen Malcolm at the bar one night. And he was a mess and I felt so bad. I really felt Malcolm had a right to know the truth. I wanted to give him hope. His son.

Spencer: Wow Hillary that’s a bold move. So it led to Malcolm shooting Neil and running over Malcolm?

Hillary: Yes... She says with tears rolling down her face…And now Moses is with Malcolm and they are on the run.

Hillary sobs.

Spencer shakes his head knowing this situation is not good.

Spencer holds her.

Spencer: I must admit pretty girl you made a mess of things. You should have left things well enough alone. Now Neil and Nate may die and Malcolm is on the run with Moses. I do know Malcolm to be unstable. He was always so hostile when I was around Leslie. I pray young Moses is ok.

Hillary: Do you mind if I soak in the tub for a little while? I need to relax and I need time to myself.

Spencer: Oh I don’t have any womanly products here.

Hillary: It’s ok dad I always come prepared.

She walks into the bathroom fighting back tears until she can reach the bathroom and let loose.

Spencer shakes his head again.

“What have you done Hillary?” He says to himself.

The tub is filling up and steam is becoming in the room as Hillary just sinks to the ground crying. Letting out that was stored up from watching Malcolm’s events live and the role she played.

Hillary: I’m so sorry Nate.

Back at the Hospital.imagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Devon walks into his cousin Phillip’s room. He sees him sitting up and twitching a little. He walks over to him and gently calls his name.

Phillips jumps.

Devon: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I saw your son and I had to come and see you.

imagesCAK33PZT_zps8c9d440d.jpgPhillip: Why?

Devon: Well we are family remember?

Phillip: Oh yea. You are Tucker’s son.

Devon: It’s unfortunate.

Phillip: I just feel funny Devon. Coke Cane caused all of this. He took me hostage and forced me to do coke. A needle. I’ll have to get an aids test or something.

Devon: Cane was smoking coke?

Phillip: He had an insatiable drug habit when he was back in Australia working with his dad Colin and the underworld. I thought he was done with that.

Devon: Phillip do you have any idea where Cane and Lily’s twins are?

Phillip looks at Devon with guilt.

Phillip: Devon it’s not good. Cane sold those kids for drugs.

Devon is speechless.

“Thank You Jesus! Amen! I beat you CRAZY ass CARTER!”

People begin to hear from the Ambulance entrance.

“I win. You Lose. I beat you Sheila Cray Cray Carter! I’m free!!

Dru is rolled into the ER sitting up on her gurney kissing her muscles on both her arms.

“I told you bitch I’m the HBIC round here.”

The ER comes to halt, as Lily, Abby, Leslie, dropping her water, and Olivia are all stunned at seeing Drucilla Winters rolled into he ER.

Lily screams out as Olivia faints.

Abby: Dru?

Dru: Yes. It’s me. Drucilla Winters and I’m home. And I beat Sheila Carters ass! She did all of this. Crazy Bitch!thumbnailCAAYWB5R-1.jpg


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WOW! You are still rolling out big money episodes.

Avery: I wonder if you are going to kill of Avery. I can't wait to see what you are going to do.

GC Hospital PT.1: Some pretty damn dramatic scenes. I love Sister P. She cracked me up with that slap to Leslie. I am so horrified of what you have in store for Neil. I don't think that you will kill him off, but this is still scary. That gunshot wound seemed pretty severe. I loved that you kind of did recap when it came down to Lily learning what has been going on. I also wonder if there will be a Chance/Lily romance???

Lauren/Scotty: I enjoyed this scene. It was a good way for Lauren to communicate to her son. I wonder when she will find out about the gay storyline.

Spencer/Hillary: Good job in this scene. I felt what you were trying to communicate. You did very well. This was very well written. I love the way you write Hillary. She's one of my faves.

GC Hospital PT.2: These hospital scenes got even better. I liked that the truth of Cane's addiction has finally come out. BUT, is Cane still alive??? FINALLY DRU IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see how you do this story. This is going to be some of your best written stuff. I JUST KNOW IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are firing on all cylinders!

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The intensity continues as the hits just keep on coming!

A lot going on so lets see:

Enjoyed the first scene with Dru and all of her Dru like elation. That pic of Avery is gold LOL. Who else went down with the cabin? Damn.

Glad Neil finally made it to the hospital. Loved all the exchanges with Lily, Devon, Leslie and sister Patterson. Still waiting for the day Leslie goes at sister Patterson. The tension keeps building between those two. I feel for Olivia. I hope she did wipe her nose those.

Lauren and Scotty catching up. Scotty not knowing if he wants some P or some D, but he'll take either. I like it. Wonder where Scotty goes from here.

Glad to see Hillary has a conscience. I don't feel for her in the least tho. Maybe she will grow from this whole event.

By god Cane sold the kids for drugs! wow. The revelations keep turning for this family one after another!

Leading to the end with Dru! Freakin love it!!!!

Awesome cliffhanger and already the start of some amazing aftermath.

The hits really do keep coming.

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YR –

Heavy mayhem filled aftermath episode…Good one as it resolved the Verdon Lou story, but Dru’s return start s a new chapter…and not surprisingly the family is shocked…

We still don’t know what happened to Sheila, James, or Cane.

Dru and Sister Patterson brought the humor as only they can. Spencer not having womanly products was kinda funny, too.

Cane sold his kids for drugs…wow…I knew I hated him…LOL

I swear Sister Patterson knows something about Leslie because she keeps coming after her. And Olivia went for her, too. Some jealousy there I’m sure.

Scotty needs to get stretched…you go boy!!! LOL The beginning of his journey…Vandalism I mean Vandalynn’s back.

Lauren recapped the back story and that was good for me because I really didn’t read the beginning of all of that.

Yeah Hilary messed up. She set this whole thing in motion.

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LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Another FIRE episode, ML!

Wow, okay. Let's start. Lauren and Scotty had a good scene. Getting everyone up to speed. Loved Scotty texting Rafe. That boy's a little ho. Excellent stuff! You WENT there.

Sister Patterson is FIXATED on Leslie. What does she see in her with that third eye? I'm so curious, it can't be a coincidence.

Devon is gonna kill Cane if the blast didn't already. LOL. Good scene there. The revelations keep coming! I love how you're having everyone get their time to learn the truths as they happen. Wise move.

I enjoyed Hillary's scene with her father. Humanizes her, and that was necessary. I'm not overly sympathetic to her because her motives were all kinds of selfish, but obviously she isn't all bad either. Good way to remind us of her POV. Wonder if she does something drastic in that tub.

AND THAT ENDING. I could just SEE the looks on everyone's faces as Dru came WAILING into the ER. YASS B*TCH! DRU WINTERS IS HOOOME!!! <3 <3 <3 SO excited. This is gonna be GOOD.

FABULOUS episode. You brought it this week YET AGAIN!

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